Round 18 Review

Written by Dane on July 19 2021

Fremantle (3.13.31) defeated by Geelong (14.16.100)

1. Sean Darcy (156). Despite sitting out pretty much the entire last quarter, Darcy still posted his third score in a row above 150. Had 18 touches (14 contested), with 8 clearances, 4 tackles and 37 hitouts before his knee forced him out of the game. Here’s hoping he doesn’t miss too much time!

2. Patrick Dangerfield (134). Played super well between the middle and up forward to finish with 22 touches (13 contested) with 3 goals (could’ve been 5 easily) and 4 tackles to go with it.

3. Sam Menegola (131). Hasn’t had a great year by his high standards but was probably best on ground for his 30 touch game that also included 1 goal, 7 clearances and a game-high 745 metres gained.

4. Tom Hawkins (128). After a disappointing month Hawkins began his road to recovery and looks good to finish the season in strong fashion after this 14 touch, 4 goal performance in tough conditions.

5. Luke Dahlhaus (120). His best score by a fair margin this year came courtesy of 17 touches, 8 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Cameron Guthrie (108), Quinton Narkle (104), Bradley Close (103), Tom Stewart (102)

Disappointment: Skipper Nat Fyfe will continue to decline in price after he posted just 75 on Thursday night.

Rookies: Not much at all worth mentioning here, since Treacy’s score of 26 was the best of a bad bunch. Other scores from previously bargain based players were Henry’s score of 10 and the subbed on score from Walker (14).

Injuries: The second bit of tall timber going down for Fremantle was Rory Lobb (6), who was subbed off at half-time with an ankle injury. Silver lining is it almost certainly keeps Treacy’s spot in the team as much needed bench cover.

Richmond (16.10.106) defeated Brisbane (13.8.86)

1. Jack Riewoldt (129). Turned up in game 300 to slot 6 majors from 14 touches and 7 marks, leading from the front to get the Tigers an important win. 

2. Toby Nankervis/Hugh McLuggae (121). First game for Nank since round 11 and he seemingly didn’t miss a beat with 22 touches (18 contested), 7 clearances, 4 tackles and 25 hitouts, while McLuggage is criminally underpriced for his potential output at the moment and he showed it with a 30 touch, 1 goal game.

3. Jack Graham (120). Did the hard stuff well as usual, picking up 19 touches and laying 7 tackles before slotting 2 big goals to get the Tigers home.

4. Mabior Chol (113). Probably his best game at senior level thus far as he had 12 hitouts, 10 touches and 4 goals to register a career best score.

5. Harris Andrews (111). Hundred number six for Harris this year as he collected 15 touches and 8 marks while keeping Tom Lynch to just a couple of goals himself.

Other 100+ scores: Shai Bolton/Lachie Neale/Daniel Rich (107), Jarryd Lyons/Jayden Short (104)

Disappointment: As one of the higher priced forwards, coaches would be expecting a lot more than just 74 from Zorko.

Rookies: There wasn’t anything great coming from our Brisbane rookies on Friday night, with the 9 touch, 1 goal, 57 point game of Robertson being the best by a fair margin over Madden’s score of 38 and Prior’s return of 20. Tom Fullarton returned to the lineup in the absence of Hipwood and wasn’t horrible, collecting 9 touches and 8 hitouts for 44 points. Richmond had a club debutant in Matthew Parker (47), who was pretty good with 12 touches and 7 tackles and may well keep his spot with the injuries the Tigers sustained. Elsewhere Mansell (85) had his best game at senior level with 16 touches at 93% DE, while Garthwaite (28) is on the bubble this week at 188K.

Injuries: In big Supercoach news Dustin Martin will miss the remainder of the season with a kidney injury that will hurt well over 50% of players. He was unfortunately joined on the bench by important outside runner McIntosh, who hurt his hamstring. 

St Kilda (8.13.61) defeated by Port Adelaide (10.14.74)

 1. Ollie Wines (154). Seven tons out of eight games (the other an 84) for Wines now who is now, for the first time in his career, averaging 110. Had another mammoth game of 36 touches (18 contested), with 11 clearances, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 553 metres gained.

