Who To Field – Round 20

Written by Dane on July 28 2023

Got a dilemma on who to field or bench this week? Put in the comments below with TU/TD to find an answer!


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8 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 20”

  1. I don’t have any issues on who to field this week, two donuts on field, no bench players named, one trade left so real easy for Rd 20 for me.


  2. Considering making some DPP switches in case Marshall is a late out or doesn’t play.

    TU: D. Cameron to R2, Windhager to F6, Marshall R3 (Assume he doesn’t play)
    TD: D. Cameron F6, Windhager F7/M9, Marshall R2 (Assume he plays)


  3. what was the story with Titch last week?

    was he injured or just couldn’t keep up with the speed of the game.

    he was ‘rested’ the week before.


  4. I have Gawn, Marshall and also Jackson as my R/F. After the doubts on Romo last week, I’ve had to move Jackson from the forward line to be my R3. The issue I have is Jackson now being Freo’s first ruck, I really want his score on the field.

    Who to have as R2?
    TU – Jackson
    TD – Marshall



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