2019 Team Reveal – Ben (Roid Ragers)

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 16 2019

(Written & Created By Ben)

Well, I think I speak for most when I say that this pre-season has been one of the hardest in recent memory, with poor cash cow availability and question marks around premos galore. Because of this, I wasn’t able to construct my team around the premos I wanted, as it simply wasn’t viable with the lack of cows. So, following rule 4 of Cow-quisition, I built my team following these steps:

1. Auto added all the players Iconsidered locks. These players are, in no particular order, Cripps, Oliver,Grundy, Gawn, Danger, Heeney, Williams.

2. Filled out the rest of my team with nothing but rookies.

3. Started upgrading the rookies to premos, starting from the rookie I would least like to have in my side and going from there.

4. Make any final changes, add mid-pricers etc.

After all of this, I have a team that I’m fairly happy with:

Now, I’ll go through the lines one by one and explain all of my choices.


For my defence, I found the rookies to be the second best on this line, hence why I’ve opted for 2 premos and 2 mid-pricers.

Jake Lloyd is the definition of a premium defender in SuperCoach (not that you could tell by watching his games!), and IMO the only defender $500k+ without serious question marks around him, making him worth forking out the cash for. For my second premo, I’ve gone with Harris Andrews, despite the fears he may become a swingman. He didn’t look like moving forward at all during JLT (which is where you’d experiment with something like that), and with scores of 87 and 106 in JLT, I’m confident he can push for a spot in the Top6 Defenders by seasons’ end.

As for the mid-pricers, I was willing to pay just over $500k last year for Zac Williams, so it’s a no-brainer to pick him for just over $400k, despite some concerns over injury. I’ve also picked Darcy Moore as a high-scoring, expensive rookie that should provide at the very least 100k in cash generation.

Nothing of note to go into for rookies, they’re all fairly stock standard and their cases have been argued thousands of times.



This line was tricky, as it had by far the best rookies available, but also the best premos. I couldn’t bring myself to start only 4 premos, so I decided to settle on 5 premos and no mid-pricers.

Patrick Cripps and Clayton Oliver are both locks for mine, they should both comfortably push for an average of 120 this year and become the premier mids in the comp. Lachie Neale is an ultra-consistent premo that has never let me down over the years, so with more opportunity at his new club he should be a lock for an average of 110+. Matt Crouch is severely under-priced after an injury affected 2018,and with a full strength Crows team he should also push for 110+. Jack Steele doesn’t need much more said about him.  AllSaints, Thommo and myself have raved and ranted about him for months now, and his JLT scores of 117 and 115 helped firmly lock him into my team.

Again, rookies are stock-standard and don’t need much explanation.



I’ve gone set and forget this year, despite the whopping price-tag. I’m confident that, at the very, very least, Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn will make up2 of the 3 best rucks this year, and if I’m wrong, it’s much easier to downgrade Grundy or Gawn to another ruck who is killing it, than upgrading someone like Goldy or Stef to Grundy or Gawn.



As much as it pained me, I had to invest a lot into the forward line this year, much more than I would have liked. If I had my way about it, I would have just had Patrick Dangerfield and Isaac Heeney and then rookies, but with the forward rookies being so poor, I had to invest so I had only 2 rookies onfield.

To do this, I decided F3 would be a legit premo, and then F4 would be a mid-pricer. For my premo at F3, I decided to pick one of my favourite players from SuperCoach last year, Jack Darling. Darling killed it for me before getting injured, pumping out huge scores left and right, and when removing injury affected scores, he averaged 96.94 for the year. He also averaged 110.58 in games where he kicked multiple goals, which he did in 12 out of 18 games (thanks Adam!). I’m backing him to replicate this form this yearwith a strong Eagles side, and with the new 6-6-6 rules leading to a few more marks, and hopefully a few more goals a game. As for my mid-pricer, I’ve gone with Lincoln McCarthy, who tore it up in JLT, scoring 105 and 75 in his two games. Similarly to Moore, I’m hopingMcCarthy can be a high-scoring, expensive rookie, bringing in scores of 70-80 while generating cash for an upgrade later down the line.

