Injuries Round 6

Written by Chaos Theory on April 18 2023


Josh Worrell

“He’s been pretty much running ever since but given it was a repeat hamstring injury we decided to take a little bit longer to get his fitness base up and some good exposure to training loads,” High Performance Manager Darren Burgess said.

“He’s been training with the group for a little while now and he’s ready to go this weekend so it’s exciting for him and for us.

“He’s very much an AFL player now, his professionalism is outstanding and he knows what is required to perform at the level and his form over pre-season was unbelievable so we’re all pretty excited to get him back.”

Hugh Bond (knee) TBC

“Bondy is our only out this week,” Burgess said.

“He’s doing a lot of hard work off legs, he’s an excellent trainer, but we’re going to have to wait a couple more weeks to get him running.

“We’re not too sure how long he’ll be out for but it will be at least a few weeks.”


Shadeau Brain  Shoulder  Test
 Blake Coleman  Calf  Test
 Carter Michael  Quad  3 weeks
 Henry Smith  Groin  1-2 weeks


 Jordan Boyd  Foot  1 week
 Matt Cottrell  Foot  1-2 weeks
 Sam Docherty  Knee  3-5 weeks
 Caleb Marchbank  Calf  2-4 weeks
 Jack Martin  Calf  Test
 Mitch McGovern  Calf  Test
 Matt Owies  Hamstring  3-4 weeks
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Marc Pittonet  Eye  Test
 Adam Saad  Hamstring  TBC
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


 Aiden Begg  Back  Test
 Darcy Cameron  Knee  4-6 weeks
 Mason Cox  Spleen  TBC
 Charlie Dean  Foot  Season
 Arlo Draper  Concussion  Test
 Jeremy Howe  Arm  TBC
 Patrick Lipinski  Shoulder  Rounds 13-15
 Dan McStay  Finger  TBC
 Nathan Murphy  Concussion  1-2 weeks


Kaine Baldwin  Concussion  Test
 Nik Cox  Back  6 weeks
 Jayden Davey*  Knee  Season
 Matt Guelfi  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Harrison Jones  Ankle  TBC
 Zach Merrett  Suspension  Round 7
 Zach Reid  Back  Test
 James Stewart  Foot  TBC
 Elijah Tsatas  Knee  7-8 weeks
 Sam Weideman  Concussion  Test
 Peter Wright  Shoulder  12-14 weeks
 Brandon Zerk-Thatcher  Ankle  TBC


Heath Chapman  Calf  1-2 weeks
 Travis Colyer  Knee  2 weeks
 Nat Fyfe  Foot  TBA
 Joel Hamling  Foot  Test
 Liam Reidy  Abdomen  Test
 Sam Switkowski  Calf  2 weeks
 Matt Taberner  Back  TBA


Tyson Stengle has suffered a fracture of the midshaft of the radius to his left arm. Will have surgery in Melbourne in the coming days and is expected to be sidelined for the medium term.

Rhys Stanley has undergone a CT scan which has revealed a fracture of the right eye socket. Had surgery in Adelaide on Monday and is expected to be sidelined for the medium term.

Jed Bews  Concussion  Test
 Toby Conway  Foot  TBC
 Jack Henry  Foot  TBC
 Sam Menegola  Knee  TBC
 Rhys Stanley  Eye socket  4-6 weeks
 Tyson Stengle  Arm  4-6 weeks



Jarrod Witts has missed the past two matches but is expected to integrate back into training later this week to push his case for a return to the senior lineup.

Jarrod Witts was not at todays(Tuesday) light training session and will be tested later in the week

Jed Anderson has overcome a hamstring injury and will be available for selection once again.

Sam Flanders, who has been sidelined with an MCL injury to his knee, has resumed running again and is three weeks away from a return to action.

Jarrod Witts Soreness Test
Sam Flanders Knee 3 weeks
Connor Budarick Knee TBA


Harry Perryman (hamstring) “He (Perryman) has just got to get through the week of training so maybe it’s a like-for-like replacement( Greene), we’ll see how ‘Pez’ goes throughout the week. Wardy’s definitely an option to go through there, as the week pans out we’ll start to discuss that,” Kingsley said.

Leek Aleer  Quad  Test
 Toby Bedford  Hamstring  Test
 Phil Davis  Groin  1-2 weeks
 Tom Green  Suspension  1 week
 Darcy Jones  Knee  Season
 Nick Madden  Foot  2-3 weeks
 Harry Perryman  Hamstring  Test
 Braydon Preuss  Back  4 weeks
 Jacob Wehr  Shoulder  6-8 weeks



Chad Wingard  lacerated tongue.

