Tech Team Reveal

Written by JimmyDee on March 18 2021

A quick reveal as the site is busy and getting busier.

Just saying, two more candidates would be great to fill our third league. Flick a quick note to. jimmydeeatsupercoachtalkdotcom
and first two get the chocolates. If you’ve ever thought about it, just do it.


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5 thoughts on “Tech Team Reveal”

  1. Just to clarify, as long as I have the above side I can make changes within the squad (eg. switch ‘Young’ to DEF & ‘Buckley’ to MID??


    1. yes mate, you can do anything with this side, BUT MUST START WITH THESE 30 players.

      No trades this weekend, no matter if players are not named – that’s the challenge going forwards!

      You can pick who’s on field and off and who your C and VC are – or yes, swap them across lines if that’s possible …

      BUT, in order to stay qualified for the side and the prizes – these 30 must start!!


      1. Yeah mate i get that, played last 2 years. just wanted to make sure i could do swings within my side. Cheers



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