Friday Arvo Chit Chat

Written by Duck on August 2 2013

I’m currently somewhere high in the sky on route to Thailand, escaping the coldest part of winter. I should get in just as the game’s finishing and in time to see how my first few players have gone.

How are you placed this round? Looking like a win? Finals berth? No chance whatsoever? Let us know what last minute advice you’re needing.


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80 thoughts on “Friday Arvo Chit Chat”

  1. So Dimma has said that they will be trialling a 2 pronged ruck attack before finals, with Stephenson in this week.

    Interestingly, Round 7 is the only round both Maric and Stephenson were in the team together. They played Port and Maric scored 85SC with 16 hitouts, whilst Stephenson scored 84SC with 28 hitouts.

    As a Maric holder, alarm bells are sounding (louder than before).

    TU: Get him out now, a BE of 100 will see him lose cash

    TD: Hold. He was carrying an injury back then, missed the next couple and will score better now.


  2. Who to put as VC?

    TU Selwood
    TD Swan

    Also, currie/ Martin, Nicholls only doughnuts so will vc loop work if i do Swan?


  3. Cruising in the last week, 8pts clear of 2nd, think I’ll bench Ablett and Pendles so they are fresh for next week


  4. Put this up on the ‘Teams’ post and it come out evens, so…
    T/U – Goldstein
    T/D – Minson
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. NicNat will probably need to go – taking my final trade with him. At the moment I have Cox and Maric in the rucks, Nicholls and Currie on the pine. Forward line is Walker, Martin, Stevie J, Rockliff, Kennedy, NicNat plus Staker and Ben Kennedy.

    With $25k in the bank, I can:

    Grab Buddy this week before he becomes too expensive?
    Wait a week and hopefully pick up Bartel (need him to score less than 105)?
    Wait up to two weeks and grab Roughhead (could get him next week if he scores poorly this week, should definitely get him in two)?

    Any advice?


  6. Ok SCT I need help with my final backline position. I have plenty of cash and 6 trades but I wanna make this last pre-finals trade count. I currently have Goddard, Hepp, Shaw, Gibbs, Pearce ‘thank goodness ur back’ Hanley, Goodes (Clisby, Webster).

    Options in order of preference:
    Enright – Mr Consistent. Run home vNth, vPA, vWCE, vSyd, vBL.
    McKenzie – Jr Consistent. Run home vWCE, vMel, vPort, vStk, GWS.
    M.Johnson – Also consistent but has a poor record v Blues.
    Dixon – Had a lot of injuries this year, worth the risk?
    R.Henderson – white hot at the moment but is now the time to experiment?
    L.Henderson – Solid but can have the odd low scoring game.

    At this stage I am leaning towards playing going with the consistency of Enright or Cannon. Would appreciate some advice …


  7. For once I’m not cursing come Friday arvo!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dangerfield, Hanley, Bartel back….Stevie J managed to stay on the park and not get suspended!!! I think I’ll have a full premo side after a while, so happy going into the weekend!!


  8. Cutting my losses Stokes this week. Can afford one of:
    Cox (dpp with Roughy)
    Hendo (dpp with Staker)
    Andrew Walker (maybe a pod)
    Rioli (bigger pod gamble)
    Can’t use 4 thumbs so all comments welcome!
    Thanks guys


  9. Hey guys, Quick question

    Now this may seem like a silly question but, who would be a better trade in for Andrew Swallow?

    TU: Nathan Fyfe
    TD: Marc Murphy ( Can use the 90k saved to make better trades elsewhere)

    6 trades left (with no cash in the bank) but injuries in Nic Nat, Nicholls, N.Riewoldt, and Swallow

    Thanks in advance


  10. If you’re short of cash the Murphy option has got to be the one, the $90k will come in handy for Finals upgrades


  11. Usual story… backline is causing me grief!

    Backline is Goddard, Gibbs, Hartlett, T. Mckenzie, Ibbotson, R. Henderson (Clisby,Wilson)

    Given Ibbo has been way below par with a pair of 58s the last 2 games, should I take a punt and throw Wilson on the park or do we think Ibbo will bounce back?

    TU to sub Wilson in for Ibbo

    TD to keep Ibbo on the park

    Comment for anything else. Cheers!


