Your Thoughts – 2020 Breakouts

Written by Motts on January 31 2020

We don’t know it all here at SCT. None of the writing team has ever won the damn competition even though some of us have been playing for close to 20 years. We simply give you guys our opinion which, of course, you can take or leave.

With this series of posts, I thought I’d hand it over to you: our smart, sexy community to get your thoughts.

To kick us off, I’m asking: Who do you think is most likely to break out this season?

Use the following format for each player in your answer:

  • Name:
  • Position:
  • Price:
  • 2019 Avg:
  • 2019 Games:
  • Age:
  • Reason:

Really looking forward to seeing your answers!


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45 thoughts on “Your Thoughts – 2020 Breakouts”

  1. Darcy parish
    Typical break out contender.
    More mid mins, injuries to team mates, had a purple patch last year. Essendon need someone to get points.
    At work now so didn’t have time to fill in the other things requested, sorry.


  2. Name: Andy McGrath
    2019 Avg: 73.5
    2019 Games: 22
    Age: 22
    Reason: fits the profile nicely I think. Low draft pick, 63 career games, avg 21 games per season.


    1. As an essendon supporter, I think he should have done something by now (SC wise) very limited ceiling so far.


  3. Motts….come and join 195297…all the usual SCT suspects. Its an invite only league, and I’m kicking out the others. Its a league for rampant sledging, complete lack of sportsmanship, and a total ban on anything PC.


    1. Hey, wighty. I joined earlier on, team name is “the guys” and I hate PC. If you want to boot me that’s cool too.


    2. Cheers Wighty but I need to keep a bunch of leagues spare for our LoEC & standard leagues. Appreciate the invite though mate.


  4. Name: Jack Steele
    Position: Midfield
    Price: $515,900
    2019 Avg: 95
    2019 Games:20
    Age: 24
    Reason: Rattan. He will get Steele to play on ball as he has shown he can play very well there. Tackling machine to boost numbers up. I don’t have him in my team or even a Saints supporter he’s just come to mind on who i think will thrive under Rattan.

    Article i found to support new role;


    1. If only he was DPP, I can easily see him averaging 105 and even pushing 110. But thats still not enough for a top 8 finish in the midfield so have to pass. Good for draft though


      1. I was wrong about brayshaw, shame I had the balls to pick him 😛

        He might come good yet damnit!!!


  5. Name: Andrew Brayshaw
    Position: Mid/Forward
    Price: $382,800
    2019 Avg: 70.5
    2019 Games: 22
    Age: 20yr 2mth
    Reason: Opportunity. Mundy is hurt and Fyfe has stated he wants to leave the bash and crash to the young guy.
    Dockers were the 4th lowest supercoach scoring team last year, hopefully they get a new supercoach friendly playing style.


  6. Connor Rozee

    $422 100
    2019 ave 77.7
    2019 games 22
    Age . 19

    After Walsh probably the pick of last years class. he is already a star forward. He bagged 5 in a game late in the year I think it was v’s SYD R21,when he scored 113 or ESS R22 when he scored 119 .

    As a few of Ports ageing midfielders slow down, Boak ,Gray,
    ( Wines isn’t old but he’s slow ) I can see him getting more time up on a wing or in the midfield.
    If this happens he is capable of lifting his average 15/ 20 points
    Mid- nineties could make top 6/8 forward this year in a very open race.
    One to keep an eye on in the Marsh for sure.


  7. Hugh McCluggage – $510k
    Shown he has the ceiling – but average dragged down due to some lower scores that you’d expect to drop off as he gets fitter, stronger and more experienced. Goalkicking mid, excellent user, excellent work rate. Won’t cop a tag ahead of Neale or Zorko.


      1. Agree his going to be a gun but doubt he reaches the 105-110 average due the fact his a winger as Trats mention. His contested possessions are limited. Will develop into more of an AFL fantasy player.


    1. Even though he’s already broken out, he just needs to reach that 120+ to be considered as one of the best in sc.

      Last year he had an avg of 114 after a double shoulder reco in the off-season and played the full season.

      An uninterrupted pre-season should see him avg above 120.


  8. Name: Dylan Roberton
    Position: Def
    Price: $260.400
    2019 Avg: 0
    2019 Games: 0
    Age: 28 years and 7 months
    If he gets back on the park which it looks like at the moment and can get back to where he was in 2017 and played 22 games he averaged 92.6. Boy for a 200K player to average that. It’s a steal if he gets his heart right. He can certainly have mine!


