2019 Team Reveal – Motts

Written by Motts on March 11 2019

Cast your eyes upon initial lineup for the 2019 Maulers, community!

As you know, with trades being free, they’re being made daily right now but this’ll give you a good idea of where my head is at. Standard disclaimers apply around rookies and I’ve written this post before JLT2 so that may change a couple of things as well.

It leaves me with $165k in the bank. Lets go through each line:


Without doubt, the most revolutionary I’ve been in a first cut ever I think. 4 midpricers and 2 rooks on field. My thinking is: the person that wins SuperCoach isn’t going to be the one that did the same as everyone else. There’s also 4 underpriced players back there that I can’t pick between! Yes, there’s risk but with that comes the potential for reward. Up until last night, I had Laird sitting at D1 but at $587k he’s only going to go one way I reckon and whenย Laird said thatย Brodie Smith will take the Crowsโ€™ kick-ins and will leave the goalsquare at every opportunity, that was the final straw. Laird to Smith put $250k in the bank. I used $150k of that in my forward line, the rest I’ll keep in the bank for that first trade.


Don’t think this needs too much explaining. The 5 guns will be there all season. And hopefully Sammy Walsh will too.


Initially had a Grawndy set up before deciding it was too much cash and switching it to Grundstein. Hearing Goldy’s in great nick this PS, and the Preuss threat bothers me.


The $150k upgrade I made in my Forwards was Balta -> Dow. Paddy looked terrific in JLT1 and could be the POD I need to go all the way. Of course, if he spuds it up in JLT2, he’ll be on the train leaving Mauler Station faster than you can say “Carlton’s gonna finish 10th this year”. Dunkley finished 2018 off beautifully and cemented his slot after I found out he’d come back from a trip to the US with ambitions to be the very best player he can be. The rest of the guys I think are self-explanatory.

So there it is guys. All compliments will be gratefully received. All criticisms can be emailed to TheEmailFolderNoneOfUsRead@supercoachtalk.com.



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29 thoughts on “2019 Team Reveal – Motts”

  1. Love the mids Motts. Think Rozee and Rankine are overpriced for their output and there is more value. At least four of your rookies I suggest will not play. Good luck for the season.


  2. I love it cause it’s like my structure ๐Ÿ˜›

    I would have loved it more before yesterday, I believe Roberton had strange symptoms after the game and ranke has twisted his ankle?

    I currently don’t have newman in my side but he is really tempting


  3. First in for the slaughter , well done Motts. Courageous defence. At least you are taking risks with Mid pricers. This team looks similar to mine post JLT one. Good Luck.


  4. Have to agree with Mickโ€™s comments regarding rookies but it doesnโ€™t matter right now.

    The rest? Ballsy, but I like it. Good luck Motts!


  5. Not often that i see your team, full to the brim with Carlton players as usual, and not scoff at one of your Carlton selections.


  6. Not blue enough for my liking.
    Surely there’s room for Fisher? He’ll be the #1 SC Zac of 2019
    If you swap Roberton for Cuningham and get rid of rankine and Rozee for bargain rookies you could turn Butter into the slippery fish with your residual cash


          1. He knocked out an even ton in JLT 1 as well mate, he’s been my D5 since then and I don’t see any reason to change that after todays efforts


  7. I’m actually considering ditching my last Premo defender.

    A couple of things worry me. Roberton, which most of share, given the post game revelations. He could be forced out of my side. Sad, because he was in red hot form for his first 1 1/2 JLT’s.

    Dunkley? JLT 2 gave him more opportunity, but Libba is going to cut heavily into midfield time of Dunkley and McLean. I can see both of them being overpriced.

    Dow? Just. Simply. Dow?

    The midfield. Too stacked, missing midpriced opportunities like Crouch, Libba, Cousins. The issue with this is that it is unlikely your D5-8 are gonna play any time soon, nor your M8-11, nor your F5 (injury) and F7-8.

    I applaud the thinking on the defence regarding using all the midpricers.

    But there is no way Port are going to be running with 3 or 4 rookies (Drew looks actually pretty good) for an extended period, so I can see holes appearing all over the ground before round 2 or 3.


      1. Thoughts on SPS as a Dow replacement Motts? I’m seriously considering him for my team but don’t quite have the kahunas yet.


  8. Dow is definitely one to watchlist, but for around the same price I’d rather take a punt on SPS or Fisher.


  9. This team just highlights how screwed we all are if the popular rookies aren’t named for round 1. To get any sort of decent side on the park we need a few rookies on the field and a more on the bench for cash generation.

    If rookies aren’t named we will all be butchering high-end premiums to generate cash for expensive rookies or cheap mid-pricers.


  10. Nice Mottsy – well, at least the defensive line thinking for the mid pricers – I’d still try for one premo in there though.

    Spat my coffee all over the room at two points …”Carltonโ€™s gonna finish 10th this year” and “All criticisms can be emailed to TheEmailFolderNoneOfUsRead@supercoachtalk.com.” classics!!!!

    Going to be a tough year with lack of decent rookies and could well be the year of the mid pricers!! Well done mate!!



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