2021 Planning

Written by The Salamander on September 28 2020

Starting your pre-season early? Or just got some thoughts on next year you’re keen to share? Let us know below.


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45 thoughts on “2021 Planning”

  1. Major thing for mine at the moment is there seems to be alot of inflated averages in the midfield.

    Starting gun mids seem to work this year as result.

    Thinking we’ll have to look harder for value int 2021


  2. Def started….using a blessed number of 5.5 already throwing up some interesting differences in comparison with year end values.

    Can anyone confirm the discounts for players that didn’t play at all (I believe 30%), and for less than 7 games I think it is….Rowell comes into play here.

    Maxy looking like $775k to start.


    1. I’ve mentioned this before but discounts aren’t applied consistently based on the number of games missed. I think CD don’t like everyone starting with the same players, so they won’t give larger discounts to popular players.

      Using Rowell as an example, he only played 5 games but if they applied a 30% discount, I think you’d have a hard time finding a serious SC coach who wouldn’t start him. My guess is they give him a 15% discount and even then, IMO, he’s good value and worthy of a starting spot.


    2. I’ve done second draft of my team for next year
      but it’s more just a list of players i think will represent value.
      As DZ mentions the discounts aren’t consistantly applied.
      I gave Rowell a small discount and went with that.


  3. With only 17 games this year I reckon there’s a fair chance the 7 game rule will be different in some way. My guess 5 or 6 games.

    Previously it has worked out like below:
    6/7 games = 10% discount
    4/5 games = 20%
    3 games = 20% if average is less than 50
    = 30% if ave 50+
    1/2 games = 40% if ave 70+
    = 30% if ave 50-69 as a rookie(1st year player maybe)
    = 20% if ave 50-69
    = 20% if ave less than 50 as a rookie
    0 games = 30%

    I found this on this SCTalk right after last season finished I reckon and for the majority it works like this but CD do make some exceptions like Docherty/Titch and probably Rowell as well next season.


  4. I MUST remember that starting with Treloar, J Kelly & Fyfe costs me a trade each when they get injured and another trade each when I get sucked in to bringing them back in.
    I MUST remember………


  5. How many of these players do you guys think will get fwd status next year? Or any others too?

    Fyfe, D. Martin, Dangerfield, R. Marshall, Dunkley, Coniglio, Petracca, Brayshaw, Bontempelli


    1. Yeah, like Jim said, pretty much all them will have MID/FWD status bar Brayshaw, Petracca and Bontempelli (led Dogs CBAs for the second half of the season).

      Zorko will also be one to watch.


  6. Don’t think Brayshaw and Tracca will qualify. As for the others, I think there are too many guns to have them all as forwards so I think CD will cull them with a formula only they know.

    Likely Dusty stays and Danger may come back as the two most likely L & L, Marshall a chance.


  7. Dunks, Marshall, Dusty will all gain/maintain DPP. Fyfe and Danger are touch and go. They were hovering around 35%. Preuss May also gain it and he’d be a lock at F4.


    1. Haha! This trade period is a hard time to be a Bombers fan hey Wighty?

      Nah, I think North will be the big rebuild club next year. I see Dons around 15th. We looked good with cohesion in the game plan this year with a pretty average list (e.g. vs Collingwood), that should improve next year to a degree. The culture-building aspect over this pre-season will be the biggest impact, and so long as we don’t go all ‘crows camp’ on them, it should be a good opportunity for the guys to totally refresh.

      We’ll have a bit of a restructure down back losing Saad’s ability to rebound, and be a bit light in forwards, but if Dodo brings in a decent inside mid over the break we won’t be hemorrhaging clearances.

      If that happens, McGrath, Shiel, Parish & (hopefully) Merrett as actual outside mids will be able to move the ball into the forward line better than they were able to this year. Big Drapes will impact the ability to get the hard ball out to them as well to a degree, though he did move a bit like a newborn giraffe at times this year!

      That said, we’ll probably focus on bringing in more little guys and fringe players as we are totally, definitely, 100% still in our premiership window. Go footy.


  8. I hope you don’t mind, this will be the first time I actually start in Rd 1 so I have a few questions on how everyone prepares for next season:
    – How do you track/record your planned teams?
    – How do you structure your starting team?
    – How do you calculate/forecast player prices using their averages/stats?
    – How do you qualify future players who weren’t on your team this year?
    – How do you factor in Rookies/the Draft?

    Understanding of course that it’s all a bit of speculation at this stage!


    1. Great questions. I can only suggest you read all the posts on here, particularly when 2021 prices come out. You will get to know what things like GnR, one up one down, loops, and a whole lot more mean.
      Way too much to explain in one reply.


      1. But to answer some of your questions for you in order…..

        Once SC is open, you have unlimited trades to play with your team, allowing all sorts of potential teams to be played around with.

        Price movement projections are readily available through sites such as “too serious” that has projections for three weeks ahead.

        There is no right answer but in general, try to get 12-14 “keepers”, all gun players who you want to hold for the season into your starting team. Then look for the best rookies and any cheap fallen premiums to fill your team.

        Any future players are available as all teams are reset each year.

        All you will need to know about rookies and the draft will be clear well before the season starts, including starting prices.

        Hope that helps.


        1. Just to expanded on a couple of Wighty points
          Your keepers should include 2-4 Captain options, guys you can give the Captain/Vice Captain too, and you generally pay through the nose for those guys. You’re getting double points for them so the extra cash is worth it.

          After that look for value, keepers that for some reason are a bit underprice.

          e.g Cripps is looking good for next year as he played hurt most of the year.

          Managing to find value in your starting team so you have 13 or 14 keepers versus 12 saves you having to upgrade a position or two, which ultimately saves you trades.

          Your keepers should be ultra durable, players that have a history of not missing games. The more stable your starting keepers are, the more you can use your trades to upgrade around them.

          Good rookies have high job security, it can be worth it to pay a bit more for rookies just so you know they are going to be available week to week.
          e.g Noah Anderson last year


    1. I’m more thinking collective risk, him, Cripps and Rowell are all looking good for next season in terms of value, but is all three too much risk?

      Going to take it on a case by case bases and see how interrupted their pre-seasons are.
      Rowell shouldn’t miss any because he has had a longer time to recover


    1. Obviously Dunkley is not there. My best team would be…

      Francis Hooker Ambrose
      Ridley Hurley Heppell
      Parish Merrett McGrath
      Tippa Stewart Stringer
      Snelling Wright Hind
      Draper Shiel Smith

      I/C Langford Caldwell Parish Zaharakis

      Goddard not in my side…Redman, Laverde, Gleeson (Dunkley)


  9. Does anyone know how pricing works for rookies on academy picks that get taken pre-draft?

    Alex Davis will go to Gold Coast pre-draft but would have been a top 10ish pick otherwise.


  10. Laird a DM in 2021???…….Whitfield still a FM??? Thoughts please…. with any maybes and couldbes that mightbes (DPP) for 2021, that we haven’t already thought/mentioned.



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