Adam’s Projections Introduction

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 18 2019

(Written & Created By Adam)

G’Day Coaches!

After the past two seasons of providing stats for the captaincy candidates article I have decided to rebrand my previous article to a projections article.

Stats such as player averages at stadium, wins and losses and averages against opponents as featured in my Elite Numbers series will still be maintained but there are some slight changes.

I have decided to condense it from one article to three instalments per round (three matches at a time) thus making it easier to read and more user-friendly. The other change involves the implementation of three questions posed to the SCT Community in each instalment in a poll format regarding the next three matches. The answers to the questions will be released in the next edition with the process continuing.

Below are the questions regarding the 1st edition for RD1 which consist of the matches involving Carlton VS Richmond, Collingwood VS Geelong at Melbourne VS Port Adelaide.


Part 1 (Carl VS Rich, Coll VS Geel and Melb VS Port) Questions

1. Which player has scored 3 consecutive 140+’s against their RD 1 opponent?

A. M Gawn

B. D Martin

C. S Pendlebury


2. Who scored 120+ more than 50% of the time at their home ground in 2018?

A. P Cripps

B. B Grundy

C. K Simpson


3. Which player hasn’t scored below 90 against their RD1 opponent in their past 5 encounters.

A. P Dangerfield

B. R Gray

C. G Ablett



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13 thoughts on “Adam’s Projections Introduction”

  1. Have a feeling this season Danger is going beast mode on teams.

    Him and one of the Rucks – probably Gawn right now. Cripps a wildcard


    1. All incorrect but 2 great sources are my Elite numbers articles and footywire if you would rather research than guess.


      1. I’m pretty sure it’s Dusty for the first and I’ll guess Simmo and Gray (given they’d be the most surprising)!?


        1. I don’t want to give away too many hints before the answers are released in the 1st edition but you have 1 correct. Also allsaints do you like the initiative or not.


              1. Fun to guess! Like All Saints, I think the first Q’s answer is Dusty vs. Carlton. Q2 seems like Grundy just based on his consistency throughout the year regardless of venue, and Q3 I have no idea, but seems like Danger has been the most ultra consistent vs. anybody since I started learning about AFL!


  2. I know the first one’s not Dusty. I’ll take Pendles because he’s a Pie.
    The second one I have no idea, all three killed it at the G last year. Cripps was the most consistent so I’ll guess A.
    The last one I know is not Ablett because he got McAffered that time, and I think Danger copped the corkie against the Pies last year (or the year before?). Process of elimination leaves Gray.



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