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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 25 2023

First to kick off our Team Spotlight format is SCT veteran Shaggi. Below is the Buttslappers@SCT in all their glory with relevant team details and commentary from Shaggi. Have a sus and let him know what you think.

I have tried to prioritize JS this year. Hence Ratugolea and Allen in the forwards and Callaghan in the MIDs. I have also started with some great picks like Sheezel, Dawson, Ziebell and Baker has been good value as well as the 3 previous. I always like having ruck cover. After the first week of byes looking a trading Allen and Callaghan and getting Serong and maybe Wardlaw. Ratugalea will stay. I have been on the ruck merry go round and had Gawn, Nankervis & Cameron previously. Steele looks like a bad selection so maybe after byes may luxury trade. Walsh is on my radar but not so much Gawn even if he becomes RF – preferring Jackson tbh.
I have elected to trade out Oliver. Was tossing up between Merrett and Sicily not really liking either but need someone who will be missing Round 14. Traded out Allen as it was just time to go (before he starts losing heaps of $), so brought in Wardlaw.
Happy to have any feedback, suggestions – constructive !

16 Trades / 2 Boosts / $353.3k ITB

For this week’s trades he’s gone:

  • Clayton OLIVER -> James SICILY
  • Oscar ALLEN -> George WARDLAW

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7 thoughts on “Team Spotlight – Shaggi”

  1. Thanks for kicking us off, Shaggi.

    My first thought was to suggest a boost and upgrade this week but you know what you can probably just wait for the first bye round to pass and then go nuts.

    Keep building that bank the go Sinc, Serong, etc. as finishing picks.

    Paying up for Rat and Allen was the way to go. Well done.


  2. The focus on JS is clear to see, god I wish I held Callaghan instead of binning him immediately after those couple of early poor scores. That being said, the time is approaching to boost him out (not this round but). I’m a big fan of boosting earlier rather than later so over the byes don’t be afraid of letting loose and having a 4 trade week or two for some massive upgrades and rookie corrections.

    Another shoddy thing to note is you have enough ITB for, close your eyes GD, Cincotta -> Neale 😉


  3. Thanks for the comments guys.
    One small regret is that I went Francis instead of Humphrey.
    Followed my gut regarding job security but who knew Humphrey would pump out a couple of tons.
    I am not a great Sinclair fan so will look to the likes of Serong/Brayshaw.
    Keeping an eye on Gawn should he get DPP as his ceiling is much higher than Ratagalea.
    Fahey of GWS would be a good rookie to get in but I thought he would be in the 22 this week but alas not. Bytel would be ideal but green seems to be his color.
    Constable – what a dud choice. He surely has upset someone big time.
    Callaghan will be gone after the first week of byes and maybe Baker although I like his JS thru the byes.


  4. For what it is worth

    Round 12
    Cincotta to Cameron
    ITB 81k 15 trades
    14 premos +5 rookies

    Round 13
    Ratugolea to McAndrew
    ITB 322k 14 trades
    17 premos + 4 rookies

    Round 14
    Mitchell to Brayshaw (can be mid or def who has had their bye)
    ITB 10k (assumed a 580k buy) 13 trades
    13 premos + 7 rookies

    Round 15
    Callaghan, Baker and Atkins to Oliver and 2 rookies
    ITB 162k 10 trades
    12 premos +6 rookies

    I would definitely consider using a boost to go Sheezel to Gulden here. I think you go backwards on the field with 12+6

    If you boost, your team going into R16 looks like

    def. Ziebell, Stewart, Daicos, Sicily, Dawson, Wilmot (Chesser, Francis)

    Mid. Bont Oliver Laird Brayshaw Green Steele Ashcroft Wardlaw (Drury, rookie, Constable)

    Ruck. Darcy Marshall (Madden)

    Fwd. Dunkley Taranto Rozee Cogs Gulden Cameron (McAndrew, Rookie)

    You will have not much ITB and 9 trades 1 boost left

    You will still have 3 rookies onfield, but this is countered by having top grade premos.

    If Mills is available at round 14, I would consider him instead of Brayshaw. This would give you 180k to put on the head of Wardlaw, Wilmot or Ashcroft to make another premium in round 16.

    Good luck for the rest of the season


    1. Wow. Thanks for the detailed response.

      Will take some time to get my head all of this.

      I am more looking at trying to do something along this line after round 12

      Out Callaghan Baker and Cincotta
      In Brayshaw Warner/Parker and hopefully a rookie from the mid season draft.

      Callaghan and Cincotta will almost certainly first 2 traded out.
      I think I would only consider trading out Ratagalea to upgrade to Gawn if he gets DPP. (as previously mentioned I like Ruck Cover).

      Plenty to ponder and no doubt the supercoach Gods will give us carnage to get thru as they normally do this time of year.


      1. I was thinking Darcy Cameron as the R12 trade in, not Jeremy. Sorry didn’t make that clear. I also like my ruck cover. It might also be Gawn at a not too dissimilar price if he gets DPP. This allows Ratugolea to be traded. At a pinch McAndrew might also be a break glass ruck cover.

        I was thinking that Callaghan and Baker could wait until R15. They have good js and will hold value until their bye. There is a risk that you might wear a donut or barely have 18 in round 14 if you trade them out too soon.
        If you do go a cheaper than Brayshaw option in round 14, you will have the cash to turn Wilmot into a premo. Then you could certainly avoid having to boost Sheezel to Gulden in R15.

        From the different things I looked at, R15 does look skinny for you. I would definitely have a priority to beef it up a bit for that round.



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