Tech Leagues Wrap

Written by JimmyDee on April 3 2023

Going with a top ten this week as a bit of a reward for those coaches who scored above 2160 as this is a decent score for the Tech side in round three.

Running Bares coach Chris, a newbie, topped the podium this week with 2246 which is a top 12k score in SuperCoach. A shout out to Chris not only for this great score, but for bringing in half dozen friends to our comp for the first time, a couple who I’ll highlight with an asterix, also in the top ten.

Jomo’s Steely Macks Tech and Paul’s MBuzz also topped 2200 in a grand achievement. Placegetters this week are Terangatangs 2187, Lucy@SCTTalk 2186, KidTech 2185, Liam Jonesandthe six* 2179, Agates 2173, Randy’s Rockets* 2170 and YeeterTech 2164. Congratulations you mob for whipping up a score for the rest of us to chase.

Top of the tree after three rounds, all in the 6300s, features Lucy@SCTTalk in first, Liam Jonesandthesix in second for first time player Tom, and also on the podium stands long timer Paul with MBuzz. Got an email from Paul saying he was going to give it a miss this year but obviously couldn’t stand the pain, so joined back up again. Good decision Paul.

Trades???? Darcy Cameron out, who is coming in? Who is on the chopping block? Cally, Warner, Gus or maybe you are thinking the Doch needs to improve or be punted. Let us know your thoughts.


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8 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Wrap”

  1. Thanks Jimmy Dee
    Appreciate updates .
    Tech team going better than standard team .
    Working out how to get Oliver , Day , Chandler in other team .
    Enjoying comp and pod selections .
    Made 6 trades so far and this week looking at Cameron and Warner as trade outs for possibly English and LDU


  2. Still sitting 9th in the group with a score of 2127 with Oliver as C

    Traded out Mclean, Rats and Flanders
    Traded in Mackenize, Ziebell and Chandler.
    Bit frustrated I traded out Day rd 1 for how he has performed the next 2 weeks.

    Callaghan and Cameron are gone this week
    Rowston likely to come in and can trade Cameron to anyone with 184k itb
    Unsure if I want to go a 3rd trade boost for someone like Brayshaw or Warner.


  3. Can’t even sideways Cameron as I only left myself with $400 after three trades last week. Got Ziebell, Sheezel and Daicos for Flanders, McLean and Hinge.

    Did expect nothing to go smoothly so hung onto Fyfe in case of a break glass situation so likely he goes to create a one up one down for a Ruck and a rook.

    Sadly I too traded Day after round one.


  4. Missing Mackenzie may hurt, Hopefully Hollands keeps chugging along.
    I’m adopting an aggressive tactic, lets see how well it pays off as I slide down to 7th this week.


  5. Thanks for shoutout. Loving this new challenge and it’s nice when most of the players perform. As a Hawks supporter, I always had faith in Day … and what a weekend win!! Looking forward to playing the cats in the ‘Harley Reid Cup’ this weekend.


  6. Potentially looking at boosting for the third week in a row here so just depends if I want to hold Brayshaw and Warner or not but very happy to be sitting 6th in the group for now. I’m glad I’ve got this team cause it’s nearly 30k spots higher than my standard team and having Clarry is so much nicer for captain decisions than my main team.



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