The Teams Rd 13

Written by Chaos Theory on June 8 2022

Round 13

Thursday, June 9
Richmond v Port Adelaide at the MCG, 7.20pm AEST

Friday, June 10
Essendon v Carlton at the MCG, 7.50pm AEST

Saturday, June 11
Fremantle v Hawthorn at Optus Stadium, 2.10pm AWST
Brisbane v St Kilda at the Gabba, 7.25pm AEST

Sunday, June 12
North Melbourne v GWS Giants at Marvel Stadium, 3.20pm AEST

Monday, June 13
Collingwood v Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST

Bye: Adelaide, Geelong, Gold Coast, Sydney, West Coast, Western Bulldogs



Thursday June 9, 7:50pm at Marvel Stadium


B: J.Gibcus, D. Grimes, R.Tarrant

HB: D.Rioli, N.Vlastuin, L.Baker

C: M.Pickett, J.Short, K.McIntosh

HF: J.Clarke, S.Edwards, S.Bolton

F: N.Balta, D.Martin, J.Riewoldt

FOLL: T.Nankervis, D.Prestia, T.Cotchin

I/C: N.Broad, I.Solda, J.Graham, H.Ralphsmith

EMG: W.Martyn, R.Mansell, K.Lambert, N.Cumberland

IN: M.Pickett, J.Clarke, N.Balta

OUT: J.Castagna, J.Ross, M.Rioli (all omitted), N.Cumberland (medi sub)


B: T.Jonas, A.Aliir, D.Houston

HB: R.Burton, T.Clurey, D.Byrne-Jones

C: K.Amon, W.Drew, T.Durmont

HF: Z.Butters, T.Marshall, C.Rozee

F: R.Gray, C.Dixon, S.Powell-Pepper

FOLL: J.Finlayson, O.Wines, T.Boak

I/C: R.Bonner, L.Jones, S.Motlop, K.Farrell

EMG: M.Frederick, M.Georgiades, S.Mayes, J.Mead

IN: –

OUT: S.Hayes (omitted)


Friday June 10, 7:50pm at the MCG


B: J.Ridley, Z.Reid, J.Laverde

HB: M.Redman, J.Kelly, N.Hind

C: D.Heppell, Z.Merrett, J.Caldwell

HF: D.Shiel, M.Guelfi, S.Durham

F: P.Wright, J.Stringer, H.Jones

FOLL: A.Phillips, D.Parish, N.Martin

I/C: A.McGrath, A.Perkins, B.Hobbs, S.Draper

EMG: A.Waterman, T.Cutler, J.Stewart, T.Wanganeen

IN: M.Redman, M.Guelfi, J.Stringer

OUT: A.Waterman, T.Wanganeen (both omitted), D.Smith (injured), B.Ham (sub)


B: L.Plowman, Le.Young, J.Boyd

HB: N.Newman, A.Saad, S.Docherty

C: S.Walsh, P.Cripps, L.O’Brien

HF: J.Martin, H.McKay, M.Owies

F: Z.Fisher, C.Curnow, C.Durdin

FOLL: T.De Koning, A.Cerra, G.Hewett

I/C: J.Newnes, J.Silvagni, M.Kennedy, C.Marchbank

EMG: J.Motlop, W.Setterfield, B.Kemp, M.Cottrell

IN: J.Boyd, J.Martin, H.McKay, M.Kennedy, C.Marchbank

OUT: L.Stocker, M.Cottrell, J.Motlop, P.Dow (all omitted), J.Weitering (injured), J.Carroll (sub)


Saturday June 11, 4:10pm at Optus Stadium


B: H.Young, A.Pearce, G.Logue

HB: B.Cox, L.Ryan, B.Walker

C: B.Acres, A.Brayshaw, J.Clark

HF: S.Switkowski, B.Banfield, T.Colyer

F: N.Fyfe, R.Lobb, M.Walters

FOLL: S.Darcy, J.Aish, C.Serong

I/C: D.Mundy, W.Brodie, L.Schultz, E.Hughes

EMG: J.Treacy, D.Tucker, M.Crowden, L.Meek

IN: S.Switkowski, N.Fyfe, M.Walters

OUT: D.Tucker, L.Meek (both omitted), M.Frederick (club suspension), M.Crowden (sub)


