Table For Two – Round 9

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 12 2022

Got a one way or the other SC dilemma? You’ve come to the right place.

Put your question to the masses and answer others using the T.U and T.D function.


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73 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 9”

  1. T/U Laird
    T/D Brayshaw (Freo)

    With NOD out for 6 weeks, I now have the extra funds to bring in someone 650k or below. Current mid lineup: Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Steele, Miller and Oliver. Cheers


  2. Defender, 547 k or below…

    TU: Jordan Dawson
    TD: Dayne Zorko

    Comment: Other Options


    1. Luke mcdonald 441k
      Possible option freeing up cash for somewhere else.
      Avging 99.4 if u take out his 28pt game


  3. Bit of a complex one, not sure if there’s much real difference aside from the extra trade, but here goes:

    TU: NOD, H Dixon, M Owens –> M Rioli, C Hamilton, T Miller (using my 4th boost, leaving $88k in the bank, must field Rioli)

    TD: NOD, H Dixon –> M Rioli, T Miller (leaving $73k in the bank, must field one of McComb or Ward)


  4. Last week I asked for a premo from the Round 12 bye. I already have steele, macrae, neale, oliver, touk and cripps. I was leaning towards wines for value, however walsh was voted well clear and was also my personal close second to wines so i ended up going with him. The 89 was a bit rude however its a marathon not a sprint. I am currently ranked 150th so i am staying aggresive and getting in my m8 this week. Can either be from the first or last bye.
    Tu- Brayshaw
    Td- Petracca
    Comment – someone else


    1. Does a completed mid of steele, macrae, neale, oliver, touk , walsh, cripps and brayshaw/trac go close to being the top 8?


      1. The fact that you’re going to have those 8 in your midfield at round 9 means it’s close enough to top 8 that it won’t matter. Even if there’s an injury or someone drops off, pretty much everyone else will have the same issue to deal with, as those will be pretty consensus picks by mid-season.


    2. It’s all a bit of luck in decisions like these…
      Will Bradshaw start to get tagged more and will Fyfe take some of his CBAs, will Petracca’s knee affect him and keep his season mid range?
      Have Freo peaked whereas will Dees continue to dominate and rack up the points.
      Personally Bradshaw- like that he’s got an easier draw come finals- last few rounds.


  5. TU: Young (freo)
    TD: Salem (melb)

    This is for draft league. Young is on my bench, wondering if i should lock salem into my team instead for when he comes back in a week or 2. Havent had much experience with salem so thought id getppls opinion

    DEF: short, saad, mcdonald(NTH)
    MID: brayshaw(FREO), wines, mcgrath, brodie
    RUCK: goldstien
    FWD: dunkley, libba, lobb
    BENCH: Young, nick martin


  6. Does Leon Cameron’s resignation affect the questions around Carroll, Rioli or Hamilton? Already have Carroll…

    TU: Just get Rioli
    TD: Get Rioli and Hamilton and use a boost


  7. Hey Dane.

    Who really knows ?
    I think I’m going Hamilton, as it allows me to get in Dawson in just 2 trades.
    NOD and Rachelle to Hamilton and Dawson.

    GWS a close watch for me this week .

    Will Taranto and Cogs get more Mid time ?

    Where will they play Whitfield ?


  8. Looks like Bigoa Nyuon gets a run this week.

    We really need defensive rooks so I wish him well.

    Richmond twitter feed…


  9. VERY late change of Wingard last week causing me to captain C.Mac’s 48 over Macrae’s 144 :/ I have only just recovered from the pain. Do I roll the dice again?

    Who to TRADE OUT (meaning the other is my loophole this week)
    T/U – NOD
    T/D – C. MacDonald


  10. This ones for myself and a mate. Assuming money isn’t a factor.
    What do we think lads?

    TU) Dawson

    TD) Sinclair


  11. Thinking of going 2 up, 1 down this week. Dawson and Miller the ups, but undecided on the down…

    T/U Carroll
    T/D Rioli


  12. Who to trade out for Carrol, other one stays in team for a while longer
    TU – ward
    TD c MacDonald


  13. Trading Gibcus and NOD to Dawson and Rioli

    TU: JHF to Cameron leaving only 1 real rookie on field at D6 (SDK/McCartin)
    TD: MacDonald to Hamilton (playing one of Hamilton, Rioli or Curtis)


  14. Worth trading N Daicos over NOD (1 of McComb/Rioli/SDK on field) if it’s the difference between getting Brayshaw (FREM) instead of Jake Lloyd?

    T/U – Yes
    T/D – No


  15. Out – O’Driscoll, JHF & bowey
    IN – Hamilton, D.Cameron & doch

    Good moves? Is Cameron the real deal.


    1. Is Cameron the real deal until Grundy returns? He has the dogs with no ruckman either tonight!!

      Fielding cameron at F6 gets a Hamilton McComb offield at M8 because I’ll swing Nic Martin there.


  16. TU: NOD, Butters, N Martin –> J Short, T Goldstein, Hamilton/Rioli using last boost
    *Would make only 2 upgrades left for full premo (Preuss & Hamilton/Rioli)

    TD: NOD, N Martin –> J Short, C Hamilton/Rioli
    *May choose Hamilton over Rioli as I think his job security may be better, new coach from next week

    Have 21 trades left before doing this – ranked 2500 overall
    Thanks guys


  17. Is it worth me boosting this week to get Hamilton into the side. Would leave me with 21 trades and 2 boosts.
    T/U – Save trade and boost – Ward, Gibcus > M.Rioli, Parker
    T/D – Use boost – Ward, Gibcus, Rosas > M.Rioli, Parker, Hamilton + 100k


  18. TU – rioli jr 123k
    TD – McComb 153k
    I have a feeling McComb will have substantial job security now with Laith and weightman + most of the team out and his quality performance last weekend, am I crazy to think he could make more money than Maurice in the long term? I didn’t watch the tigers game


  19. Is witherden worth a sneaky C without Hurn?
    Melb have 200 shots on goal. Kick 120+ points…



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