Tuesday Poll – Downgrade Options

Written by JimmyDee on April 18 2023

Considerable support from the community for a poll on the best rookie downgrade options this week. Given there’s no real “cut and dried” standouts on the bubble, the discussion this week will be around the value of the downgrade target whether they have played less than two or more than two games, but still fit the bill of someone to slot into a one up, one down (or more) situation.

The only bubble boys under 200k currently and with some semblance of viability are Luke Edwards, Dylan Williams and Ned Moyle whose relevance could soon be impacted by Witt’s return.

Players who may come under consideration as early starters with one game under the belt include the more expensive Ned Long and a bunch of Gather round debutants at rookie prices. These include Corey Wagner, Corey Warner and Seamus Mitchell, all with DPP, and Defender Will Gould and Forward Sam Sturt.

Then there’s the three games plus category where coaches will punt on extra points as well as good cash generation (say Matt Roberts or Matt Johnson with full game time) over pure cash gen (say Tyler Brockman or Samson Ryan Types), where points could be a bonus at times.

I think the best way to poll this week will be to choose three options from the list. That should give the community a reasonably definitive clue by the end stages of the poll. If I have missed anyone with relevance, please use the comments to amend and if there’s enough support I can install it as a further option. As always, thanks for reading and participating.

In the answer section I will list the details for your analysis in the following format:         Name.   Price.   Position.   Games.

Choose three (3) of the following as your preferred downgrade options

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Poll – Downgrade Options”

  1. Williams, Mitchell, Roberts for me, but unless there is selection carnage it will be wait a week.
    Would need to trade in 2 of the above to get a premium for Ginbay and Mackenzie and feel both still have the potential to make more money and better JS.


    1. I’ve picked the same, but a little unsure with Mitchell as Day is out, and seems to be his replacement.
      Expecting Hawks to give rookies more game time, and with Mitchell as a DPP also allows for some maneuverability. Would likely bring him in next week once Day returns



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