B: B.Hardwick, S.Frost, J.Sicily

HB: J.Scrimshaw, K.Hartigan, L.Bramble

C: L.Shiels, J.Newcombe, W.Day

HF: C.Nash, J.Callow, J.O’Meara

F: S.Butler, J.Koschitzke, D.Moore

FOLL: N.Reeves, T.Mitchell, C.Wingard

I/C: H.Morrison, L.Breust, D.Howe, C.Jiath

EMG: C.Macdonald, F.Maginness, J.Morris, J.Blanck

IN: S.Frost, J.Scrimshaw, J.Callow

OUT: C.Macdonald (omitted), M.Lewis, J.Gunston (both injured), J.Impey (managed)


Saturday June 11, 7:25pm at the Gabba


B: D.Gardiner, H.Andrews, M.Adams

HB: B.Starcevich, D.Rich, D.Zorko

C: J.Berry, Z.Bailey, H.McCluggage

HF: C.Rayner, E.Hipwood, L.McCarthy

F: D.McStay, J.Daniher, C.Cameron

FOLL: O.McInerney, J.Lyons, L.Neale

I/C: D.Robertson, M.Robinson, K.Coleman, N.Answerth

EMG: J.Prior, D.Fort, J.Tunstill, R.Matieson

IN: J.Daniher, M.Robinson

OUT: J.Prior, D.Fort (both omitted), C.Ah Chee (sub)


B: C.Wilkie, D.Howard, J.Sinclair

HB: B.Paton, J.Battle, J.Webster

C: D.McKenzie, S.Ross, B.Hill

HF: B.Long, M.Wood, J.Gresham

F: R.Marshall, M.King, T.Membrey

FOLL: P.Ryder, Z.Jones, B.Crouch

I/C: J.Higgins, D.Butler, M.Windhager, M.Owens

EMG: J.Lienert, N.Wanganeen-Milera, J.Billings, H.Clark

IN: J.Higgins, D.Butler

OUT: N.Wanganeen-Milera (managed), C.Sharman, R.Byrnes (both omitted)


Sunday June 12, 3:20pm at Marvel Stadium


B: L.McDonald, A.Corr, La.Young

HB: K.Hayden, J.Walker, K.Turner

C: A.Hall, L.Davies-Uniacke, F.Perez

HF: J.Horne-Francis, N.Larkey, P.Curtis

F: J.Stephenson, J.Ziebell, C.Taylor

FOLL: T.Goldstein, J.Simpkin, J.Anderson

I/C: B.Scott, H.Greenwood, T.Powell, T.Xerri

EMG: A.Bosenavulagi, T.Thomas, J.Archer, C.Lazzaro

IN: A.Hall, J.Stephenson

OUT: B.McKay (injured), T.Thomas, A.Bosenavulagi (both omitted)


B: H.Perryman, S.Taylor, I.Cumming

HB: A.Kennedy, C.Idun, C.Ward

C: J.Riccardi, T.Green, J.Peatling

HF: S.Coniglio, H.Himmelberg, L.Whitfield

F: Z.Sproule, J.Hogan, T.Greene

FOLL: M.Flynn, J.Kelly, Boer

I/C: J.Wehr, T.Bruhn, L.Ash, L.Keefe

EMG: X.O’Halloran, B.Preuss, N.Haynes, J.Stein

IN: A.Kennedy, L.Whitfield

OUT: B.Hill (illness), J.Brander (omitted), X.O’Halloran (Medi-Sub)


Monday June 13, 3:20pm at the MCG


B: [37] Brayden Maynard,[30] Darcy Moore,[28] Nathan Murphy

HB: [10] Scott Pendlebury,[38] Jeremy Howe,[3] Isaac Quaynor

C: [32] Will Hoskin-Elliott,[1] Patrick Lipinski,[9] John Noble

HF: [25] Jack Crisp,[41] Brody Mihocek,[2] Jordan De Goey

F: [33] Jack Ginnivan,[5] Jamie Elliott,[22] Steele Sidebottom

FOLL: [14] Darcy Cameron,[13] Taylor Adams,[7] Josh Daicos

I/C :[16] Oliver Henry,[31] Beau McCreery,[35] Nick Daicos,[46] Mason Cox

EMG: [6] Tyler Brown,[18] Finlay Macrae,[21] Trey Ruscoe,[34] Isaac Chugg

IN: J.Elliott

OUT: Reef McInnes (Injured),Tyler Brown (Medi-Sub)


B: C.Salem, H.Petty, J.Bowey

HB: J.Jordon, J.Lever, A.Brayshaw

C: T.Sparrow, A.Neal-Bullen, E.Langdon

HF: M.Brown, B.fritsch, C.Petracca

F: C.Spargo, B.Brown, K.Pickett

FOLL: M.Gawn, C.Oliver, J.Viney

I/C : [4] James Harmes,[6] Luke Jackson,[14] Michael Hibberd,[42] Daniel Turner

EMG: [20] Adam Tomlinson,[26] Sam Weideman,[33] Oskar Baker,[37] Kade Chandler

IN: Daniel Turner,Michael Hibberd

OUT: Adam Tomlinson (Omitted),Jayden Hunt (Omitted),Toby Bedford (Medi-Sub)


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55 thoughts on “The Teams Rd 13”

  1. Richmond: Judson Clarke ($117k M/F)

    Pick 30 in 2021 AFL Draft. Clarke has averaged 14.3 disposals per game across nine VFL matches in 2022, and booted 11 goals, including a season-high haul of 4 against Footscray in Round 3.

