2018 Rookie Review – Round 20

Written by Huttabito on August 7 2018

I sit here on a Monday morning writing this article and I just feel flat in the aftermath of the Western Derby. Brayshaw has quickly become one of my favourite players at Freo and I’ve been waiting for his recognition with a rising star nomination – which he was most likely well on his way to receiving. It’s immaterial and would much rather him out there I know, but it would have been nice.

The world moves on, Gaff will face his punishment and Baeshaw will come out stronger next year. It was a sour end to what was a pretty good round (ok, maybe just Fri/Sat) of football with lots of fairy tale moments. So lets flip the switch….

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd20AvgBE
LienertPort$207.3k (+$83.4k)8988-44
AustinStK$292.1k DNP82.240
MihocekColl$308.7k (-$0.6k)3965102
RiceStK$259.5k DNP59.521
Farrell* (MID)Port$117.3k6556.5-41
J.Smith (MID)Melb$230.2k (+$5k)6554.661
LynchWB$218.6 (-$7.7k)3054.568
TaylorGWS$231.8k (+$5.7k)2049.461
R.SmithWB$204.6k (-$14k)543.865


And we kick it off with Alex Johnson who made his long awaited return (2136 days) to AFL after 5 knee reconstructions. Can you imagine the pure determination of someone to endure all that? I know I certainly would have thrown the white towel in long before a 5th recon. He looked right at home with 15 disposals (11 kicks), 11 marks (1 contested), 4 tackles and an equal second team high 6 1%ers to finish on 65 points. It put a smile on my face watching the Swans get around him post game.

Farrell got off to a flier booting 3 goals in the opening quarter. He set himself up nicely for a huge score but as the game went on and more intense, he fell away and only scored 7 points after half time to finish on 65 points. All up, he had 13 disposals (11 kicks), 2 marks (both contested) and 3 tackles to go with the 3 goals but a DE of 54% did inevitably hold him back.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd20AvgBE
SierColl$271.5k (+$39k)7074.212


Did someone say “Basketball background”? Oh yes… yes they did! Magden is a mature aged recruit picked up from the United States and made his debut against Sydney. I must say I was quite impressed with his display, which appears to be SuperCoach friendly as he finished with 13 disposals (5 kicks) at a rather impressive 92% DE given he also had 9 contested possessions.  He might have been a little stiff to end on 66 points but he did only have the 1 mark (contested), 2 tackles and 2 1%ers for the game. Nevertheless, he’s certainty got potential.

Freeman is another feel good story of the round debuting after being picked up in the 2013 draft and was finally rewarded after a month of good football at VFL (with no injures). He finished up with 19 disposals (7 kicks) at 84% DE and 3 tackles for 64 points. He has been a staple in many pre-season teams over the years but will probably rule himself from being rookie relevant with his timing. What a cruel world.

Walker was rather quiet and collected 11 disposals for the game, but with only 2 contested to go with a DE of 64% and 4 clangers, he finished on 32 points. Better options around.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd20AvgBE
McInerneyBris$301.1k (+$15.7k)8260.364
CrossleyGC$211.3k DNP50.120
Cameron Syd$123.9kDNP25-


Abbott may have played his AFL debut on the weekend but he is certainly no kid. The 27yr old was a late inclusion and was given the No1 ruck duties and got off to a great start winning the first 6 hitouts of the game against Nankervis whilst also kicking a goal from his first kick. He finished up with 10 disposals (3 kicks), 3 marks, 27 hitouts, 7 tackles, 5 1%ers and 2 goals to reach an illustrious 100 in a debut.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd20AvgBE
Bonar (MID)GWS$157.8k8282-
Ahern (MID)NM$351.8k (+$5.7k)4073.453
Higgins (MID)Rich$386.7k (+$21.3k)7473.173
Dawson* (MID)Syd$123.9k7061.5-47
Spargo (MID)Melb$276.4k (+$7.3k)8759.942
Daicos (MID)Coll$308.5k (+$14.7k)5359.171
Starcevich (MID)Bris$126.3k5555-
Daniels (FWD)GWS$210.4k (+$27.2k)5853.412
BattleStK$186.7k (-$26.8k)847.577
PowellGC$191.0 (+$13.7k)4545.521


Bonar can go onto the list of rookies that will be too expensive to start in 2019 after a debut against Carlton which allowed him to easily rack up 16 disposals (8 kicks) at 81% to finish on 82 points. His score was helped with 8 contested possessions, 3 marks (1 contested), 6 tackles, 2 1%ers and 2 goals.

Dawson is a name that doesn’t have a strong history with SuperCoach relevance (Zac, I’m looking at you) so a 70 in his second game is a fair effort, especially when he committed 6 clangers (-30 points right there). However, 13 disposals (6 kicks), 6 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals got him to a decent score. We know Horse gives kids the extended runs, but one would hope you don’t need to field someone of his caliber at this time of year.

Brisbane unleashed their last first round draft pick from last year in Starcevich and he went on to finish with 9 disposals (5 kicks) at 67% DE, 5 tackles and a behind for 55 points.

Greene loved keeping his hands clean and only had the 3 contested possessions from his 14 disposals (8 kicks) but 3 clangers and a 57% DE held his score back to 56 points despite 6 marks, 4 tackles and a goal.

Baker is on the bubble but after a 32, you’d only be looking at him for cash at this stage of the year.

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2 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 20”

  1. Doedee gets my vote, 110+ on return from concussion.

    Yes, a sad end for Brayshaw’s season, but a rising star nomination isn’t the be all and end all for a player of his undoubted calibre. Could breakout as soon as 2019, and will be polling significant Brownlow votes before we know it. Cruel end to such an encouraging start.

    Great review Hutta. Thought Magden showed some real footy smarts for a non-footballer.


  2. Great info all season, Hutta! I’m still wondering how I survived without Higgins, Ronke and Mihocek in my team. It would seem a lot of rookies got their chance this year…….



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