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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 18 2021

Alright, let’s cut to the chase, here it is:

I’ll go through my thinking line by line with reference to structure and the selections themselves:



Structure: Running three premos and three rookies on field just wasn’t gonna work, needed some depth at D4 to get a rookie (or lack thereof) off field. Toyed with a premo at D4 and then a midpricer, but think that cash is needed in the guts.

Premiums: Might start slow and a touch underdone but Lloyd will still round out as the #1 DEF, he’s a lock. Laird’s set to continue in the MID role he flourished in during the back end of 2020, he’s also in. Came down to Stewart or Ridley at D3, just think Stewart does a bit more around the ground and is surrounded by a compotent backline who flick it around a lot. Still love Ridley and his monopoly on kick ins, he’ll be my first upgrade down back.

Rookies: Clark simultaneously played himself into both the Cat’s and my SC side. The cheapest yet with the highest ceiling of the other mid-price options and gives me that D4 depth I was looking for. Highmore should go alright and hoping Sharp gets Rayner’s spot so I can get Koschitzke off field. Running Fyfe as my loop.


Structure: Mentioned before that I wanted to inject cash into my MID premos rather than into an additional D4 premo or elsewhere. My philosophy is just to pay up early for top shelf premos, give myself plenty of captaincy flexibility and watch the points roll in. Expensive but the scoring power of 5x 620k+ premo MIDs will give me the points, I hope, to make up for areas where I’m seemingly a bit thin.

Premiums: Unless an extraordinary discount presents itself, I’ve always tried to adhere to the rule of only picking MID premos I would entrust with the VC/C. Neale, Macrae and Satan select themselves even if underdone, which left M4/5 open. At various stages I entertained Cripps, Rowell, a Port MID, Petracca and Serong (Chillo piqued my interest lol) but settled on Bont and Zerrett. Worth mentioning I had them in my team BEFORE their AAMI performances, which went ahead and sent their ownership skyrocketing – ugh. Think the Dogs are in for the big year and really liking Bont’s development arc and similarly Zerrett just accumulates and goes under the radar.

Rookies: Powell, Gulden and Jordon are all confirmed to debut and should score well, happy to put them on-field. Downie should also get a run. Tentatively have Bruhn, who I don’t think will score well but has rock solid JS after his AAMI performance and now Lloyd’s injury and can be a slow burn/cover on the bench. And who could possibly resist McNeil at 102k?


Literally no discussion needed here. Power to those rolling the dice with a rookie R2, but that’s not for me. Again, pay up and reap the rewards.


Structure: In order the facilitate the no expenses spared midfield and D4 depth, I’ve scrapped an F3 all together. I’ll be honest, I’d have liked Ziebell F3 but I think, on balance, the absence of an F3 is worth it.

Premiums: Danger and Dunkley Top 6 (probably 2) without question, they’re in. Really liked the look of Butters and had a few drafts with him, but ultimately have had to leave my side unbuttered. Also, Marshall’s absence has actually worked out alright in that I wouldn’t have let myself start without him. Start Danger and Dunks, grab Marshall as that first upgrade and see who’s emerged as the remaining Top 6 FWDs – that’s the plan.

Rookies: A decent crop of FWD rookies has lent itself to my F3-less structure. Expect Campbell, Warner and Scott to actually score well for their price and I’ll field whoever has the easiest opp. week to week out of Jones, Rowe and Brockman.

Take it away…


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14 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Gunboat Diplomacy”

  1. Also is Anyone else nervous about Goodwin saying in today’s herald Sun that they will be playing Gawn forward alot more? Is this chewing into his ruck time or going forward to rest instead of the bench?

    Has me slightly concerned..


    1. Yeah, one of Smith, Sharp or Matheson gets Rayner’s spot. Hoping it’s Sharp, if not I’ll have to find someone else.


    1. 157k player who needed 3 goals to get a score.

      In a team that doesn’t play rookies for long.

      I see it. tempted to drop him myself. May well do so, but we have to fill teams based on who is named as we go.


  2. This is the most interesting time for SC. Leading into the season there are such different points of view. This year the polarisation of Grawndy versus alternative views is the most stark. Clearly GD you are a clear proponent of that structure.
    But whatever your views going in, however you structure, there are risks. For this side, GD, clearly your risk is the backline. Who I am to say you won’t pull it off? But gee I looked at it and gasped. Two rookies onfield is not something with at least one (possibly both bench options yielding zero). Their js (like most rookies I guess) is suspect. Both key positions. Like I say, who I am to say you won’t pull it off, but it will be difficult to course correct this if it goes bad quickly.

    Good luck for the season GD. I hope your big risk pays off.


  3. Really like it GD!! Perhaps because it is eerily similar to mine!! 24 same players!

    I have managed to get Ziebell in at F3

    Backline is basically identical.

    Mids and choice of premos, slightly different – but similar concept though am looking like rolling Rowell at M5 – its a risk …

    Good luck!


    1. I also meant to say – based purely on the fact that we only have the first 6 weeks draw thus far, the better teams for running non players are Hawks, then Dockers.

      On that basis, and yes, $15K dearer, Brandon Walker instead of Fyfe maybe?? (all depends on when your preferred VC and then C plays I guess) – but do note that Fyfe has DPP, if you can eventually get a Mid/ DEf DPP player in at some stage …


  4. Only 10 keepers. You’d want to try and start 12 minimum. You must have a truckload of cash left over??



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