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Written by Huttabito on March 4 2022

Hello there coaches! It’s been a minute between drinks!

After months of lurking I couldn’t help but comment on Motts’ team and throw him a cheeky little jab at his SuperCoach ability. He (& FT) have asked if I was ready to face the music and put my team in the spotlight. I must pre-face, I had to jump on the computer this morning after not touching it since it opened and start to be serious about this thing. It is SuperCoach after all.

As always… rookies are just placeholders until team selections. Remaining salary: $5,400.


The years I have started without Lloyd are the years I really struggle to bring him in and I feel like I am falling behind. Not 2022, he’s in. Crisp walks into the team based on last season and my doubts behind other plays at his price point so he has pretty much picked himself as a starting D2. Whitfield and Hewett are my value picks up back. Always concerns around Whitfield’s durability, but with his price point, scoring potential and extra trades, it’s a risk I am willing to take. Any ex-swan that has been rehomed in the off-season sparks my interest and in 2022, it’s Hewett. From what I have seen and heard, he’s been ticking the boxes at the Blues. Will be be a top 6? Unlikely. But no reason why he couldn’t peg himself as a cheap, effective and reasonable D6/7 or M9 and provide good cash/dollar throughout the season.


I would love to lock in all the big four (Macrae, Steele, Miller, Oliver) as they can be incredibly hard to bring in over the season due to their high price and consistency, but to get the team balance I want, I can only afford the two. I have chosen the most expensive two for now but happy to mix and match some of those names to suit the team structure come round 1. With a full pre-season behind them, Mitchell & Neale both have the ability to rival & outscore the four above anyway (with the bonus of being cheaper) so come in as the value premium picks for my squad.

Berry would have to be the cheapest M5 I have ever started in SuperCoach and it makes me nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. However, he has been in my team (albeit @ M6 since the game opened in December) and given his pre-season performances thus far, stays. Bumping back down to M6 just destroys the team balance I like to have so he stays where he is. A few premium rookies sit behind him to try and solidify that line.


No silly games here. Locked in Gawn and Grundy. Not entirely sure Gawn will end up as RUC/FWD at some point but even if so, I’ve already locked him away and will DPP him out of there for another long term injured premium at some stage through the season. He can score in any position, I’m just happy to have him and provide another option for captaincy.


There seems to be a fair few decent (?) midpricers ($200k-$300k) up front but if I pick them all I’ll be wasting 4 trades come the end of the season, so Coniglio, the only one with a truly premium proven history gets the nod. Dunkley was an autopick. Butters is as that age where he is ready to break-out and had moments of brilliance last season with a solid pre-season by all accounts.

I am a huge fan of Duncan and been a proud owner in drafts for years and he’s super consistent when out there. Although, the more I now read up on players this afternoon turns out he’s not up and running as well as I would like. That’s a small pickle. At least I can downgrade him to anyone and free up some cash. Think positive Hutta.

Anyway, have at it! Constructive criticism (key words) are always welcome.


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12 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Huttabito”

  1. Hi Huttabito,

    Welcome Back.

    Good to have you on the site again.

    All the best for 2022.

    Duncan could be problematical with his interrupted pre-season and battling to be ready by Rd 1.
    Dean, looks likely to miss quite a few games. Gould has been promised for so long, will he play this year? It seems an eternal question?
    Some of your place holder rookies look dicey but team sheets will dictate.
    Overall hard to fault.


    1. Free up some cash from Duncan and solidify some of the rookies, that I can do. Cheers CT.

      Oh no, it’s going to be Dusty isn’t it.


      1. Ha ha… There goes my job…

        On your team Hutta .. I like this team a lot. Solid structure , with a few well placed risks. Agree on the Treloar business. We may need to pay bit more for a playing bench. Theres a few ~$450 Forward options, I like better than Dusty, Gunboat did an incredibly detailed piece on them recently and its well worth a read. .

        I’m tossing up starting Max over Darcy as well. I need to see Darcy play this weekend V Nic Nat. It should be a good test. My Heart says Darcy all the way….and my head is screaming Max .. We shall see who wins the day…

        Thanks again for the Team reveal. It is a little unsettling you have been lurking for a while , but that’s fine…

        Go Freo.


  2. No Darcy, Hutta!?!

    Watching him has to be one of the few pleasures Dockers supporters can enjoy!


    1. As the old saying goes. You can’t have them all. Honestly, would be happy with any 3 of them. Have Gawn in the initial drafts and if I need $14k come Rd1, that’s always an option.

      I’d also rather see Darcy do well all season and not have him, then him get injured and have him.


  3. Hey Hutta, always a great read. These teams are looking very similar this season – hard to criticise anything until rookies are locked in for Rd 1.

    Except Duncan: Calf alarm bells shouldn’t be ignored. Old man injuries like that tend to reoccur.



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