    Melbourne: Daniel Turner ($123k DEF)

    Pick 22 in 2021 Mid-Season Draft. 194cm key defender


  2. Thursday, June 9
    Richmond v Port Adelaide at the MCG, 7.20pm AEST


    In: M.Pickett, J.Clarke, N.Balta
    Out: J.Castagna (omitted), J.Ross (omitted), M.Rioli (omitted), N.Cumberland (Medi-Sub)

    New: J.Clarke

    R11 sub: Noah Cumberland (unused)


    In: Nil
    Out: S.Hayes (omitted)

    R11 sub: Lachie Jones (unused)


  3. Yuck, with Hayes & Rioli all out I have 15 playing before trades. Going to be real low on trades soon lol


  4. The Rioli & Hayes outs hurt in this already tough R13 bye week – especially if McVeigh gives Preuss another week in the twos 🙁

    Mark – if you are listening, can you please play Preuss!!!!



  5. Kenny Kenny Kenny.

    One more week was all I needed from Hayes…..but nooooooooo. You had other ideas.

    Maybe Richmond can lend you one of theirs.

    Hayes should be considering offers from other clubs if the coach rates him so little.

    I now have 15 playing plus Preuss, Macdonald and Carroll AFTER trades.


    1. Port Adelaide: “We’ve made a decision to go slightly different tomorrow night with again predicted conditions”

      Ken Hinkley on Sam Hayes (Omitted)


      1. Port Adelaide: “He’s been unwell this week & we were looking to make a change.”

        Assistant coach Brett Montgomery on Sam Hayes


    2. @ Shaggi – g’day!!

      After hearing McVeighs comments in his press conference today (as outlined by CT in the coaches box & it is on the GWS website), what approximate % chance do you (& others) give Preuss of playing this round?

      McVeigh was saying that Preuss had trained well & looked good at training (& Preuss also said he felt good at training), but McVeigh intimated that he was competing with Matt Flynn for the ruck position?

      I thought they worked pretty well in tandem earlier this year – with the other ruckman resting forward. And they kicked some goals whilst resting forward from the games I watched.

      Unless they have liked having the extra runner the past couple of weeks, and therefore they only want to play one ruck versus Nth this week.

      Also, what % chance do you give Carroll of getting a game this week?

      There looks to be a few returning this week for the Blues.

      It would help my team enormously this week if one of either Preuss or Carroll gets a gig – but happy for them both to play 🙂 🙂


      1. Just saw this.

        Well Carroll not named so that solves that!!

        Preuss is a reasonable chance but mainly because the game is at Marvel and under the roof. Any outdoors venue I reckon no chance.

        In addition they may try to stretch the Roos defence with McKay not playing.


        1. Surely with Brander out, GWS will play Preuss this week against Goldy & Xerri?

          Looking at the 8 man interchange named for GWS, I would think that Haynes & Ash are certainties to play.

          That leaves two more to get a game out of these 6 players:

          Keefe – last game 5 possessions & 39 S/C
          Stein – DNP last game
          Wehr – last game 12 possessions & 60 S/C
          Preuss – DNP
          O’Halloran – was medi sub last game – 5 possessions & 29 S/C
          Bruhn – last game 9 possessions & 48 S/C

          This is a complete guess, but I reckon the final four I/C for GWS are:

          Haynes / Ash / Preuss – & then either Bruhn or Wehr

          Hope so anyway, and I am sure a few S/C’ers are also really hoping that Wehr plays!!


  6. Predicting the carnage, I’m now strongly considering not doing any trades this round at all. Have 15 before trades, which is counting Preuss – who is looking unlikely (glad now I brought in English last week for Hayes).


  7. Opponent in my cash league has 22 to choose from, I’ve got 14 before trades. I reckon I might skip trading this week, cop it sweet and starting planning for R14.


