2019 JLT Chat – Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Written by Huttabito on March 3 2019

Brisbane v Hawthorn at Moreton Bay, 12.40pm AEST


B: L.Hodge 2 , J.Walker 14, D.Rich 10
HB: R.Lester 35, H.Andrews 31, A.Witherden 29
C: D.Zorko (c) 15, L.Neale 9, H.McCluggage 6
HF: C.Rayner 16, E.Hipwood 30, L.McCarthy 11
F: C.Cameron 23, D.McStay 25, O.McInerney 46
Foll: A.Smith 44, J.Berry 7, J.Lyons 17
I/C: R.Bastinac 4, M.Robinson 5, E.Smith 8, L.Taylor 28, Z.Bailey 33, R.Mathieson 36, B.Starcevich 37, C.Ballenden 38     

Emerg: N.Robertson 18, C.Cox 20, M.Hinge 22, T.Cutler 26

Notable absentees: Allen Christensen, Stefan Martin, Marcus Adams


B: J.Impey 4, T.Mohr 39, K.Brand 30
HB: J.Scrimshaw 35, T.O’Brien 23, D.Mirra 32
C: H.Morrison 1, J.Cousins 46, C.Glass 13
HF: D.Moore 36, C.Nash 11, O.Hanrahan 41
F: J.Ceglar 18, M.Lewis 8, J.Sicily 6
Foll: M.Pittonet 27, H.Jones 40, J.Worpel 5
I/C: T.Miles 42, C.Jiath 29, D.Greaves 44, W.Golds 45, J.Ross 37, M.Walker 33                            

Emerg: P.Puopolo 28, B.Hardwick 15, J.Roughead 2, R.Schoenmakers 25, J.Koschitzke 34, J.Frawley 12   

Notable absentees: Grant Birchall, Tom Scully, Tom Mitchell, Chad Wingard, Jack Gunston, Isaac Smith, Ben Stratton, Ben McEvoy, Luke Breust, Jaeger O’Meara, Shaun Burgoyne, Liam Shiels, Daniel Howe, Ricky Henderson


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24 thoughts on “2019 JLT Chat – Brisbane vs Hawthorn”

  1. Keen to see who tries to fill the Mitchel hole.

    Bit of a chance for Archie Smith in the ruck for Brisbane with Martin out.
    Going up against Pittonet is going to provide a good gauge to see where he is at.

    I think Lyons signing with Brisbane will be a big plus. Has been very much in the shadow of Neale’s arrival.

    Anyone tipping the lions to make the top 8 this year?


    1. I have them very close to the 8. Should beat hawthorn comfortably considering hawks lack of senior players and clear best 22’s

      I wouldnt take much from hawthorn today in regards to their midfield structure.

      Will be watching Sicily especially as i dont currently have Laird so will be looking if Sicily will remain in my side or be upgraded.


  2. going to be hard to get any real gauge on hawthorn today with so many names out of the side… I won’t take much from it at all.

    Brisbane will be good though a few names to worth watching.
    Zorko, neale & witherden all playing and SC relevant


  3. It is a Shame because I have Neale, Sicily, Worpel and Witherden in my watchlist but with no credible opposition will have to watch the rookies: Ely Smith and Scimshaw. Early game too , the heat will affect the outcome?


    1. yeah i have worple F3 just warming it as i don’t know who i want yet…
      If he pumps out 100+ today and plays 90% midfield it means nothing with o’meara chad, smith and shiels to come back into midfield rotation… very frustrating!


    1. Would take literally everything in this game with a grain of salt, Hawks have half of their best 22 not playing, so Sicily is probably just plugging some holes.


    2. Don’t like that at all. Straight to laird already considering i don’t have him. Maybe reactionary after half a quarter but there was already talk of Sicily being a swingman. No thanks ill take the safe Laird.


  4. There has been talk of Sicily and Gunston switching ends regularly This preseason. Not a fan of it to say the least. At least Fagan has come to his senses and has left Andrews back.


    1. Andrews may be sitting back as Brisbane wait for Adams to get to back from injury. Adams may slot into Andrews position so he can then go forward. Won’t know about this until the season starts sadly


  5. I’m not overly worried..
    Clarko just giving sicily a taste of forward and experimenting.
    Look who the hawks have out he is just filling the hole gunston bruest and co have left. come the H&A season he is back in defence.. Far to valuable down there.

    Firmly locked as my D1


    1. Their starting defence today
      B: Impey, Mohr, Brand
      HB: Scrimshaw, O’Brien, Mirra

      No Stratton, Burgoyne, Henderson, Frawley, Hardwick…

      Just as many holes in defence today. Sicily has played plenty of forward before – he doesn’t need a ‘taste’. It’s a concern until there’s proof he’ll be a defender.