Again with rookies, they’re all stock standard and aren’t worth a mention IMO.

So there we go, that’s my team as of 14/03/19, tear it to shreds!


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18 thoughts on “2019 Team Reveal – Ben (Roid Ragers)”

      1. I’d love to but unfortunately with this structure I only have about $4k left, so I can’t do that. Is it worth downgrading an expensive rookie or swapping someone like Neale to Cogs in order to get the DPP swing?


        1. No. Pick your best side mate. If they’re not in your two worst-performing rookies, or first two rookie trades, the opportunity to swing one of them FWD may present itself anyway! 🙂


          1. Agree with AS, another option is to trade Collins and Parker for Scrimshaw and Duursma to make the cash, but I would only suggest doing this if you genuinely think they will be better choices (or at least par), not just for the F/D link.


  1. Great analysis Ben
    Have been working on my team for a while and our teams are eerily similar with 23 players the same and I am in 4 of your leagues . I have had Steele and Darling in for a while. From all saint and Adam write up in Jan.
    Major differences is you have an extra premium defender ,. My no 1 is Hurn.
    I have opted for Goldstein in ruck, Sheed as mid no 6 and have taken a gamble with Billings ( he has never burnt me as I picked him up post bye. ) and have Ridley in defence
    Will be difficult to win leagues with quality sct talk articles however hopeful this will lead to great overall scores from all.

    7 of 10 leagues I am in are with Sct coaches

    Good luck everyone


  2. There are lots of different ways to select a side. I really like this one, nice work Ben!
    I’m a huge fan of Link McCarthy, but I’m too timid to take him with his price tag and injury history. I think I’ve just about been persuaded to pick Moore though…
    Good luck!


    1. Yeah it is a little concerning, 4 not playing are rookies and hopefully I should have some premos upgraded by then to fill in the gaps.


    2. Of whom nine are season-long keepers. As long as no more than two others have that same bye come Rd13, Ben’ll be able to field 19. If even six of his 18 scorers that week ave. 30pts less each, than other people’s team’s worst 6, it’ll have a weekly impact of just 180pts. That equates to roughly a third of 1%, or 0.338% of last year’s winner’s total score.
      Yes, prepare for the byes as best you can, but don’t discount the value it affords you in the other 22 rounds! Especially the other two bye rounds.


      1. People have been going on about bye structure all pre season, and from what people were saying starting 6+ players from the same bye was risky/bad, I went 8 anyway thinking I just wanted the best players in my team to start off. So is everyone just throwing out the starting bye planing and dealing with it through the season?
        I was really hoping people would be choosing lesser players or risky picks to accommodate the byes and I was hoping to capitalise on it. (smily face)


    3. The Force, 11 is Not a big deal. Come the byes the team can be balanced. And if you are going for overalls, the keepers score totals. Pick your best team…..


  3. I’ve played SuperCoach since day 1. Always inside top 10,000.
    And my first rule for SuperCoach is never pick a tall defender or forward that can go missing in games. Always look for midfield type selections.

    Ie. don’t pick Darcy Moore. He might have a few big games. But other weeks he will be asked to do a lock down on a tall forward. And he may not see any of the ball. He’ll just rack up spoils and punches. Not SuperCoach points!

    In my opinion the same applies to Jack Darling and Harris Andrews. Some weeks they’ll go off. Other weeks they just won’t get the touches, cause it might not be their role that game.


    1. While that’s a fair point, it balances out in the end because they also have the biggest ceilings of any players in the comp, so at the end of the day their average ends up to be respectable. I agree on some level though, they can be a pain when they cost you a league win or two!


  4. did you consider picking Ridley for defence and moving Moore to the forward line in place of McCarthy…that then allows the swing to happen should it be needed…personally I’m not a fan of McCarthy….talented player but gets injured way to much for me…gives you an extra 14K also



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