  8. Might have to do some ugly-ass sideways mid pricer trade to get 18 on the park.

    Oh, how I yearn for Rioli’s 33 pts…


    1. save the trade champ … not worth burning it for that just to get 18 … unless you have plenty up your sleeve … better off ensuring you are strong as for R14 … most people will be struggling for the full 18 this week, with the ones listed as outs / maybe outs already …


  9. What’s happened to Cooper Hamilton? Not on injury list or playing VFL?! Gone missing on the back of a milk carton?


    1. Good question Luke !

      Anyone know anyone @ GWS ?
      ……be fielding 17 IF he plays

      ….been along time since I’ve seen someones head on a milk carton !


  10. Well I thought I planned well but suddenly I’m relying on preuss and carroll to field 18 after trades… Best laid plans and byes never mix


      1. Every year I tell myself not to stress the byes because it doesn’t matter, it will all go to pot, but every year I get sucked into thinking this time will be different


  11. Preuss named extended bench. F*ck this game lol.

    Likely giving him every chance to get up for Sunday. Fingers crossed.


  12. Friday, June 10
    Essendon v Carlton at the MCG, 7.50pm AEST


    In: M.Redman, M.Guelfi, J.Stringer
    Out: A.Waterman (omitted), T.Wanganeen (omitted), D.Smith (injured), B.Ham (Medi-Sub)

    Last game’s sub: B.Ham (unused)


    In: J.Boyd, J.Martin, H.McKay, M.Kennedy, C.Marchbank
    Out: L.Stocker (omitted), M.Cottrell (omitted), J.Motlop (omitted), P.Dow (omitted), J.Weitering (injured), J.Carroll (Medi-Sub)

    Last game’s sub: J.Carroll (replaced J.Weitering)

    Saturday, June 11
    Fremantle v Hawthorn at Optus Stadium, 2.10pm AWST


    In: S.Switkowski, N.Fyfe, M.Walters
    Out: D.Tucker (omitted), L.Meek (omitted), M.Frederick (club suspension), M.Crowden (Medi-Sub)

    Last week’s sub: M.Crowden (unused)


    In: S.Frost, J.Scrimshaw, J.Callow
    Out: C.Macdonald (omitted), M.Lewis (injured), J.Gunston (injured), J.Impey (managed)

    Last week’s sub: D.Howe (unused)

    Brisbane v St Kilda at the Gabba, 7.25pm AEST


    In: J.Daniher, M.Robinson
    Out: J.Prior (omitted), D.Fort (omitted), C.Ah Chee (Medi-Sub)

    Last week’s sub: C.Ah Chee (replaced D.Gardiner)


    In: J.Higgins, D.Butler
    Out: N.Wanganeen-Milera (managed), C.Sharman (omitted), R.Byrnes (omitted)

    Last game’s sub: R.Byrnes (unused)

    Sunday, June 12
    North Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney at Marvel Stadium, 3.20pm AEST


    In: A.Hall, J.Stephenson, J.Archer, C.Lazzaro
    Out: B.McKay (injured)

    Last week’s sub: A.Bosenavulagi (replaced B.McKay)


    In: A.Kennedy, L.Whitfield, N.Haynes, B.Preuss, J.Stein
    Out: B.Hill (illness), J.Brander (omitted)

    Last game’s sub: X.O’Halloran (replaced C.Ward)

    Monday, June 13
    Collingwood v Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST


    In: J.Elliott, F.Macrae, T.Ruscoe, I.Chugg
    Out: R.McInnes (shoulder)

    Last week’s sub: T.Brown (replaced R.McInnes)


    In: M.Hibberd, O.Baker, S.Weideman, K.Chandler, D.Turner
    Out: J.Hunt (omitted), T.Bedford (Medi-Sub)

    Last week’s sub: T.Bedford (unused)


    1. Sunday, June 12
      North Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney at Marvel Stadium, 3.20pm AEST


      In: A.Hall, J.Stephenson
      Out: B.McKay (concussion), T.Thomas (omitted), A.Bosenavulagi (omitted)

      Last week’s sub: A.Bosenavulagi (replaced B.McKay)


      In: A.Kennedy, L.Whitfield
      Out: B.Hill (illness), J.Brander (omitted), X.O’Halloran (Medi-Sub)

      Last game’s sub: X.O’Halloran (replaced C.Ward)


    1. Gezza.

      Carroll Medi sub last week. We won’t play this week as he’s not named emergency.


  13. Well no Preuss means 17 for me – 14 of which are premos though so Proj of 1,761 is not great.

    With Xerri and Goldy both named (Xerri originally on extended bench) hoping GWS makes a late change. Just not for Wehr please…


    1. Unless Preuss is still crook (which is highly unlikely), then IMO that is a pretty poor decision by McVeigh & Hird etc

      Under the roof at Marvel Stadium, Preuss & Flynn would have really stretched the undersized North defence when playing forward – and North also has two (large) ruck men to contend with.

