The 2022 Saint of SuperCoachTalk Award

Written by Motts on September 6 2022

In 2020, we created the Saint of SuperCoach Talk award which honours the memory of allsaints by enshrining in our Hall of Fame on an annual basis, the individual or individuals who throughout the year were always willing to lend a hand and/or offer advice.

In its inaugural year, we awarded it The Death Adder and Chaos Theory.

In its second year, we awarded it to Freo Tragic and Abs.

In 2022, there were once again two names that we couldn’t split and so today it gives me great pleasure to announce that this year’s recipients of this illustrious honour are ForBucksSake and Natopotato88.


Our first inductee is FBS, formerly known around the site as ForBucksSake. One of the site’s most active members, FBS has brought levity, intensity and a helping hand to this season’s Trade Talk threads and hasn’t shied from hilariously discussing his own SC missteps over at How Did You Go. FBS was also a regular in the weekend match chats (particularly when his Pies were notching up their trademark single digit wins!) and finished just outside the Top 1k at 1176 OA. A sublime finish and contribution to the site!


Nato received a number of votes from the writing team for his contributions to the site over the course of 2022, spurred on by his constant presence around game threads and input within the Twitter verse! We here at SCT thank you Nato for the consistent game updates with injuries and tags etc, as well as insightful comments on multiple articles each and every week!

Both individuals will now be enshrined within SCT’s Hall of Fame alongside all the other Saints who have given so much to the site.

On behalf of the writing team and the SCT Community, thank you and congratulations!


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8 thoughts on “The 2022 Saint of SuperCoachTalk Award”

  1. Congratulations to ForBucksSake and Natopotato88 for being worthy winners of The Saint of SuperCoach Talk award.

    Great effort Guys!


  2. Wow! Thanks guys, I can say this means a lot!
    Also congrats to ForBucksSake for his contribution! People like you are what makes this site brilliant for the community!

    This site has been incredible for giving information for the Supercoach community for so many years!

    It has kept bringing me back every week for multiple years, so this made me feel like I should give back to the site. This made me supply small bits of information when I could, as it could always be incredibly helpful for another coach! It is then always a great feeling when I know I have helped another coach.

    I must say, Allsaints was a brilliant contributer that I spoke a fair bit with. This is then a great honour to get an award under his name, as no one will reach his level of contribution!


  3. I’m not usually speechless but that is a wonderful honour. I just like to talk footy and SuperCoach and to find a site that lets you do both in a non judgemental or critical way is just amazing. I’ve only been doing SuperCoach a few years now but I’m positive my best year so far is due to actively checking this site to check teams or picking a captain. Many many thanks to everyone involved in creating and maintaining this site. Looking forward to seeing you all next season and getting the banter going. Go pies!!!


    1. You’re a valued member of the community, FBS, thanks for being a giver mate. Good luck to your boys this weekend.



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