Friday Arvo Chit Chat

Written by Duck on August 16 2013

Right now I’m way up in the sky heading home after a great 2 week vacation. From hot weather to cold just like that.

Luckily for me I won last week and have the week off, what’s going on with your team?


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38 thoughts on “Friday Arvo Chit Chat”

  1. Hi Guys, I want to trade out Nicholls for Minson so I can move roughead forward and Staker to the bench.

    I have 4 trades left and $169k and am in one prelim (main league) and one semi

    t/u Good trade
    t/d Hold fire son

    Opinions appreciated!


  2. I want to bring in a fwd gun – Walker. Here is my plan:
    Downgrade Viney to a fwd rookie (via B.Kennedy)
    Clisby to Walker (via Staker)

    This will leave my bench options as:
    D(Staker & webster); M(Crouch & b.kennedy); R(Nicholls & rowe); F(Zorko & rookie).

    If I do this who should the rookie be?
    UP – Growden from GWS at F8 (DPP swing and use loophole)
    DOWN – M.Grigg (leave B.Kennedy in fwd line)

    Comment if I have missed something.


  3. McBean bein EMG makes me think that Maric might be a late out… So I’m thinkin moving Cox to rucks, benching Maric. But then who do I play in fwds? 2 spots need filled between..
    Bartel (Eagles @ Subi)
    Buddy (Pies)
    Staker (GWS)
    Josh Kennedy (Cats @ Subi)

    Also, it’s is raining heavily in Adelaide next 24/48hrs… Might hinder Ablett Jr a touch, along with the Cornes tag..


  4. Need your help team. Last two trades to go this week, 1 will bring in Jobe, the other will bring in either a Def or Fwd. Budget is 397,000. I’m happy to be a little adventurous (kind of have to) so consistency is not important. Any suggestions welcome.



  5. Hi SC Community,

    I would like to bring in key forward with high ceiling, Only have $483K to spend.

    T.u N.Riedwoldt (home run: Sydney GC Freo)
    T.d Tippett (home run: Saints Geelong Hawks)

    Comments for other suggestion.


  6. Rucks: Minson, Maric (Nicholls and Rowe)

    Call me paranoid but if Minson was a late withdrawal on Sunday I will have used my trades and will be stuck.

    UP – Minson will play for sure
    DOWN – keep a trade in your pocket just in case


  7. Hey SCT coaches,

    Ibbotson out – Birchall in,

    T/U wait the week as it’s Birchall 1st game back from a lengthy lay off
    T/D go for it, he’ll be right Catta

    Only playing the 1 knock out game this round, but I still have Staker to fill the D6 spot (if I make no trade) & avoid any donuts for the round due to Clisby & Thurlow warming the bench nowadays!

    Cheers SCT coaches


  8. Actually got no games this week but still nice to get the best possible score.

    T/U – Start with Crouch
    T/D – Start with Mitchell

    either one will probably become Jobe or someone for the crucial prelims


  9. Hey guys need some help please.
    Thinking of trading Mitchell out for Jove Watson.

    Thumbs up do the trade

    Thumbs down don’t do it

    Comment for a better option.

    Thanks guys and good luck to all


  10. so max bailey is a late in. i was going to trade in Roughead, but will Roughead’s scoring be poor with Bailey in the side.

    TU: Trade in Rough, won’t be affected
    TD: look for other options (only have 458k to spend)




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