2. Jack Steele (145). Led from the front as he always does, winning a game high 37 touches (13 contested), with just 1 clanger involved. Also took 8 marks, layed 7 tackles and kicked 1 goal. Averaging a ridiculous 142 since round 11.

3. Rowan Marshall/Trent McKenzie (127). Marshall was heavily traded in this week and delivered for those who backed him with a 19 touch (11 contested), 2 goal, 16 hitout game, while down back McKenzie ran at 95% from his 22 touch, 9 mark game for his second ton.

4. Ryan Burton (122). Led the game for metres gained with 663 from his 25 touches off half-back. Also grabbed 9 marks and ran at a very good 88% DE.

5. Brad Crouch (114). Dropped his output a little with three scores in the 80’s from his last three outings, but bounced back here with 36 touches (20 contested), along with 9 tackles and 11 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Karl Amon (111).

Disappointment: Defender Dan Houston (52) has now had three sub 70 scores in a row which would be extremely frustrating for coaches, while 75 was also Boak’s worst of the year.

Rookies: Defender Martin Frederick finally avoided the dreaded sub vest, but didn’t fare any better, only finding 6 touches of the ball to score 24 points. Bergman was better with 65 points from 11 touches of the footy as he laid claim to being a keeper as bench cover with the solid D/F loophole. None of the Saints’ money-makers were too bad, with Byrnes (45), Highmore (64) and Connolly (67) all playing well enough.

Injuries: A nasty looking incident took Dan McKenzie off on a stretcher, but I heard it was ultimately just a concussion. Highmore had a finger issue but played on, while all of Dixon, Marshall, Bergman and Amon spent extended time on the bench before Woodcock was eventually subbed out with a thigh injury.

Gold Coast (11.13.79) defeated by Western Bulldogs (14.6.90)

1. Jack Macrae (124). Was clean with his disposal as usual, running at 83% from his 31 touches (11 contested) while also having 518 metres gained, 8 clearances and 2 goals.

2. Touk Miller (120). Ran hard all day and used a big last quarter to finish with 38 touches (17 contested), as well as 7 tackles and 8 clearances.

3. Jeremy Sharp (115). Provided a great loophole score this week as he ran around by himself all day to collect 30 touches of the footy. Also claimed 10 marks, gained 518 metres and ran at 90% DE.

4. Brayden Fiorini (107). I’ve been a huge fan of this guy for years but he’s never really put it all together, so fingers crossed it happens soon! Had 32 touches (13 contested) with 6 tackles and 6 clearances to be one of the Suns best.

5. Bailey Smith (104). Drove the Bulldogs forward on many occasions on Saturday afternoon as he rounded out the top 5 with a 33 touch (17 contested), 9 clearance game.

Other 100+ scores: Samuel Collins (101)

Disappointment: While there were more disappointing scores across the board, Marcus Bontempelli (93) got it here for his supposed 15 clangers which held him back from a monster score.

Rookies: Second-gamer Ugle-Hagan showed what made him the number 1 draft pick with 3 goals from 8 touches and 5 marks which gave him a decent score of 61. Fellow forward Weightman had a super quiet first half but responded with a couple of goals later on to push his score to 58, while Garcia did some nice things with his 16 disposals to finish on the same score. Not much else for the Suns after Sharp, with only Flanders scraping together 50 from 9 touches and 5 marks.

Injuries: Important midfielder Brandon Ellis suffered a hamstring injury in the first quarter and looks set to miss some time.

Melbourne (11.13.79) drew withHawthorn (12.7.79)

1. Tom Mitchell (171). He’s not quite on Jack Steele’s level of scoring but he has been super consistent since round 10, only dipping under 110 once (88). Had his best score of the season this week with 39 touches (19 contested), 6 clearances, 6 tackles, 610 metres gained and 1 goal.

2. Clayton Oliver (139). In conditions that suited him, Oliver picked up his best score since round 11 with a 35 touch (16 contested), 9 clearance, 6 tackle game that led the team in metres gained with 581 of them.

