The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13, 2022

Written by Abs on June 8 2022

With the first of the bye-rounds in the books, hopefully you were one of the few to get a leap-up on ill-prepared coaches. My week was looking grim with Tom Stewart’s 39 points giving my SC projection a solid headbutt, but alas, I scraped to a respectable score. For those opting to captain Touk Miller and Max Gawn, well done! And for those that grabbed Sean Darcy or Tim English over Max Gawn, my deepest sympathies. Anyway, Round 13 is on the horizon, the first lot of teams with their bye out of the way offer some solid choices to help complete our teams. So let’s get right to it. Volume II, of the Fallen Premiums, Bye-Edition!

Played practically a quarter, and still, Tommy Stewart’s 39 points, out-scored Dayne Zorko’s 37 points in round 11!


Daniel Rich (BRL, 512.2k, (-$70.5k), 97.6 AVG, 128 BE, R14 bye) thanks to a solid tag via Matty De Boer, Rich was held to a poor 55 points in Round 11 (what was your excuse Zorko!?!). Up against the rising Flagmantle, Rich bounced back with a hearty 119 points, and with the game on the line, Rich shanked a shot on goal out on the full, which could have easily pushed him past 130+. Rich averaged 110 points post-bye last season (6/10 scores were 115+). And this season has been slightly underwhelming, mainly due to Kiddy Coleman’s absense in the first half of the season. Rich is now free’d up, and if we take out the hard-tag via De Boer, Rich has been averaging 108.5 since Coleman returned in Round 6! Some may like to say taking out scores isn’t a valid approach, I’d be inclined to agree, if it was entirely due to a lackluster performance (Dayne Zorko in Round 11 anyone?). It should be noted, GWS and The Lions do have another date again later in the season, so be wary of trying to loop Rich’s score in the case that De Boer tries to force himself onto Rich without first wining-and-dining! Finally, Rich and The Lions play The Saints this week, followed by the Round 14 bye, and with a relatively high BE of 128 (which is exactly what he scored against the Saints last season), grabbing Rich post-bye to complete your defence could make for a solid plan!

Sam Docherty (CAR, 531.1k, (-$1.9k), 109.8 AVG, 128 BE) considering the amount The Dochter ascended by (+$46.3k), and has now found himself below his starting price, Docherty scrapes into this weeks write-up! With the bye out of the way, and a date with the underwhelming Bombers, there isn’t a better time to jump on Docherty than the present. After giving cancer the middle finger, Docherty has found himself having played every game of 2022 thus far, dipping below the ton only 3/11 times. Now Sam has been getting beaten up over the last few games pre-bye, getting knocks to both his head and his back. But it was positive signs to see him continue out the games with no dramas. The Dochter has the lions share of kick-in duties (with Saad taking the sloppy left overs), a proven SC history, and has a consistent role in a quality Carlton team. Many will be opting to pay up an extra 30k to grab Jack Sinclair, but for those that need every dollar, Docherty offers a solid alternative, with every chance to match Sinclair on the run home!

Backing it up….
Christian Salem, 515k, 216 BE, R14 bye
Nick Vlaustin, 475k, 158 BE
Steven May, 436k, 153 BE, R14 bye
Tom Stewart, 605k, 144 BE, R13 bye
Dayne Zorko, 465k, 134 BE, R14 bye


Have been talking him up, or so Gunboat Diplomacy likes to think so 🙂

Zach Merrett (ESS, 520.7k, (-$105k), 106.1 AVG, 75 BE) firstly, it must be noted I am a Zerrett fanboy (weird to say as a Hawker), so any excuse to bring him in, in my mind is justified. Merrett has felt the effects of magnet shuffling this season, finding himself playing off of half-back (had small stints here last season on the rare occasion), on a wing and of course, on-ball. I’ve included a table glossing over Merrett’s CBA’s. Let’s take a look.

Merrett's Supercoach ScoreMerrett's DisposalsMerrett CBA'sEssendon Total CBA'sMerrett's CBA %
Round 1:113 points39 (7 contested)203557%
Round 2:117 points31 (8 contested)232979%
Round 6:123 points36 (6 contested)243177%
Round 7:99 points36 (7 contested)233077%
Round 8:108 points28 (14 contested)223171%
Round 9:57 points14 (4 contested)62425%
Round 10:102 points33 (9 contested)82236%
Round 11:130 points27 (9 contested)121963%

Not a huge correlation between his possessions, SC score and his CBA’s. Merrett can, and will find the ball seagulling off of half-back. Ideally, he’s played on-ball, but unlike Travis Boak who I’ll get to shortly, it isn’t a major negative on Zach’s output. Now, I know what you’re thinking with that particular game against the Swans. But it must be noted, early in the second quarter, Merrett got hit hard in the head by Rowbottom, and proceeded to look groggy for the rest of the game. How he wasn’t tested for a concussion, and didn’t get a free kick, I’ll never know. Take out that game, and he has only dipped below the ton once, in a game he scored 99 points (and would be averaging 113 points). Super-consistent, and can score just as well with a CB reduction and playing off of HB. @520k, Zerrett comes into my team this week, how about yours?