  12. I am looking for some ruck advice. My current rucks are Cox, Nicholls, Jacobs, Currie. With Nicholls being injured and Jacobs not playing particularly well, Is it worth using 2 trades to get 1 premo ruck and another rookie. I only have 3 trades left. Think using 2 may be bit of a waste. Any thoughts?



  13. is it worth going:
    nicnat -> walker
    nicholls -> mcbean

    leaving 2 trades and 288k but a full strength def, ruck, fwd and priddis/t.mitchell at m8


  14. Tom Mitchell.. Good M6 for Finals? Only 2 trades left. Am thinking of going Hrovat>Jelwood.

    Current Mid..
    Ablett Pendles Swan JPK
    Barlow Fyfe Stevie J Mitchell
    (Crouch Hrovat)


  15. hey fellas,

    looking to trade maric to leuenberger. maric has only averaged 87.3 since round 4 and with his groin issues limiting his output plus all this talk of stephenson possibly playing in the same side as him i’m thinking of pulling the trigger. can see leuenberger averaging 105-110 in the remaining 5 games, and i can’t afford goldy or kreuz. and if i hold for another week i might not be able to afford trading him to anyone if he has another mediocre game.

    have 2 trades, 47k and solid cover across the board. currently ranked 445th and want to try and break into the top 200 by seasons end. team currently looks like this:

    godard shaw gibbs heppell hanley ibbotson (staker, clisby)
    gaj pendles swan selwood danger barlow jack jpk (mitchell, atkins)
    minson, maric (nicholls, moller)
    stevie j, cox, rocky, dusty, walker, buddy (rioli, oxley)

    what does everyone think?

    T/U trade maric to leuenberger
    T/D hold and hope he does ok


  16. Apologies for the double post but I have narrowed my options and through thumbs would help me decide. B.Goodes to…

    Up – Enright
    Down – McKenzie

    Comment – Dixon


  17. So many headaches with 5 trades left and 200k in the bank. Going for the league win and sitting in 8th spot at the moment by 4pts.
    Got Goodes (Pittard’s on the field), Nic Nat (Benched for Nicholls) and Nicholls (Gawn willl play) as potential trade bait but really want to get Griff for Tom Mitchell (Crouch and Viney are back-ups) this week as no-one else has him in the 8 and he has a great finals run.
    Intent on only using 1 trade this week as well.

    T/U – Do the Mitchell – Griffen trade
    T/D – Trade someone else


  18. Anyone care to add to my watch list for next year?
    Sam Mitchell, Suckling, Waters, Hurn, Bock

    Martin(GCS), Marc Murphy,

    Nic Nat, Mcintosh

    Jessie Hogan, Dale Thomas, Taylor Walker, Paul Chapman, Chris Judd,


  19. Primary concerns are in my draft league where I’ve got Danger, Hanley, Prestia and Terlich all coming back from injuries.


  20. say i was to trade nic-nat,
    would it be better to trade him for a ruck such as Goldstein, or
    trade him for a fwd, and get a. walker, who score’s more points rucks or fwds..


  21. Thinking either of the moves below first gives me more cash (243 400 to as low as 184 400 with Kreuzer in the bank for the next trade. I have only 13 500 in the bank, am assured of top 4 but also have Goodes so have to make moves this week to make sure I dont have 3 issues next week.

    B Goddard Gibbs Shaw Heppel Ibottson Clisby (Goodes, Thurlow)
    C Ablett Penldes Swan Danger JPK Barlow Priddis Fyfe (Mitchell Saunders)
    R Nic Nat Jacobs (Nichols Rowe)
    F Cox Franklin Rockcliff Kennedy Stevie J Martin (Staker B Kennedy)

    Thumbs up NIchols/NIcnat out for Roughead/Grundy (Not sure of JS so other options?) to keep DPP with Cox switched into ruck.

    Thumbs Down NIchols/Nicnat out for Goldstein. Minson or Kreuzer/ Grundy.


  22. Next big risk for the weekend…..

    JPK has been pretty average for a premium for the past two months and besides RD1 hasn’t gone big all year against any of the minnows. I reckon Tom Mitchell has had a lot do with it, along with the continued development of Jack, Hannebery & Parker.

    Anyone think I should go with Mitchell ahead of Kennedy against the Dogs?



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