3. Christian Petracca (125). Was great once again for the Demons with 33 touches of the ball (23 contested) to go along with 9 clearances and 3 tackles.

4. Jake Lever (117). Hundred number nine for Lever this season as he pushed his average into the 90’s this week. Ran at 94% DE from his 17 touches which boosted his score.

5. Tom Phillips (102). Wow. I’ve held this guy all year as there’s always been something else to worry about, and even though he has toiled away with an average of just 70, I’ve now forgiven it all and confirmed he’s a keeper for the rest of the year. 25 touches, 3 tackles, 1 goal, it’s been worth the wait, I’ll see you again in 2022 Tom!

Other 100+ scores: James Worpel (100)

Disappointment: Anytime Max Gawn goes under 100 (95 this week), it earns the disappointment score. That’s unfortunately this issue when you’ve been so good for so long.

Rookies: Midfielder Bramble continues to perform well for the Hawks, this week securing coaches 91 points for his 18 touch (88% DE), 5 tackle game off half-back and through the middle. Other Hawks that may feature on the bench for coaches were: Granger-Barras (51), Reeves (49), Brockman (41), Koschitzke (37) and Jeka (22). Nothing much for the Dees in this section apart from the guy I’ve mentioned every week, James Jordon (54).

Injuries: No subs used here so fingers crossed there’s no issues that arise!

North Melbourne (11.8.74) defeated by Essendon (13.14.92)

1. Peter Wright (139). His second ton of the year came on the back of a huge effort that included 20 touches of the ball, 7 marks, 10 hitouts and 3 goals.

2. Darcy Parish (138). Back to his best after being shut down to some extent last week, picking up 34 touches (18 contested) with 6 tackles and 8 clearances to go with it.

3. Dyson Heppell (115). Returned from a thumb injury and kept his good form going, as he picked up 27 touches and a team high 536 metres gained, also kicking 1 goal up forward.

4. Zach Merrett (114). Essendon’s other ball magnet also had the ball on a string, as he ran around all day again to have 39 touches with 9 clearances.

5. Todd Goldstein (113). Rounding out the top five was the ageless ruckman from North, who had enjoyed a resurgence of such (five out of six tons) to push his average back over triple figures. Had 15 touches and 37 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Aaron Hall (110), Jake Stringer/Tarryn Thomas (108), Luke McDonald (102)

Disappointment: Dashing Bomber Nick Hind might be on people’s mind after Dusty went down but they wouldn’t be thrilled with his 74 point game.

Rookies: Nothing spectacular to chat about here. Will Phillips was once again serviceable with 15 touches and 61 points, leading the Roos rookie scoring above Lazzaro (48) and the subbed on Bosenvulagi (3). The Bombers themselves had some guys who may be sitting as our bench cover, with all of Perkins (58), Waterman (57) and Cox (48) providing close to their average output. The big news was the debut of Sam Durham, who played outside midfield to have 11 touches and 49 points.

Injuries: Unfortunately pressure forward Jack Mahony was subbed out with a shoulder injury in the fourth. 

Collingwood (9.8.62) defeated by Carlton (13.13.91)

1. Sam Walsh (193). I’m sure we’ve heard this all before, but how good is this kid? Career best score this week, fourth in a row over 130 and is making himself a captain option each week. Had a career best 39 touches (15 contested) with just 1 clanger, while also grabbing 9 marks, laying 6 tackles and kicking 1 ripping goal.

2. Chris Mayne (122). Ran hard all day on the outside for the Pies to collect 28 touches at 92% DE, while also hauling in 10 marks for his fifth ton of the year.

3. John Noble/Jordan De Goey (114). Noble gave the Pies plenty of drive off half-back with his 25 touches and 11 marks, while De Goey continues to shine in his midfield role, grabbing 31 touches and taking 12 marks.

4. Trey Ruscoe (107). The best score of his young career came from a game that included 23 touches at 82% DE that had no clangers involved.

5. Isaac Qauynor (104). Classy as usual off half-back with his 22 touches that ran at 92% DE to round out the top five.

Other 100+ scores: Matthew Kennedy (100)

Disappointment: Bigman Brodie Grundy joined his mate Gawn in the disappointing section this week, only having 16 touches for 88 points.

