Game Chat – Footscray v Melbourne

Written by Motts on June 18 2017

Venue: Docklands, 15:20 AEST


R8, 2016, Western Bulldogs 17.12 (114) d Melbourne 12.10 (82) at the MCG
R20, 2015, Western Bulldogs 24.9 (153) d Melbourne 8.7 (55) at Etihad Stadium
R8, 2015, Melbourne 15.13 (103) d Western Bulldogs 9.10 (64) at the MCG
R15, 2014, Western Bulldogs 14.7 (91) d Melbourne 13.7 (85) at Etihad Stadium
R8, 2014, Western Bulldogs 15.9 (99) d Melbourne 12.11 (83) at the MCG 

Game notes: The Western Bulldogs will be looking to rebound after an inadequate performance saw them dominated by Sydney last Thursday night. The Dogs have now lost three of their past four matches and barely sit inside the top eight. They will be eagerly awaiting a return to Etihad Stadium, where they haven’t been defeated so far this season. Melbourne, on the other hand, will head into the clash full of confidence following a gutsy Queen’s Birthday win over Collingwood. Christian Petracca, Nathan Jones and Jack Viney were brilliant in the victory and will need to again be at their best to get the Demons over the line this weekend. The Dees are now coming off two wins in a row and sit in sixth place on the ladder. Star ruckman Max Gawn is a chance to return for his first game since round three to boost an already prolific midfield. 

Mottsy’s Tip: Melbourne by 10

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Footscray v Melbourne”



    Western Bulldogs: Luke Dahlhaus, Shane Biggs, Bailey Dale, Caleb Daniel

    Melbourne: Clayton Oliver, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, James Harmes


  2. I have a very important game this week, I have been giving heaps of shit to my friend as I was bound for victory with him only having 16 players, He has made a questionable trade of Stewart —> Ainsworth to try and get himself back into the game
    It has come down to today’s game and it it closer than i like. If i lose i will not hear the end of it for weeks

    I am 20 point up with Hibberd and Dahlhaus v his Salem and Petracca

    Who wins
    TU me
    TD him


      1. I know but this week has been a calamity for lots of common premiums and i was feeling the same last week until Hibberd went missing in the final quarter and i lost by 9


      2. Your one point up at 3/4 time, I think. I’m more interested in this rather than my disappointing Hibberd, Dahlhaus and Macrae sores. Ranking will go down another 5,000 places, I reckon.


        1. i scraped through by 6 bloody points!!! My heart was in my mouth the whole game but i think i had lost it with about 2 minutes to go and then Hibberd managed to get some junk time kicks to save the win


  3. Let’s play a game….If you sideways trade Fyfe for the Bont, it would guarantee a win in LoEC and SCT contributors league…If not, you loose. What would you do?????


      1. Mwah hah hah. I did it. I won’t go down without a fight!
        9 trades left, only 3 upgrades remaining. Go hard or go home!


    1. I’m hoping Robbie Gray gets M/F dpp next year.

      If he is fit, he will be in very tempting even if he is $500K+

      Billings is another one I will be watching closely.

      Yeo M/D next year for sure.


  4. I need Doll, Hibberd and Macrea to get 300+

    This will get me to 1800+

    Hoping to average over 1800 over all three Bye rounds.

    This is the first year I’ve really planned properly , so I’m pretty happy with that.

    I had 19 playing this week. can’t believe I’m dropping Lynch’s score.

    Looks like I’m still in the SCT CUP too. Yeeeeew


    1. I have these 3. One is going crap and the other 2 are running at lower than a hundred. Dahlhaus has been very ordinary lately. Not watching the game but guessing Melbourne are smothering the Bulldogs run, hampering Dahlhaus’s score.



    Western Bulldogs 3.3. 21
    Melbourne 7.6. 48

    M. Suckling 64
    M. Wallis 59
    J. Roughead 55
    M. Bontempelli 54
    Z. Cordy 51
    L. Hunter 46
    L. Picken 43
    L. Dahlhaus 41
    C. Daniel 41
    S. Biggs 38
    T. McLean 37
    T. Liberatore 34
    J. Macrae 34
    B. Dale 30
    E. Wood 29
    T. Boyd 25
    J. Johannisen 24
    M. Honeychurch 18
    D. Morris 18
    J. Stringer 17
    L. Jong 15
    T. Dickson 13

    J. Watts 59
    O. McDonald 58
    C. Oliver 56
    T. McDonald 52
    M. Hannan 51
    D. Tyson 50
    J. Garlett 50
    C. Salem 45
    C. Petracca 44
    C. