Tech Leagues Review

Written by JimmyDee on July 18 2021

The race is still on although the Covid late outs has cost Daniels Riches his top spot courtesy of a Mills donut and no Briggs as emergency. Phil Gilbert Allstars has usurped the top spot, albeit with a tenuous sixty point lead. Be interesting to see if DR has any trades to cover the likes of Mills or Jelly if they are outs for a couple of weeks, particularly as he has no scoring players under the third black line in Gameday.

Chips Ahoy has leapt onto the podium with another monster score for the week (2478), appearing even more incredible with a Bianco subbing in for Callum Mills. Well done Matt, onward and upward.

Grace’s ever consistent Ninius moved up to a top four spot courtesy of 2307 valuable points not contributed to by Toby Greene.

Other scores over 2300 this week included 2Ezy@sct (2344), Tech Difficulties (2329), Goopstars (2326) and Glenboys (2308).

So coaches, tell us who’s been hit the hardest by the latest carnage, and can you get through holding onto your ranking for the next five rounds?


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3 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Review”

  1. Not too bad a score relatively (2252) but like many Techies have Jelly and Dusty to deal with. I guess unlike many, I have the trades to deal with it one way or another. Haven’t had time to process that one yet but the one niggle was Poulter getting a short run as I lost 35k of trade value right there.

    Do have $157,600 to upgrade directly if that’s what I choose. Other option is for two mid pricers in place of rookies, but that is probably more risky than an uber and a good loop. decisions, decisions!!!!


  2. I got 2235 with a Greene donut. 1 trade left for Dusty will leave me with about 500k, probably bringing in De Goey. YOLO



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