The Fallen Premiums – Rd 15, 2020

Written by Chillo on September 1 2020

Round 15 signals a rare lull in this hectic season as league play is put on hold for the diabolical six-team bye week. Saints, Gold Coast, North Melbourne, the Dogs, Geelong and Port Adelaide all have a rest until next weekend. But as we always say in Supercoachland: every crisis presents an opportunity. There’s a massive chance for you to zoom up the rankings this week if you have managed your team thoughtfully, while those ahead of you struggle to get 18 warm bodies on the field.

As for me, my Supercoach team stinks, but I recommended Steven May in this article last week and he scored 149! It almost soothes the pain of all those rubbish scores I’ve posted this season….almost. Imagine if I’d actually followed my own advice.

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Bachar HOULI (RIC), $481 200 (-$90.4K), avg 97, BE 88 – Bachar is my pick of the FP’s this week after making a mockery of his break-even by posting a ginormous 147 last week against the Eagles at Metricon, racking up 23 possessions at 87% efficiency with zero clangers. Amazing! Houli hasn’t always been the most durable of players, but he should be feeling reasonably fresh after his mid-season detour for personal reasons. He averaged 105 in 19 games last year and comes up against the generous Freo at Metricon this week. The only downside is that he has the bye next round, but that could make him an awesome point of difference for your GFs. Buy now, thank me later.

Bachar goes bang.

Christian SALEM (MEL), $447 400 (-$43.8K), avg 87, BE 68 – For the coach who prefers a more podalicious flavour to their defensive line, the sweet-kicking Salem is an interesting option this week. Currently appearing in only 831 teams, Salem has averaged 101 in his past three games and is reaping the rewards of the Demons’ improved recent form. He’s their go-to guy out of the defensive 50 and gets his fair share of the kick-in duties, too. Probably doesn’t have Houli’s ceiling, but is more consistent and the cash saving could be useful elsewhere.

Just quicklyJordan Dawson ($454 800, avg 83, BE 73) hasn’t been the breakout star that a lot of us were hoping for at the start of the season, but is averaging 103 in his past four games. The Swans are looking for that raking left foot around the F50, and the DPP status is possibly handy?

Backing it up…..
Luke Ryan, $607K, BE 158
Rory Laird, $576K, BE 151
Zac Williams, $483K, BE 128


Josh P. KENNEDY (SYD), $417 600 (-$161.4K), avg 90, BE 72 – The ultra-consistent Kennedy is in the twilight of his career and pretty damn close to the Supercoach Hall of Fame (yes that’s a thing, I didn’t just make it up). One of the great contested ball players of the modern era, Joey suffered a medial injury early in round 6 that kept him out for six weeks. The 18 from that game now drops out of the cycle and this is probably as cheap as you’ll see the Swans champ for this year, maybe ever? A man who has averaged 105+ on six occasions – for less than $420K? Where do I sign up?????

JPK gets the clearance for about the bazillionth time.

Andrew GAFF (WCE), $500 300 (-$82.9K), avg 104, BE 60 – I always hesitate to put Gaff here, because he has such a pronounced history of scoring woes due to the uncontested nature of his game. However you can’t argue with his form in the past week – 107 against the Giants followed by a hugely impressive 135 against the Tigers. The Eagles are finished with Optus Stadium for the remainder of the Supercoach season, but a grand final against the woeful Roos in round 18 shapes as an absolute blitzkrieg for the boys from the West. Get on now, while you still can.

Limbo land…..
Lachie Neale, $698K, BE 216
Jarryd Lyons, $590K, BE 173
Jack Macrae, $673K, BE 170 *bye*
Clayton Oliver, $668K, BE 170
Nat Fyfe, $551K, BE 160
Luke Parker, $493K, BE 154


I imagine Draper being omitted last week has completely ruined a lot of plans to get Maxy Gawn back in either this or (more likely) next week. Unfortunately there really are no other viable options this week, so you either have to sacrifice a premium to get Max back, or just wing it Gawnlessly for the last four rounds. What’s the plan, man?

Will you be getting Max Gawn back in before the end of the season?

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Max Gawn, $673K, BE 165
Todd Goldstein, $527K, BE 165 *bye*
Tim English, $445K, BE 163 *bye*


Jeremy CAMERON (GWS), $328 000 (-$175.9K), avg 73, BE 45 – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……oh, man. Seriously, don’t do this. Or do it if you’re feeling extraordinarily lucky. Actually, go and buy a lottery ticket instead because you’ve got just as good a chance of success. Sorry if this seems harsh, but Cameron left me with some major scars last season. Now watch Jezza churn out tons for the rest of the year!

Just quickly – He was pretty disappointing last week but Jack Martin ($418 400, avg 91, BE 46) is still excellent value this week.

Forward thinking….
Tom Hawkins, $622K, BE 170
Christian Petracca, $608K, BE 159
Bailey Smith, $483K, BE 121


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2 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 15, 2020”

  1. Thanks Chillo as always! I swear every week one of your recommendations always goes big and I pull my hair deciding which one it will be (but never ending up bringing them in anyway)

    – think Houli’s going to have another big week.


  2. Thanks Chillo. Good tip on the Jack Martin – I wish I had waited until this week to bring him in as it would have meant I had Rankine’s 130…



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