Hawthorn’s High Performance Manager Peter Burge said Wingard’s procedure on Monday went smoothly following the unlucky incident.

“He’s obviously a little bit sore and there will be a little bit of recovery required after going under anaesthetic, but we’ll get him going tomorrow and he’ll aim to fully train this week,” Burge said.

“We’ll then assess his availability, but I would be pretty confident that he’ll be playing football this weekend.”

Chad Wingard Tongue Probable Round 6
Cooper Stephens Calf Probable Round 6
Emerson Jeka Hamstring Probable Round 6
Jack Scrimshaw Toe Probable Round 6
Mitch Lewis Knee Unavailable Round 7
Henry Hustwaite Concussion Unavailable Round 7
Fionn O’Hara Concussion Unavailable TBC
Jai Serong Pericarditis Unavailable TBC


High Performance Manager Selwyn Griffith report.

Ben Brown, Jake Lever, Michael Hibberd and Max Gawn all working towards a return to play this week.

Ben Brown “We decided to continue to rest him last week. He will integrate into full training this week and look to be available for the weekend.

Jake Lever recovered really well. He trained with the group today. If he can get through full training, he will be available for the week as well.

Michael Hibberd “He’s recovered well and will integrate into training as well and must get through full training to get available for the week.”

Max Gawn had a really good session over the weekend. He’s integrating into full training this week and similarly to the other players, if he can get through our full training session, he will be available for selection.”

Charlie Spargo (concussion protocols) “He will continue to progress through them as symptoms allow. We don’t have any certainty on his full integration as of yet, but he will follow that protocol and hopefully be available as soon as possible.”

Joel Smith (Thumb) pushing forward in his training, hopeful to make a return to play in approximately one week.

Taj Woewodin made a successful return in the VFL on Sunday, after missing five weeks with a finger injury. Woewodin was among Casey’s best with 23 disposals, three clearances and three tackles.

Kye Turner (groin, TBC), Christian Salem (knee, 2-4 weeks) and Will Verrall (pelvis, 8-9 weeks) are all progressing positively through their respective rehab programs.



Brayden George  Knee  Season
 Cooper Harvey  Finger  Test
 Jy Simpkin  Hand  TBC
 Tristan Xerri  Ankle  TBC
 Lachie Young  Ankle  Test


Charlie Dixon will need to prove he is fit to play, having jarred his right knee in a ruck contest.

Tom  Jonas was left out of the side on the weekend to allow him to manage a persistent knee injury and will be assessed throughout the week.

Charlie Dixon – knee (assess)
Tom Jonas – knee (assess)
Orazio Fantasia – quad (3-4 weeks)




Seth Campbell, adductor

Jayden Short, calf


Jack Graham, hamstring (short-term)

Kaelan Bradtke, hand (short-term)

Bigoa Nyuon ankle, (short-term)

Ivan Soldo, foot (short-term)

Toby Nankervis, ankle (medium-term)

Josh Gibcus, hamstring (short-medium-term)

Tom Brown, wrist (medium-term)

Kaleb Smith, ankle (medium-term)

Tom Lynch, foot (long-term)

Robbie Tarrant, hip (indefinite)

Mate Colina, back (indefinite)


Matt Allison  Foot  Indefinite
 Jack Billings  Fractured leg  Test
 Jack Bytel  Ankle  TBC
 Nick Coffield  Calf  2-4 weeks
 Jack Hayes  Foot  10-12 weeks
 Olli Hotton  Back  10-12 weeks
 Zak Jones  Achilles  1-2 weeks
 Isaac Keeler  Knee  Test
 Max King  Shoulder  4-6 weeks
 Dan McKenzie  Calf  Indefinite
 Angus McLennan  Back  Indefinite
 Jack Steele  Collarbone  Test
 Jimmy Webster  Cheekbone  3-4 weeks


Joel Amartey
Joel sustained a significant hamstring injury against Richmond and won’t return until after the mid-season bye.

Paddy McCartin
Paddy continues to come in to the club on a daily basis and remains in good spirits. His current focus continues to be his recovery and the alleviation of any symptoms.

Tom McCartin
Tom is doing well in his recovery but will miss the match against Geelong. He will continue to be monitored closely.

Lance Franklin
Lance is still experiencing some pain and swelling in his knee from the knock he suffered in the game against Port Adelaide. We will see how he progresses at training this week before determining his availability for this week’s match against Geelong.

Lewis Melican
Lewis is progressing well in his rehabilitation from an adductor strain. He is completing full team training this week as he nears closer to a return to match play.

Sam Reid
Sam is completing a block of strength training and has not run for the past fortnight. He is expected to continue with this program for the next fortnight.