      Think McVeigh has been really happy with the last two weeks for GWS – so he was probably loathe to change back to 2 rucks.

      But Preuss is a better & more aggressive player than Flynn anyway IMO.

      Vent now over 🙂 🙂


      1. Had a funny career Mr Preuss.
        Stuck behind Gawn at Melb for years and really didn’t get a game.
        So traded to North who had Goldstein in his prime- not sure why he’d go there to be number 2 again.
        Nows got to GWS and they seem to be determined to leave him out- I’ve liked his games- presence, taps, contested marks and a bit of mongrel.
        I know as a Cats supporter I’d love to see him at the Cats!


    2. He had a very bad case of the flu and slow to recover but getting fitter and closer to playing.


      1. Hope you are right CT – as I am going to hold him 🙂

        But still can’t understand why Preuss played in the two’s last week – if he was so crook?

        And McVeigh said in an interview during the week that Preuss had trained really well & was feeling good. But he also said Preuss was competing with Flynn for a position in the side – so not sure that bodes well for them both playing in the same side again.

        If Preuss is good enough, he will force his way back into the side – but it is very annoying for S/C er’s that this is “playing out” during the bye rounds.

        With Carroll, Rioli, Preuss and Sam Hayes all out of my side this week (at least two of them a bit unexpected) – I am now playing one short.

        Against an opponent in my “mates league” that has traded out Macrae and Dunkley (for Sam Walsh & Merrett) – and he now has 20 on the field.

        Still some chance as I have 15 premiums versus his 12 premiums – but playing one short (after heaps of good planning) hurts!!!

        Funny game sometimes this SC 🙂


        1. Wednesday 8/6
          Braydon Preuss “Hopefully to be available (Round 13), but if not we’ll put that to next week” “We’re really hoping that he’s available at this stage” Mark McVeigh


  14. For Preuss…

    TU: Bring in a non-playing DPP
    TD: Bring in Strndica (on the bubble once he’s back from injury but RUC only)


    1. If you have Tim English or are getting him, and you definitely want to get rid of Preuss (see my comments above), then I would bring in Teakle (Port) .

      Only $102,400, dual position RUCK / FWD – and he is some chance of getting a game.

      Teakle has played senior footy in the WAFL in Perth.

      Don’t think Strndica will play again this year – but funnier things have happened !!


      1. Yep great idea, except would have to hold off and do that next week as Teakle just played.. haha. But thanks, might just do that next week.


  15. Who do we think has the best job security moving forward- both are on the bench in teams with players to come back in,,,,,,,
    T/U: Wehr
    T/D: Owens
    Comment if neither is worth getting in


  16. I’ve a question about emergencies during byes: this week I have 7 defenders playing, 6 mids, 1 ruck & 4 fwds…
    Will my D7 score count if I need it to make 18, but will actually have a full complement of defenders on field??


    1. Hi SN,
      Unfortunately No, only on field players count towards your score as per a normal round.

      Is there a way your could utilise a DDP to move your defender to another position for this round and then move them back next week (if you prefer)?

      I think a number of players will be fielding this than 18 this week.
      Good luck.


      1. Thanks mate – hmmm, not without hurting my structure… or trading in someone I don’t really want to. I may have to cop a donut… good to know though. Ta


  17. Monday, June 13
    Collingwood v Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST


    In: J.Elliott
    Out: R.McInnes (shoulder), T.Brown (Medi-Sub)

    Last week’s sub: T.Brown (replaced R.McInnes)


    In: M.Hibberd, D.Turner
    Out: J.Hunt (omitted), A.Tomlinson (omitted), T.Bedford (Medi-Sub)

    Last week’s sub: T.Bedford (unused)


  18. Braydon Preuss:

    “He had a really interrupted 3-4 weeks. He was quite ill going into the break. He took a long time to get over that. Everyone has been unfortunately touched by this flu. It really affected him.

    “He needed to play a game and get some training. He trained 3-4 really good sessions leading into the VFL today and he played really well today. We’re really happy with that. He’s got through. He’ll be in consideration next week. Really pleased he went back, applied his trade and did the right thing.”

    Mark McVeigh


    1. Flynn literally had 11 HOs to Goldy and Xerri’s 60 and Preuss is in “consideration” for next week?

      Get the f*ck outta here lol.

      The win obscured how bad Flynn is as a #1 ruck.

      Thanks for the update, CT.



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