Flavour Of The Week – Rd 7

Written by Chillo on May 2 2017

Remember when “everyone” said Roger Federer was too old, his backhand sucked, he had too many kids, he would never win a big tournament again? Yeah, is my face red now!

I also said earlier this year that I would never pay $620 000 for an injury-prone 32 year old, playing forward for a club that would not make the finals. The question now is: would I pay $585 000 for a bona-fide champion, who can single-handedly win you league games?

GAJ is back in favour on the Flavour, and don’t we love it! Also featuring are a couple of cows, a pig, and a Balic (not sure where that fits into the animal kingdom).

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday May 2:

1. Michael Hibberd (MEL, def, $402 200)


+ Hibberd backed up his 127 on his Dees debut with a solid 90 in Melbourne’s win over the Bombers. His break-even of 22 is the lowest among mid-priced defenders this week.

+ Seems to have slotted straight in the rebounding role for the Demons; his 2:1 kick-to-handball ratio augurs well for Supercoach scoring.

+ Melbourne play the points-generous Hawthorn and Kangaroos in the next three weeks.


– He’s not a cash cow, so is he a keeper? If you trade him in now, you’re stuck with him.

– Has laid a grand total of one tackle in two games. Bloody hell Pig, would it kill you to put on a little defensive pressure?

2. Aaron Black (GEE, fwd, $137 100)


+ Mr Black backed up his ton on debut with 48 against the Pies, putting him on the bubble with the lowest BE of the week (-68).

+ Who doesn’t love a senior player at a junior price?

+ The Cats will be looking to bounce back against the struggling Suns this week, so there may be some snags on offer for the hungry Black.


– Jimmy Parsons is back after a couple of weeks off for belting Luke Hodge. He plays a similar role to Black, so job security is an issue.

– History suggests that Black’s big debut is an outlier; don’t forget, that 101 will drop out of his price cycle after this weekend.

3. James Parsons (GEE, fwd, $117 300)


+ Before he decided to test out the integrity of Hodge’s jaw (with his elbow), Parsons had compiled 60 and 68 in his first two games.

+ On the bubble with a very pretty BE of -59, he will be the trade-in option if Black is omitted this week.

+ If anything, he was a little unlucky with Champion Data the last time around; 21 possessions at 76% and 2 goals should be more than 68 points?


– It’s very possible Parsons goes back to the VFL, for this week at least. Black has done some good things in his absence, and Chris Scott may decide to keep the status quo.

– How will he bounce back from his suspension? Hopefully he remains aggressive, but it wouldn’t be the first time a young player has regressed.

4. Harley Balic (FRE, fwd/mid, $175 700)


+ Balic posted good numbers in a forgettable Derby for the Dockers, with 19 possessions, 4 tackles and a goal giving him a season-best 78 points.

+ Still has a low, low break-even at -48, with plenty of price growth left if he maintains this form.

+ The DPP status will be incredibly useful throughout the bye rounds, especially if you have the likes of Dahlhaus and Macrae in your forward line.


– He’s played three games now and will cost you 52 grand more than last week. Still worth it?

– Has a history of niggling injuries and only had 68% time on ground last weekend. Plus, have I mentioned he’s coached by Ross Lyon?

 5. Gary Ablett (GCS, mid, $585 800)


+ Authority is not given to you to deny the return of the King! Gaz smashed up the Roos as only Gaz can,  amassing 45 possessions and the first SC double-century of the year.

+ Can anyone else remember Ablett ever being a viable trade target at a price like this? I can’t!

+ The Suns have the China-invoked round 9 bye, so you’ll have GAJ for every game while the other premos are having a week off between rounds 11 to 13.


– He’ll be 33 next week and he’s got a bung shoulder, wonky knee, sore back and, after last weekend, possibly leather poisoning. If he wasn’t Ablett, you’d have had the red pen out long ago.

– The Suns have the round 9 bye. Do you really want $600K sitting on the bench that week, while all your opponents are probably rolling with a full complement?

#6 – 10: Elliot Yeo (WCE), Ed Vickers-Willis (NTH), Ben McNiece (ESS), Scott Pendlebury (COL), Rory Sloane (ADE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Brandan Parfitt (GEE), Curtly Hampton (ADE), Jaeger O’Meara (HAW), Jarryd Roughead (HAW), Jobe Watson (ESS), David Swallow (GCS), Caleb Marchbank (CAR), Daniel Butler (RIC), Toby Greene (GWS),  Andy Otten (ADE)

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15 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 7”

    1. I think there are two main reasons –
      (1) Glandular fever is one of those annoying recurring conditions; hopefully Heeney stays healthy but there have to be doubts
      (2) The Swans are garbage right now; just ask your humble correspondent, who brought in Buddy last week and stuck the VC on him because “Sydney are sure things” #kissofdeath


  1. Sorry if this question has previously been addressed but why does Suprrcoach not pick up the new DPPs thst Champion Data allocates to AFL Fantasy ? 24 players got dual positions this week in the other game.


    1. Probably for the same reason we do not get two trades a week, with three over the byes – because they are different games. SC is harder than the official AFL game, which is aimed at more casual players. That does not make one inherantly better than the other, I think in terms of the AFLs goals it is smart of them to try and keep people involved as long as possible. The way SC is set up will lose some players as the run out of trades or otherwise mess up and fall behind, but on the other hand it makes playing much more fun for the obsessed. (Looks in the mirror)


      1. Indeed. It’s not always easier, though – rookies are often a lot more expensive in Fantasy, for example.

        The codes having a lot of small but significant differences between them means that they have quite different ‘feels’ to them. Fantasy is definitely friendlier towards casual players, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for the more obsessive types.


  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Hibberd? Is he worth trading in over Harney? Perhaps a vs poll/both/neither


  3. I’m surprised no one is mentioning McNeice much. Solid first two games, and he’s a mature aged player, if I’m not mistaken. Basement price too.


    1. Ambrose and Mitch Brown will be out of Essendons backline for a few weeks and although they play different roles, it reduces the amount of pushing from the 2’s as some will come it to fill those roles.


      1. Even with Brown and Ambrose out for a few weeks, be interested to see if McNeice holds his spot this week with Hartley, Meyers, James Kelly etc returning.

        Tough call between McNeice and EVW I reckon:

        T/up McNeice
        T/down EVW



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