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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 5 2019

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Coming up now is the one of the Scott twins and his team at Geelong. So many premiums in the team that has end up untouched by coaches. Let’s see if there is any info to help change that.


“Outside of the mature agers, which new recruit has shown the most so far?”

Interesting question to start off with, but it is something us Coaches like to see. Sadly, Scott seemed very conservative on what to say. “We don’t like individualising too much.” He then talks about how the draft system works on the rating of playersScott finally gets to mentioning about Jordan Clark and how he has had a harm free preseason, but then Scott talks about how he is interesting due to his cricket experience… This was about how he never really had a preseason in him during the junior years, but it didn’t stop him this year and looks the most likely to step up.

Clark is a $144k defender that came in at pick 15 in the draft. Looking at a club written article, there was a comment from Selwood last year about how Clark approaches the game. Selwood states that Clark’s a half back flanker that plays quite aggressive. He takes the game on and will come off his man when necessary. Clark also spent a season in the WAFL and the club even thinks there is an opportunity to turn him into a midfielder.

Clark looks like he has the potential to score well but for him to break into the starting line-up could be a very tough prospect. Tuohy is not at full fitness so it opens the chance for a Rd1 debut, but be wary that he may just come back Rd 2 and force Clark out of the team.

Did Clark show enough to warrant a Rd1 debut?


“What’s the likelihood of Narkle spending more time in the midfield this year?”

I was not expecting to see a comment on Narkle, but the response also caused a bit of a surprise too. Scott says it is actually very high and he is also confident that he will break into the starting 22. Narkle is priced at $241k after averaging 49.3 last year from 6 games. He was coming off an ACL injury, which Scott thought his performances were good signs. His Supercoach scores are irrelevant, but I wonder who will have to make way for him and the claimed “more midfield time,” will that cause any changes of scoring? I assume not.

Flashes of brilliance from Narkle


“How much time will Danger play forward with Ablett to play more down there also?”

Straight up, “it’s a hard one to forecast.” Scott believes that Ablett won’t be a permanent forward but it may happen. For Danger, Scott really wants two of him so he can play him in both positions. Scott was mentioning that Danger will be playing forward when the ball is being sent in a lot, but when the midfield needs help Danger will be sent back there. So, I gather from this, if they are playing a weaker a side, Danger will spend more time forward but in a crucial match Danger will spend the majority of the time in the midfield.

From this I don’t know if I will start Danger, spending so much time forward just doesn’t seem right…..Sorry I can’t keep a straight face while trying to write this. Who am I kidding, how could you not start Danger, even if he drops a little, he is still miles above the next best forward? The fact he is only in 67% of teams is the real concern. How can 33% of coaches not have him!

 For Ablett however, the fact he has really struggled to play a full season in the past five years is the real concern. He played 18 games last year, missing Rds 4-7, also showing that Rds 1 and 2 he played over 120 minutes in each game. After his injury the most time spent on the field was 105 minutes in Rd 19. I feel because of his time up forward and injury potential, Ablett’s time is up and is irrelevant as trading him in means he may need to be traded back out because of injury, wasting crucial trades.


“Will you play Brownless this year?”

I just skipped a question on Cockatoo, coming into a question on a $117K midfield rookie in Oscar Brownless. Sadly, with the massive depth of the Geelong midfield it looks like no chance at all. Scott would love to play him, but he also mentions there are other untried players on the list. Due to his age, Scott really loves the idea of developing players first before trying them as the step up from junior level to playing men is massive. Tim Kelly shows a great example of that.

There wasn’t too much in this interview sadly. I would have loved to have heard news on Dahlhaus, Menegola, the ruck situation or some of the actual potential rookies. Let’s hope Scott isn’t hiding anything from us coaches and turns into a #FURL by resting Danger for 3-4 Rounds this year.

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