  9. Name : Chayce Jones
    Position : Forward
    Price : $271,500
    2019 avg 50
    2019 games : 8
    Age : 20
    New coach who has indicated he will give youth every opportunity with Jones a strong chance for more midfield time
    Great preseason
    Has speed to burn; won time trial
    Early round draft pick with good Supercoach no’s playing in SA leagues


  10. Name: Morgan Freeman
    Position: Every position
    Price: $100,005
    2019 Avg: 98463
    2019 Games: 2
    Age: 362
    A lock for captaincy every week for me.


  11. Christian Petracca
    22 games 81 ave

    Time might have finally arrived. Averaged 87 after the byes. Is durable – missed only 1 game in 3 years. Flagged for increased midfield time. If he gets to 95, he’s a keeper.

    Even if I am right, his lack of high ceiling means he will probably still be affordable during the season. I don’t think he will kill you if you don’t start him. But I predict he may end the year in the crowded A- forwards that might occupy our F4-6


  12. Name: Jacob Hopper
    Position: Midfield
    Price: $520200
    2019 Avg: 95.8
    2019 Games: 19
    Age: 23
    Reason: Averaged 26 possessions last year 13/13, increasing his contested possession rate to elite level of 13.9 per game. Ranked in the top dozen for clearances and stoppage clearances. The slight mark on his game last season was his disposal efficiency. Tackle numbers are solid and scored tons against 3 of 4 sides that the Giants face at the start of the season with a 91 against the Dees.

    Entering his 5th year and is yet to spend 80% TOG for a season. Think there is plenty of scope to push average to 105-110 mark even with full seasons from Kelly and Ward.


  13. Name: Hugh Greenwood
    Position: Forward
    Price: $463,100
    2019 Played : 14 games
    2019 Average: $85.3
    Age: 27

    Played 51 games, Was not given enough Mid time in the pecking order of Sloane, Crouch and Crouch, Gibbs etc.. Every time he had mid time he did fantastic. This year at the suns he is about to to be unleashed. Can Tackle, Kicks goals and loves contested possesion. Is promised Mid time at GCs.
    Lynch dished big numbers in the position 2 years ago. Greenwood could surprise everyone. My pick


  14. Brilliant thread. Great idea Motts!
    I think last year’s draft was SO strong that Walsh, Rozee and even Bailey Smith could all make $100k or even become keepers this year. I hear Tarryn THOMAS is flying too.
    All future SC superstars perhaps, but can any of them do a Clarry in yr2?!!
    Dunno what everyone else thinks, but I’m not sure I’d take the risk in my MIDs. But, they’ll all provide decent points AND likely improve on their averages and your investment. Will be watching roles v closely in Marsh Series. Currently, not truly considering any, but …


    1. cough cough Sydney Stack 😛

      Smith and Rozee are tempting in the forward line.

      Smith has a lot of comp for the midfield scraps

      I’m concern Rozee has never, at any level average more that ~18 touches. Looks like he has always played predominately forward.


    1. People considering Dawson should research all his injuries over the years, back to his junior days.

      Hopefully he has it all sorted and has a great season.


  15. Jack Martin

    MID / FWD
    $420 800
    186 cm
    82 kg
    2017 22 games, ave 81.5
    2018 15 games ave 80.9
    2019 16 games ave 77.5

    Age 25 ( a couple of days ago,Happy Birthday Jack )

    A priority pick for the Suns , Jack was only 17 when he was listed.
    He was a shy kid and the best Footballer for his age in WA at that time.
    Lets face it The Suns is where AFL player go to die. ( sorry Suns supporters )
    Some how, Jack still showed enough ( playing Forward ) to average over 80 for those two seasons. Forget last year, he was already out the door.
    I saw a pic of him and Eddie the other day, Eddie beaming, Jack with his shy smile. I knew he was finally happy.

    Like all these speculative pics, If a Midfield / Wing spot opens up,
    he has the talent to lift his average into the nineties.

    Another to keep a close eye on in the Marsh.


    1. Carlton really need him in the forward line.
      Not sure he will be getting the mid field minutes required to be a breakout this year.
      But as you say, if this changes in the pre-season…


      1. I think they need him delivering it into the forward line so I imagine he’ll play high half forward, not really the most SC friendly role.



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