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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 14 2024

Just a quick little team reveal from moi to get us going for the day. Captains and then our standard Thursday TU/TD pieces to come. I’ll also set up a final edition RMT for when sheets drop – expect my side to look nothing like it does now by 6:21!

4-5-2-2 / $5.5k ITB / 4x RZ


This feels like the meta: four deep and the available rookies. All the selections are self explanatory except perhaps Ryan. I’ve gone for him over Sicily or Stewart, who I just felt were a touch overpriced and having some annoying machinations in their sides that could slightly eat into their economy. Now Ryan too is probably overpriced but that extra thirty grand has been nice. He’s got one of the highest natural ceilings and that isolated bye. Houston was also totally in consideration


Fixture meant I held onto Green, Bont and Butters are obvious and then I’ve got Miller and Wines holding it down. Miller I’m not super jazzed about given a Hardwick midfield profile and his bye. I also didn’t love that he only went 116 in last week’s feeding frenzy against the Tigers. Would have been nice to have seen him break through for a 140. That said, his price is really attractive and allowed me to finish this team. Wines has finagled his way to being back OB. Even with his poor tank and my disdain for him, he’ll coast early and is in.


Originally I had Marshall at R2 but Grundy, as well all know, was banging last week and is in. I know I banged on about taking max cash gen at R3 but a 102k loop just makes it so easy to build a team. Can see Nank crashing and burning, so should probably have Naismith waiting in the wings (or even Sweet), but it’s just easier for now to have old mate Coen (how is that a name?) there despite my head telling me I shouldn’t.


I’m in on Jackson the goon. Going to get at least the first month as solo ruck and honestly? I don’t back Darcy to just whip around into match fitness and dislodge Jackson to the point where his scoring is severely compromised. Fisher, Reid, Wilson and Sexton are all auto-picks and safe on field. I’ll get to why in a second but I chopped a popular premo and midpricer after deciding the FWD rookie crop could sustain just the two premos. I do have Mead. Couldn’t go another rookie and like his hunger. Should also coast at Port.



Damn. Had to give up on my boy, who I genuinely see as a star and Top 8. He went from 85.7 to 111.3 last year and can honestly see him pushing the 117-120 bracket. Unfortunately, I had to face facts regarding his R0 bye and that 77. Positioned better as a upgrade target.


Mainly me being a strategic tight ass. He’s in a good role and am worried he can hurt but just looked a little jittery and hesitant in the face of Sheezel and Fisher gobbling everything up the other day.

Jordon & Midpricers

Just don’t see their utility anymore – particularly the FWD midpricers. The FWD premos and rookies have come through, so now that we don’t expressly need them on field it just feels like I had a bunch of them for the sake of it. Jordon was absent until the second half last week and while, yes, he can make something happen from here the R0 bye will stunt him. Where I do worry is someone like a Lyons or Berry, but I’ll pass for now and look to correct if they (or anyone else) really starts to sting.

Flanders & Heeney

Sustainability questions over both and with the R0 bye I’d rather not find out.


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16 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Gunboat Diplomacy”

  1. I think the fact that you have Green as well as Miller is a good enough reason to turf Miller, if you are not totally convinced he is value. Having two premiums missing from a bye round is almost compelling in itself. Having said that, almost every team has Daicos and Grundy.
    Think there is an argument that Wines is not a premium, just a stepping stone. If you accept that argument, you could take him down to a midpricer and put the money on the heads of Miller, Wehr and/or Carroll.

    As always GD, strong opinions that are very valuable in this community. Really value your work.


  2. i really like the Mead selection. Watched him in the practice game and he looked great. only worried if he looked good because Butters was injured. some say he is a sub risk but he passed the eye test for me


  3. Hmm, my turn to go “interesting”. Thats pretty ballsy going a one premo forward line if you count Fisher as an untested mid pricer (although I do have him). But you could even go further down that hole and go Mead to Dempsey if named and almost bring Wines up to Steele, or Miller up to Rozee (you have all these Port players but I think you are missing the most durable and likely improver this year which could be Rozee).

    You have given me food for thought to drop Jordon down. Just not sold on Mead for him.

    Always thought provoking GD. Nice work.


  4. I like it, particularly with the #1 in each line covered (Daicos, Bont, English and Jackson). You’ll be spoilt for choice in captain options!

    Wines has made his way into my team too. He is priced at 83, so if he can hold 100 that would mean a nice price increase and being kept till after his favourable bye for either an upgrade or M8. Let’s hope the hype of his pre-season work is true!!


  5. Fisher a player who wasn’t even best 22 at another club last year – all of a sudden considered a premium forward on the back one practice match of HB?


  6. Fisher a player who wasn’t even best 22 at another club last year – all of a sudden considered a premium forward on the back of one practice match off HB?



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