Travis Boak (PTA, 489.8k, (-$88.7k), 110.9 AVG, 102 BE) 33 years old in Travis Boak years is by no means, 33 years old in human years. Boak by all means has had a season made up of two halves thus far. Averaging 126.8 points over the first 6 games, followed by 91.8 points over the next 5 games. Similarly with Merrett above, I’ll include a CBA table below.

Boak’s Supercoach ScoreBoak’s DisposalsBoak’s CBA’sPort Total CBA’s Boak’s CBA %
Round 1:149 points32 (19 contested)192576%
Round 2:156 points39 (18 contested)203067%
Round 3:133 points28 (15 contested)263281%
Round 4:117 points35 (15 contested)161889%
Round 5:88 points23 (12 contested)173155%
Round 6:118 points34 (13 contested)142654%
Round 7:87 points22 (4 contested)31323%
Round 8:149 points30 (14 contested)112642%
Round 9:36 points13 (4 contested)142556%
Round 10:86 points25 (11 contested)142264%
Round 11:101 points23 (10 contested)91947%

Unlike Merrett, Boak’s dip in CBA’s has ultimately effected his Supercoach output. But more than that, it’s the time spent forward that has really hurt his scoring. For those in dire need of a premium, Boak is fresh off a bye, and there’s no doubt he has a few monster scores left in him for the backend of the season. It’s just a matter of what role he will be playing, and if Port are in contention for a top 8 position. Otherwise I’d be quite concerned Boak’s annoying floor may be on display.

Ollie Wines (PTA, 575.8k, (-$36.8k), 104.3 AVG, 127 BE) and finally, another Port midfielder finds his place in this weeks write-up. Averaging 110 points (if we take out the game against The Dees where he was subbed out at halftime due to heart irregularity). Wines has benefitted from Boak who we just discussed having a reduced CBA load, an 115 point five-round-average saying more than words could. Speaking of averages, post-bye last year in his Brownlow season, Wines averaged 120.5 points over the last 11 games. For those that aren’t fond of Merrett and Boak, with cash to spare. Wines offers a great choice to help complete our mids. And of course, just like with Boak, if you believe Port can fight for a top 8 finish, Wines will be integral in that battle!

Limbo land….
Christian Petracca, 523k, 186 BE, R14 bye
Clayton Oliver, 676k, 152 BE, R14 bye
Hugh McCluggage, 539k, 148 BE, R14 bye
Callum Mills, 623k, 137 BE, R13 bye
Jack Macrae, 583k, 135 BE, R13 bye
Patrick Cripps, 548k, 131 BE


*Trigger warning!!!!*

Max Gawn (MEL, 587.9k, (-$69.5k), 120.2 AVG, 31 BE, R14 bye) on this weeks edition of the Ruck section being ping-ponged between Darcy and Gawn. We get to the man that just about double-tonned. 198 points for big Maxy as the Dees faced their second defeat in a row at the MCG. Well over his knee complaint that held him back against West Coast and North. Those that were waiting for Gawn’s bye may have to pounce this week before his date with The Pies. With such a low BE, this just may be the last time we see Maxy sub 600k this season! If you’re not one of the 50% that own big Maxy, now’s the time. Can and should go LARGE against Cox and Cameron this upcoming Queens Birthday!

Lloyd Meek (FRE, 382.2k, (+$118.5k),  88.8 AVG, 41 BE) just joking. Too soon Darcy owners? While we’re here, I’d just like to mention, Meek was largely monstered in the ruck, so Sean Darcy owners, don’t panic.

Sean Darcy, 578k, 141 BE, R14 bye
Brodie Grundy, 545k, 139 BE, *injured* –
Nic Naitanui, 587k, 131 BE, *injured* –
Jarrod Witts, 618k, 129 BE, R13 bye


Toby Greene would never commit such an act!

Toby Greene (GWS, 381.6k, (-$113.4k), 71.8 AVG, 54 BE) lack of Forward Fallen-Premiums? What gave it away!?!? So in the spirit of player picks for those with excess trades that would like to loop at F7. Toby Greene (yes, I know, his prior scores aren’t appetizing), presents a very curious choice. His next four weeks include, North Melbourne, Bulldogs, Hawthorn and Collingwood. Tonned against 3/4 of those teams in 2021 (Hawks being the ones that held him to a sub-ton). May not be a player for everyone, and rightfully so. However, for those looking for out-of-the-box ideas, Greene at sub 400k, could present just the right amount of risk/reward.

