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Written by JimmyDee on March 8 2023

Normally draw up several team permutations on a bunch of spread sheets with price formulations so I can play endlessly with different combos. This year I have basically shelved that method as there are too many variations to keep track of, hence hanging onto a bank of $142k for team drops.

Constants since version one are Dawson, Yeo, Bowes and Ginbey onfield, with Wilmot on the bench. Since the trials I added Sic for Young and Constable for GoaterDoch is still in the frame, and I think Bowes was managed but will play and provide some value. If not, he’s an easy up to a Long, Hinge, Day type or down to Jones.

Constants here have been Laird, Oliver, Hopper and Ashcroft. This part of the ground has been a source of constant speculation. Had Titch, Steele and Phillips but saw more upside in Bont and Green upgrades courtesy of some mid price downgrades forward, and throwing Callaghan to the wolves in a bit of risky business, probably more for a points grab than a massive price rise, although both would be good. Mackenzie looked better as the trial game went on in a sign that he will only grow in confidence and should be worth the coin.

Marshall’s been there from the start, but all of Grundy, Cameron, Lycett and O’Brien have rotated through in a truly transparent show of me not having a clue. Ladhams is a place holder based on CT’s Sydney quote that Hickey is expected to miss not one, but a few. His 91 points from 3/4 in only 56% game time sounded attractive, and he did look good covering the ground and winning CPs. The bank and mid pricers can be combined to include a top ruck (Max or Witts) upgrade if I feel nervous at the last minute. Big Pete is certainly a POD at 0.5% ownership. Hmmm, maybe there’s a reason for that.

Obvious constants there are Dunks and Taranto, and less obvious, Gulden, who I pencilled into both my classic and Tech teams. I was pretty chuffed at that decision when he was only 4% ownership. Moved Butters and Fyfe on, though Fyfe may still get a guernsey pending selections. Been swayed by Bruhn’s last two and Flanders should still get a bit of the pill even with Touk back as he runs hard from contest to contest. However, the possibility of Rozee and a rook still exists

Has not changed since the weekend, but has a little flexibility to replace unnamed rookies or fringe 22 players depending on final teams, and because I’m a little undecided in a couple of areas. Let us know your thoughts, I’d be happy with the discourse.

Also, I have never hosted a challenge team on the site so I’m offering one for those who would like to take me on this year. Join SCT Circus Acts with league code 876740 and see where we end up. Thanks for reading.



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11 thoughts on “Team Reveal – JimmyDee”

  1. Nice side, Jim.

    If your read on Bowes is right, that’ll pay dividends. Like the double call on Cally and Green and your structure in general. Ginbey and Constable the only two rookies that can fielded.

    Why not just kick Ladhams up to Darcy with 142k ITB? If you were stretched for cash and really needed the Ladhams savings I’d get it. Any grand plans for that cash?


    1. Just flexibility until things are a bit clearer.

      If all falls into place then the cash will used. Ladhams to Darcy or possibly Cameron on the cards. Bruhn and Flanders to Rozee and a rook also a maybe.

      Team drops seem like a hundred years away, agonising wait!!


  2. Nice side.

    With Hickey to miss a few games, I also looked at Ladhams but didn’t have the guts to do it. He has some big scores when rucking solo but he also has a habit of getting dropped or suspended.

    As a Cat’s fan I like your call on Bowes, he is in my side and only leaves if he isn’t selected in round 1.

    I will join your league under the team name Owen’s Battlers.


  3. Gidday GD, Good team and here my thoughts comparing with my team.

    Def. Jones over Bowes [ but on my watch list] Tick the rest
    Mid. Phillips over Cally. Feel Baker is a chance for ” Tactical sub” Tick the rest
    Ruck. Have Cameron over Ladhams . See him as trade/injury trade
    Fwd. Rozee over Bruhn, Ratugolea over Flanders. Plan to use him as FWD loophole with Madden [R3[
    Good luck.


    1. Thanks WGs. I see Baker playing on that wing for enough time to either establish as his own or give it away by spudding it up. If he spuds it up he’ll make some money. If I replace him, I’m using up cash to get the expensive types like Sheezel, Phillip or McLean and that takes away the flexibility to use the cash to upgrade come team drops. eg if I need to go from Bowes up to Day.

      On the other hand chucking in Rat will free up some cash and that’s certainly another option to get a Rozee type in. Good luck with your team.


  4. Nice Side, JimmyDee.

    ladhams seems a good play if you can get 6 weeks out of him before Hickeys Return then flip him when you know more about whose going to top of the ruck line.
    Ladhams has witts, reeves/meek, gawn/Grundy, lycett and nankervis in his first 5.

    Good luck with the season Jimmy.


  5. Apologies to anyone who missed out on joining my challenge league. I may consider another one once the SCT leagues are allocated if anyone is interested.

    Thanks for reading and thanks to those who joined the league – looking forward to the challenge.


  6. Nice line-up JimmyDee….coz my line-up is only 2 players different! >.< …might have to tweak a couple for some POD lol.
    I'm in SCT2 that you oversee – team name !!SUPERPOWER!!



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