Who To Field – Round 16

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on July 1 2021

We’ll have this thread pinned to the top of the site over the weekend for people to drop in ask “who to field” out of their rookies using the T.U and T.D function.


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23 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 16”

    1. He’s been named. However Mitch Cleary posted this recently on twitter. Keep an eye out tomorrow morning to see if he’s boarded the plane!

      “If Lachie Neale gets on the plane to Adelaide tomorrow, expect him to play. Was stuck on the bike at Bris training yday with calf concern. Main issue in playing was going to be flying then sitting around for 4-6 hours waiting for COVID test. Won’t fly for a pre-game fitness test.”


  1. Who to take basically at same price:
    TU: – Steele Sidebottom
    TD: – DangerFld

    I’m leaning to Sidey as his history this year is better…..can anyone sway me otherwise?


  2. Who to trade out for Danger this week to avoid a donut:

    TU: Weightman
    TD: Poulter

    Poulter better to keep with DPP. Whoever I keep will probably be my permanent F6 unless a miracle occurs and I don’t lose any more players to injury. They will be my last upgrade target.


  3. TU Sharps 62
    TD Newcombe
    Comment Koschitzke (really don’t trust him)


  4. Hi all,
    Who to field
    TU: Bianco
    TD: Newcombe
    Comment: Edwards (will replace gaff in selected side)


  5. Problem with Edwards is that he attended just one centre bounce last week and Gaff only 2 so Gaff out shouldn’t see a massive rise in his midfield minutes.



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