  6. There have been articles he will swing forward at times swapping with gunston.
    I believe this will happen but only for periods of a game not for full games.
    Clarko will just be seeing how he handles JLT1 as the go to option today.
    It’s been a while since he played forward he has grown and matured alot since then. He will be a defender 90% of the games in the H&A season imo.
    His one of if not the the most damaging defender in the league.


    1. Considering i’ve had him 3/4 of the pre season i can’t blame you for wanting to start him. However for me i’m more confident that i know what i’m going to get from a Laird or Lloyd. Sicily can afford to be an upgrade target if we aren’t 100% sure on his role. Especially since he has the round 12 bye he is the perfect upgrade target come round 13.

      JLT 2 will hopefully provide some more clarity. In saying this even if he does play forward his shown he knows how to find the goals. If i already had Laird id keep him. Might come down to Sicily vs Whitfield for D2 for me.


  7. McCarthy has been having a great game and might get some coaches jump on him at his price. 248k with 1% owning him at the moment, his move from Geelong will give him more time and better chances.
    17 disposals, 5 contested, 71% Efficiency , 4 marks, 8 tackles, 2 goals and 8 score involvements. This was from 78% TOG and he finished with 105 SC points before scaling. If he can do something similar next week he will be hot property


    Jonathon Ceglar 104
    Tim O’Brien 101
    James Cousins 101
    James Worpel 85
    Harrison Jones 79
    Will Golds 76
    Conor Nash 73
    Jack Scrimshaw 68
    Oliver Hanrahan 67
    Kaiden Brand 66
    Teia Miles 66
    Tim Mohr 62
    James Sicily 62
    Marc Pittonet 52
    David Mirra 51
    Jarman Impey 49
    Jackson Ross 47
    Mitch Lewis 45
    Dylan Moore 45
    Conor Glass 42
    Harry Morrison 42
    Damon Greaves 35
    Mathew Walker 35
    Changkuoth Jiath 33

    Lachie Neale 136
    Rhys Mathieson 114
    Jarryd Lyons 110
    Cameron Rayner 105
    Lincoln McCarthy 105
    Hugh McCluggage 103
    Mitch Robinson 102
    Daniel Rich 95
    Harris Andrews 87
    Archie Smith 83
    Dayne Zorko 83
    Ryan Lester 83
    Oscar McInerney 79
    Zac Bailey 68
    Alex Witherden 66
    Jarrod Berry 62
    Daniel McStay 55
    Ryan Bastinac 50
    Luke Hodge 49
    Lewis Taylor 41
    Brandon Starcevich 34
    Eric Hipwood 32
    Josh Walker 26
    Charlie Cameron 25
    Ely Smith 13
    Connor Ballenden 9


    1. TOG %:

      Jarryd Lyons 82
      Lincoln McCarthy 77
      Lachie Neale 82
      Hugh McCluggage 90
      Daniel Rich 67
      Mitch Robinson 68
      Cameron Rayner 82
      Ryan Lester 75
      Rhys Mathieson 69
      Dayne Zorko 77
      Alex Witherden 63
      Ryan Bastinac 32
      Archie Smith 86
      Jarrod Berry 74
      Oscar McInerney 80
      Zac Bailey 84
      Harris Andrews 89
      Daniel McStay 87
      Brandon Starcevich 38
      Luke Hodge 72
      Josh Walker 82
      Eric Hipwood 85
      Lewis Taylor 47
      Charlie Cameron 48
      Ely Smith 23
      Connor Ballenden 23

      James Cousins 85
      Tim O’Brien 87
      James Worpel 76
      Jonathon Ceglar 68
      Harrison Jones 79
      James Sicily 82
      Will Golds 80
      Teia Miles 90
      Oliver Hanrahan 75
      Conor Nash 83
      Kaiden Brand 87
      Conor Glass 91
      Tim Mohr 92
      Mitch Lewis 89
      Jack Scrimshaw 83
      Dylan Moore 83
      Harry Morrison 77
      Marc Pittonet 83
      Changkuoth Jiath 48
      David Mirra 37
      Mathew Walker 42
      Jarman Impey 38
      Jackson Ross 71
      Damon Greaves 73
      Jacob Koschitzke 0
      James Frawley 0


  9. Add these to the missing Hawks today ….. McEvoy, Puopolo, Hardwick, Roughead & to a lesser extent Schoenmakers!

    Seriously happy with Cousins, Worpel, Jones, O’Brien, Nash, Hanrahan, Golds, Miles, Scrimshaw & Morrison today …. all did really well & played their role!

    The depth at the Hawks is building, I like it 🙂


    1. It’s been nothing more than a probables v possibles match.
      Please don’t take Neale and Sicily seriously today.



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