Game Chat – Brisbane v Adelaide

Written by Motts on May 18 2019

Where and when: the Gabba, Saturday May 18, 2.10pm AEST

Last time they met: the Gabba, round 18, 2018: Adelaide 13.15 (93) defeated Brisbane 13.10 (88)

Adelaide put a halt to Brisbane’s three-game winning streak with a nail-biting late-season victory. Matt Crouch (40 disposals) dominated in the midfield, while Hugh Greenwood kicked four goals – and hit the post twice – to lead the attack in the absence of suspended skipper Taylor Walker.

What it means for Brisbane: Victory would likely push the Lions back into the top four and erase Saturday’s loss to the Western Bulldogs. Brisbane has won three out of its four matches at the Gabba this year, a trend it would like to continue as it searches for a true home ground advantage.

What it means for Adelaide: It doesn’t seem that long ago the Crows were getting hammered for a slow start to their season – now they’re sitting in third place on the ladder. A fourth straight win here, interstate, would start to justify the pre-season hype and help separate the Crows as a top-four candidate.

How Brisbane wins: Get back to the pressure level that has defined its early-season success. With some question marks over their defence, the Lions rely on winning the contested ball and keeping it in their forward 50.

How Adelaide wins: In Brisbane’s three losses this season, the opposition blueprint is there. Match the Lions around the contest and if you can get the ball inside 50 quickly, to one-on-one contests, you can usually have success scoring. Got to win the ball in tight first, though.

The stat: Three-time All Australian Jeremy McGovern has taken 26 intercept marks this season – but that doesn’t lead the competition. The man with that honour is Adelaide defender Alex Keath, who has 28.

The match-up: Darcy Gardiner v Tom Lynch

Gardiner looks perfectly suited to play on Adelaide’s third tall forward. Lynch is quietly having another excellent season, averaging 21 disposals and six marks and is the perfect link between the Crows’ midfield and forward line.

It’s a big week for: Charlie Cameron

It’s been more than 18 months since Cameron left the Crows following the 2017 Grand Final, but after foot surgery wiped out the second half of last year, this will be the first time the small forward has faced his former club.

Big call: Brisbane to be the first team to score 100 points this season against the Crows

Mottsy’s Tip: Lions by 10 points

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    Brisbane: Luke Hodge replaced in selected side by Ryan Lester
    Adelaide: Nil

    Brisbane: Stefan Martin, Mitch Hinge, Rhys Mathieson, Noah Answerth
    Adelaide: Jordan Gallucci, Jake Kelly, Chayce Jones, Cam Ellis-Yolmen


    1. same knee as his ACL ,
      spent last 5 mins of the Q on the bench gett’n it looked at
      got it strapped up over Q time



    Q time
    bris 3.523 – 2.4.16

    D. Zorko 36
    B. Crouch 35
    D. McStay 28
    R. Sloane 33
    L. Neale 27
    B. Gibbs 32
    M. Robinson 26
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 29
    J. Berry 26
    R. O’Brien 26
    J. Lyons 23
    J. Gallucci 26
    D. Gardiner 22
    R. Laird 22
    H. McCluggage 22
    E. Himmelberg 22
    D. Rich 20
    L. Murphy 20
    M. Hinge 20
    D. Mackay 19
    L. McCarthy 19
    T. Walker 18
    S. Martin 19
    L. Brown 17
    J. Walker 19
    A. Keath 15
    H. Andrews 17
    C. Jones 14
    A. Witherden 15
    H. Greenwood 13
    E. Hipwood 15
    D. Talia 11
    O. McInerney 15
    J. Kelly 10
    R. Mathieson 15
    B. Smith 10
    C. Cameron 13
    T. Lynch 10
    R. Lester 11
    K. Hartigan 6
    C. Rayner 8
    E. Betts 5
    N. Answerth 6
    R. Atkins 1


  3. Got my VC on Grundy…..
    back up C on Neale…. whoops on the time slot!
    Been a bad week of decision making, could this error be a master stroke.


