Bubble Busters Rd3

Written by Huttabito on 6:00 pm, April 2 2019

Which rookies are about to pop their price bubble heading if they line up Rd3 and which ones look to offer the most return on investment…..

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Rookie Review Rd2

Written by Huttabito on 5:00 am, April 2 2019

2 weeks in and most of the rookies are about to change in price. Get them in while they are hot…

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Trade Talk Rd3 – PART TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on 4:46 am, April 2 2019

Unprecedented…….that we need a new Trade Talk thread after a day and a half…….

Anything you want to run by the SCT Coaches regarding your trades this week, this is your thread……..

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Coaches have given 206 responses.