Rookies: The more than likely benched guys for our Supercoach team weren’t too bad for the Blues, as Stocker led the scoring with 75 from 17 touches, a touch above Dow, who had 49, and the goalless Owies (45). Besides Ruscoe, the Pies scores read: Bianco (64), Henry (50), Murphy (35) and the subbed-on Poulter (16).

Injuries: Pressure forward Josh Thomas unfortunately suffered a head knock in the second term which ruled him out of the game.

Adelaide (8.8.56) defeated by West Coast (14.14.98)

1. Jamie Cripps (150). The best score of Cripp’s 194 game career game on Sunday as he led the Eagles with a 5 goal performance, while also adding 25 disposals and 4 tackles.

2. Jake Kelly (117). Played a ripping first half and rounded it out well with 23 touches and 8 marks on the night while running at 91% DE.

3. Shannon Hurn (114). Take out his score of 6 and his next worst is 84, so he’d be averaging well over 100 if you take out that round 4 score. Had 24 touches (23 kicks) for 561 metres gained while running at 91% DE.

4. Ben Keays (110). His outstanding season continued with another 30 touches through the middle of the ground, topping it off with a couple of good goals as well as 6 tackles.

5. Brodie Smith (108). Didn’t let himself down in game 200, racking up a game high 825 metres gained off half-back from his 27 disposals. As is the theme with the top five usually, also used it extremely well at 92% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Rory Laird/Andrew Gaff (104), Reilly O’Brien/Elliot Yeo/Nic Naitanui (100)

Disappointment: Hope no one is still holding onto Taylor Walker (57), he’s about to slip under 400K after another score in the 50’s.

Rookies: Really promising signs from West Coast mid-season draftee Connor West, as he pulled out a first up score of 71 from 19 touches (13 contested) as well as 4 tackles, while his fellow young midfielder Edwards was good with 19 touches and 64 points himself. Young talls Harry Edwards and Bailey Williams scored 46 and 32 respectively. No great scores from the Crows bench-warmers in our Supercoach sides, with the best being Murray (62), who was followed by Hamill (54), Butts (49), Rowe (45) and Berry (39).

Injuries: Murray might’ve scored much more if he wasn’t subbed off in the third quarter after a heavy fall. Skipper Luke Shuey was the only casualty for the Eagles, as another soft tissue injury (calf), ended his day.

GWS (11.6.72) defeated by Sydney (15.8.98)

1. George Hewett (134). Has always been able to pump out big scores due to his contested style of play, and did so this week with 30 touches (15 contested), 6 tackles, 7 clearances and 90% DE.

2. Luke Parker (128). Kept the solid scores coming with a 31 touch game through the middle of the ground, while it was paired with 1 goal, 9 clearances and 6 tackles.

3. Josh Kennedy (109). Parker’s oldest midfield buddy played super as well, collecting 30 touches (17 contested) along with 10 clearances to lead the inside midfield.

4. Lance Franklin (105). Talking about the old firm, Franklin kicked 4 goals (becoming the second player to slot 400 at two clubs after Lockett), from 11 touches to inspire the Swans in the second half.

5. Callan Ward (101). Solid game from Ward as he gathered 24 touches in the middle of the ground to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Jake Lloyd (100)

Disappointment: Nothing really obvious in this game, so young Tom Green cops it for his 22 touch, 70 point game.

Rookies: After a raft of late changes in this one, Bruhn came back into the side to score 61 from points from 11 touches and 1 goal, while the subbed on Sproule only managed 11 points for the game. Idun played his role as usual down back to have 13 touches and 51 points, while for the Swans Amartey once again filled the stat sheet in but very minimally, only registering 44 points. Errol Gulden (73) is back if anyone held him for whatever reason.

Injuries: Bad news for anyone who was still holding Flynn, he popped his shoulder a couple of times before sitting down, while midfielder Kelly looks set to miss his usual couple of matches with an ankle injury. Greene, Mills, O’Riordan, Cunningham, Briggs, De Boer and Jake Stein were all out due to isolation processes.



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