The TEAM 2019 – Free Pass

Written by Schwarzwalder on 7:00 pm, March 11 2019

Six players have the chance to walk straight into the TEAM‘s starting line-up………VOTE NOW!!

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2018 Season Review – Sam (KFC)

Written by Schwarzwalder on 10:00 am, March 11 2019

Sam finished 11th overall in 2018 and is our highest-qualified Coach for LoEC1 in 2019.  He was good enough to write up a review of his last season for us. Thanks, Sam!!

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Rate My Team MAR #3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 5:05 am, March 11 2019

Demand for team ratings are at an all-time high! JLT is now behind us and the season opener isn’t far away…….

If you want to get your team rated by the SCT Coaches, enter it into the comments below. You’ll be advised on your strengths and weaknesses. Thank you all in advance for the constructive criticism…….

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