Tom Hickey
Tom completed full team training last week. He will test his availability for this weekend’s games in our main training session this week.

Jacob Konstanty
Jacob completed team skills last week. He is planned to commence full training this week with an expected return to play in the next week.

Sam Wicks
Sam is now 9 weeks post shoulder surgery. He has commenced contact drills and is expected to return to play in the coming fortnight.



“Unfortunately, the injury list is growing and we’re somewhere between 15 to 17 players that may be unavailable this week.” General Manager  Football Gavin Bell

Luke Shuey (hamstring) Test

Callum Jamieson (ankle) Test

Elliot Yeo. Sent for scans for a groin issue TBC

Elijah Hewett. TBC. Sent for scans for an ankle problem.

“Elijah, first centre bounce basically, slipped over and did his ankle. He didn’t take any further part in the game, which left us low on numbers. Gavin Bell.

Harry Edwards (fractured wrist) Test

Isiah Winder (knee) TBC

Tom Cole (ankle) TBC

Jeremy McGovern (hamstring) TBC

Jamie Cripps (ankle) TBC

Liam Ryan (hamstring) TBC Walking on crutches

Nic Naitanui (Achilles) TBC

Campbell Chesser (knee) unavailable. remains in a knee brace

Dom Sheed (throat) Waiting medical clearance

Jack Williams (spleen)  unavailable. 4-5 weeks

Coby Burgiel (hamstring) TBC



Hayden Crozier (back) – available

Alex Keath (concussion) – test

Laith Vandermeer (leg) – test

Bailey Smith (calf) – 1-2 weeks

Harvey Gallagher (hamstring) – 2-4 weeks

Riley Garcia (groin) – 4-6 weeks

Roarke Smith (foot) – 5-7 weeks

Dom Bedendo (groin) – indefinite

Josh Bruce (ribs) – TBC.

Bruce has suffered badly broken ribs and sternum damage following the collision and will meet with specialists this week to determine how best to deal with the injury.

The club will have a clearer timeframe on his return to action in the coming weeks, but it is likely to be after the mid-season bye.




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10 thoughts on “Injuries Round 6”

  1. Injuries are an interesting one.
    Sometimes commentators & fans say their club is struggling due to injuries.
    But worth considering…
    Gold Coast was expected to improve & do well in 2023- have few injuries, but have dropped off!
    Both St Kilda & Essendon not expected to figure in 2023, yet have big injury lists and are sitting 1st & 2nd… GO FIGURE!

    Then there’s my SuperCoach side- which is more important and I decided to select WITTS in 23 and he’s only out due to ‘soreness’… hasn’t started training yet this week- FFS!


    1. Gold Coast: Jarrod Witts

      “He’s got a bit of a bad back. We’ll look to step him up. He’s done a fair bit this week which we’ve been happy with… We won’t risk him. We’d like to see some really solid training from him today.” Stuart Dew


  2. WCE update:

    Elliot Yeo to miss multiple games with his adductor injury.

    Hewett and Sheed also ‘several’ weeks away.

    Ginbey all clear for Port game.

    Shuey, Jamieson and Hurn remain a chance to return.


  3. Hey CT- thanks for the rap. Do we know what soreness Witts is having? I’ve dropped off the pace due to having Moyles score- as thought it was just a one weeker – but sounds like a knee that he might be carrying or something similar!


    1. Hi MickDundee,

      Nothing specific from club. Heard some rumour of back issue?

      Regardless I will update ASAP with any news from training sessions and likelihood of Witt’s playing.

      It is disappointing that some clubs are not as transparent and honest with their injury reports.

      Tom Stewart from Geelong still riles, as days after reporting he would miss multiple weeks he is named and played.

      As you can see from this post the contrast in information supplied by different clubs. From detailed accurate information to the bare minimum.

      Sorry about the rant in my reply to you but I share your frustration.


    1. Thanks Gra Pol.

      Adam Saad
      “Scans showed a low-grade hamstring strain, at this stage is expected to miss one to two weeks.”


  4. Need to ‘blow of some steam” all my own making. Currently have Cole, Chesser Bruce, Davey injured & Constable in my team. Cole listed as TBC & Chesser as unavailable . Surely after all this time they can put a timeline ie 1-2 wks etc. Would be a great help with my trade plans.
    Bitch over.


  5. WCE injury update.
    Noah Long is also likely to miss Rd6 with general soreness and Shannon Hurn (hamstring) will also miss.

    Luke Shuey will play.

    Adam Simpson said he will pick his 23-man squad for Saturday’s match from “around 24” players, leaving 20 on an injury list that has shown no sign of shrinking.

    “We’re still working through the injuries. It’s three weeks in a row we’ve caught four or five a week.”



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