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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 11 2020

Don’t quite think I’m on par with the likes of Hutta, Chillo and allsaints to post a Team Reveal, but here we are.

Now, let me preface all this by saying that before the Marsh Series I had a great team: 6 premo deep midfield, Gawn & Grundy, premos at D1-2 & F1-2 with Doedee and Dev Smith and a couple of the expensive rookies. I then worked out a solid bye structure and poured over the Prospectus leading into the Marsh Series- all was well.

Since then however, injuries, the lack of first year rookies and the subsequent need to replace them with their 2nd and 3rd year counterparts has thrown a wrench into my plans. So I’ve come back to the drawing board with a couple of things in mind:

1) Unfortunately a traditional “guns and rookies” structure just isn’t tenable with the absence of a good rookie crop. Gotta get creative.

2) I’ve looked for, as I mentioned, 2nd/3rd rookies priced at around 200k instead; many of whom are more comfortable at AFL level, capable of decent scores and can make 100 – 150k quickly to facilitate that first upgrade.

3) Granted those selections carry significant risk, so I’ve balanced that out by paying top dollar for proven premiums. The premos I’ve picked are, for the most part, only those who I think can finish Top 8/6 in their respective line.

So, here it is:

A quick justification of my selections:

DEF: Finally got to see Lloyd play alongside Dawson and I still remain confident that the Swans will keep feeding him, he’s in. Originally wanted Ryan at D2, but had to save some coin and grabbed Docherty instead – liked his Marsh Two performance, no complaints. Tentatively have Roberton at D3, I am concerned with the re-jigging of the Saints backline but for now he stays (might switch him to Doedee if available). Noble, Ash, BZT and Starcevich seem have to best job security and scoring capacity and O’Connor is my loophole.

MID: Not much to discuss here. Premos select themselves and the rookies I’ve gone with clearly stood above the rest. Had previously toyed with getting cheeky at M5 with T. KELLY or something, but I’d rather pay in cash now than pay for it in points later.

RUC: No discussion needed!

FWD: Whitfield will inexorably be the #1 FWD scorer this year, Petracca is now playing an inside MID role (team high 19 CBA’s in Marsh Two) and Dev Smith looks likely to be back in the guts. Then I’ve got Long at F4, partially because he genuinely looked great in that loose HB role and FWD rookies are dire. Had previously looked at Bonar, Bewley and Vandenberg in my FWD line as well.

A major change I might end up making is axing Roberton, Anderson and Long for two rookies and Sicily/Houston at D3, but all that’s contingent on Thursday teamsheets and, of course, the invaluable feedback of SCT.

Take it away…


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11 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Gunboat Diplomacy”

  1. I’d say drop one premo mid and fill out your forward line more.
    Solid team tho. Done well to get in 5 premo mids and G&G and still look respectful down back and up forward


  2. Agreed. I like it.
    Have you picked both Long and Roberton deliberately as one may bastardise the other’s pts a little? Good plan if so. Both or neither is probably the way to go!
    Ratts said post-Marsh2 that Long will be off HB to start, but he did also say he can play either role for us (sml FWD). That was enough to put me off to be honest. I know we picked up Butler for that specific role but we may need another if Lonie/Parker aren’t up to it and with Webster still to make an appearance …
    My only other concern is generating cash quickly enough with all bench rookies looking like serious slow-burners.


    1. Yeah, my thinking initially was that even if they steal points off of each other I’m still getting them OA. That said, you’ve now scared me off of Long with this “small FWD” talk.


  3. I like this team.

    As a consideration, maybe put Brander on your Def bench. Drop Anderson down to North. If you look at Freo’s draw, he makes a good loophole. Further, I note he was an emergency in Marsh, so he might even be a chance to get games later in the season.

    With the extra cash, you can turn Long into Bradshaw.


  4. I like that team a lot GD. A lot. Great balance and structure. (Not a fan of Petrappa . Burnt. I had him 2 years in a row expecting a break out that didnt happen. He is a hard playing , big tank player but isnt a clinical user of the ball. When others in the team are. After 2 to 3 bad rounds he is back to fwd. It may change this year, just dont trust JLT scores. He was playing for his contract)
    I like the long pick because if it doesnt work you can pick up 1 or 2 up and coming rookie who are named post R2 while getting decent points along the way. Bradshaw is good but he may end up not being a keeper so you still will waste that trade. For the rest of the rookies. Wait until the teams are named for the final tweak.


    1. Cheers, Jeannot.

      Not starting Petracca because of his Marsh Series scores, but because he attended team high center bounces for the Dees. Now has the role of an inside MID, surely he relishes that role?

      You make a good point though, taken. We’ll see. Might do an overhaul come Thursday night lol.


      1. I understand the Petracca logic. Makes sense. We all think he will have a breakout year after each preseason and it may happen this year. The fact that they waited until the 11th hour to offer him a new contract means they were giving him a last chance and/or did not 100% believe either. Let him prove us wrong and be the pig we all wanted him to be. . Ultimately it is only one trade, We all have 2 to 3 correction trades every year. Good luck.



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