Forward thinking….
Bailey Smith, 554k, 143 BE, *2 week holiday*
Marcus Bontempelli, 581k, 139 BE, R13 bye
Josh Dunkley, 581k, 134 BE, R13 bye
Dustin Martin, 492k, 133 BE
Tim Taranto, 465k, 122 BE *injured* – 1-3 weeks


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17 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13, 2022”

  1. Fantasic write up Abs, especially with the inclusion of CBA’s with Merrett and Boak. Personally, I like the look of Merrett at 520k as opposed to any of the other options. His someone the Bombers want the ball in his hands and similiar to the Dogs where they all pass to one another, Merrett often gets his hands on the pill multiple times in a chain handball routine. You’ll probably hear me and several other supporters yelling kick the freakn thing but when he does kick it, his elite and rarely dips in efficiency throughout the game. At 520k, it’s a bargain.

    Also, Meek … you cheeky bugger. Nice early morning chuckle. Thanks!


    1. Hahaha cheers LeGoat!

      Definitely agree with Merrett being quite clearly the best of the cheaper priced premium-midfielders!


  2. Has been my plan to get Sinclair after his bye for weeks now but can’t afford to get to Merrett if I do.

    If I take Docherty instead as my last defender than I think I can jag Merrett with about $1k leftover…. Will stew on it for a day I think.

    Brilliant write up as always Abs, love the premium defenders meme at the top hahaha


    1. Forgot to press “post comment” earlier, my bad.

      Cheers Jamhead! I personally like Docherty and Merrett in this week. Both amazing value, and both guns! The shouldn’t be far off the mark from the best on their lines.

      Best of luck whatever way you go!


  3. Brilliant as always Abs.

    Can someone please confirm for me that Smith is suspended for 2 GAMES, not 2 WEEKS? The AFL site lists his return as round 15, but with the Dogs on the bye this week shouldn’t that be rd 16?


    1. Appreciate it Chillo, means a lot coming from the OG!

      So the AFL injury list seems to not be accounting for the bye whatsoever. (Steven May listed as returning from suspension next week as another example).

      Smith to return Round 16!


  4. Locking in Merrett this week and would love to get Zorko in a few weeks at sub $450k to be my D7 and M9 loop considering I’ll have completed def and mid after Merrett this week.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to get Bont and Darcy after their respective byes to complete the team.


    1. Love that plan L&L!

      Zorko while being sent to the abyss from “Sack Kennett @SCT,” does provide a great loophole option. I’ll (through seething teeth), discuss him post-bye. Perfect type of player too have as a loop though.


  5. Very compelling argument for Zerrett, AB.

    Just further complicates my choice for M8 between Walsh, Parish and Zerrett. :)))

    My plan is to also upgrade Tom Green, so I’m thinking with that in mind, the best financial decision is my priority here.


    1. Having the same issue this morning.. was set on Zerrett but now Hayes not playing has freed up some cash for me.


  6. Toby Greene is a very interesting pick, what would be his price if he averaged 95 or so over his next 4? Would he make around 100k?
    Thinking he could be used as a stepping stone like Darcy Cameron, potential loop forward option.
    Would love to hear your thoughts


    1. Hey Sam,

      As a stepping stone, you’d be having to hope he goes a little harder than a 95 point average over the next 4 weeks to make 100k.

      If he scores, 110 (North), 80 (WBD), 90 (COL), 100 (Haw). A loose calculation has him making around 60k. A good F7 loop, but probably where it starts and stops.


  7. Thanks Abs
    l was set on Parish or J Kelly but Merrett is food for thought and gives me a bit more time to assess who can stay out of Mccartin and De Koning
    T/ U De Konning < Parish
    T/ D. C Stephen’s < Merrett


    1. Parish – racks them up each week , not sure merritt will live up to SC expectations this year in my opinion


      1. Thanks for sharing Bomber
        player for player l prefer parish but with rookie job security thin and running out of trades keeping playing rookies and additional $ 100, 000 saving will enable me to get Stewart who would have bottomed out and a rookie (on bubble with scoring potential to keep his place in a few weeks time )


  8. Can’t stop thinking about how much better my team could look with GAWN!
    I still have 2 upgrades to go – one premium and one forward. So trying to decide between the following options:

    TU: Trade in GAWN – Rucks will then be Gawn, Witts & Teakle (handy DPP with English at F1). Worry about finishing off my team another week….

    TD: Stay with the plan – Trade in premium mid this week, premium forward next week to complete my team, and only then, look at getting in Gawn for Preuss.



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