    1. i did the same thing , started with gawn / grundy then changed to grundy / neale 5 mins before the 1st game , then noticed they play @ the same time so changed again to grundy / boak
      my capt choices this year have been terrible , haven’t got 1 right yet , has been the difference between my 13k rank & a top 1k rank ,
      becoming a really annoying part of this game for me


  4. Lachie is a machine! 25 possies at the half at 80DE!! for 79 SC points … (includes 2 tackles, 14 CP’s and 8 clearances …)



    1/2 time
    bris 7.8.50 – 6.8.44

    L. Neale 78
    B. Gibbs 68
    D. Zorko 62
    R. Sloane 63
    S. Martin 61
    R. Laird 59
    M. Robinson 60
    B. Crouch 52
    D. McStay 49
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 48
    D. Rich 47
    R. O’Brien 43
    H. McCluggage 44
    T. Walker 39
    A. Witherden 41
    L. Murphy 37
    J. Berry 41
    J. Kelly 36
    J. Lyons 41
    D. Mackay 35
    H. Andrews 40
    T. Lynch 34
    L. McCarthy 38
    E. Himmelberg 33
    R. Mathieson 36
    A. Keath 31
    D. Gardiner 35
    C. Jones 31
    M. Hinge 34
    H. Greenwood 30
    O. McInerney 33
    E. Betts 30
    C. Cameron 28
    J. Gallucci 29
    E. Hipwood 27
    B. Smith 26
    R. Lester 23
    D. Talia 23
    C. Rayner 15
    L. Brown 19
    J. Walker 14
    K. Hartigan 15
    N. Answerth 9
    R. Atkins 14



    3/4 time
    bris 12.12.84 – 9.11.65

    L. Neale 126
    R. Sloane 96
    S. Martin 82
    B. Gibbs 88
    C. Cameron 77
    T. Lynch 78
    D. Zorko 77
    B. Crouch 75
    D. Rich 72
    R. Laird 74
    M. Robinson 72
    B. Smith 62
    H. Andrews 69
    R. O’Brien 59
    A. Witherden 66
    L. Murphy 59
    J. Lyons 66
    T. Walker 58
    D. McStay 65
    D. Mackay 57
    E. Hipwood 62
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 52
    J. Berry 59
    J. Gallucci 51
    H. McCluggage 59
    C. Jones 47
    R. Mathieson 52
    H. Greenwood 47
    M. Hinge 50
    E. Betts 47
    O. McInerney 46
    A. Keath 45
    D. Gardiner 44
    L. Brown 45
    L. McCarthy 41
    J. Kelly 44
    R. Lester 41
    E. Himmelberg 43
    N. Answerth 25
    R. Atkins 40
    C. Rayner 22
    D. Talia 33
    J. Walker 17
    K. Hartigan 21


    1. If you don’t have him, my advice, a bit like JMac last year, would be to wait for one poor one and let that run through his price. He will be cheaper at some point, just make sure you’re ready to pounce when he is 😉
      Just make sure your money’s working for you … all the time. Boak will be ready in 1/2 weeks after last week’s score. One more bad one and you can wait again. That would be ideal, but given he is SO FAR AHEAD of the FWD pack and playing pure MID, he should be a bigger priority.

      Get them when they’re cheap, relative to expected output. You’ll find it costs less trades and keeps your bank-float sufficient to execute 1up/1down most weeks.

      The premos tend to hit their straps, a quote from Joel Selwood, from about now/the byes/Rd14 until season’s end. Especially sides who are fighting for top4 or top8. It’s all relative. Don’t worry about the expensive ones. For now!



    full time
    bris 13.15.93 = 13.14.92

    before scaling

    L. Neale 151
    R. Sloane 119
    D. Zorko 116
    T. Lynch 97
    C. Cameron 102
    B. Crouch 94
    D. McStay 95
    B. Gibbs 91
    J. Lyons 92
    B. Smith 87
    D. Rich 86
    L. Murphy 83
    A. Witherden 86
    R. Laird 81
    S. Martin 84
    R. O’Brien 76
    H. Andrews 80
    R. Atkins 74
    D. Gardiner 79
    T. Walker 73
    J. Berry 79
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 71
    M. Robinson 77
    D. Mackay 70
    H. McCluggage 74
    C. Jones 69
    R. Mathieson 67
    L. Brown 65
    E. Hipwood 65
    A. Keath 64
    M. Hinge 57
    J. Kelly 60
    O. McInerney 54
    E. Betts 59
    R. Lester 50
    J. Gallucci 56
    L. McCarthy 44
    H. Greenwood 54
    N. Answerth 27
    E. Himmelberg 45
    C. Rayner 23
    D. Talia 36
    J. Walker 20
    K. Hartigan 22



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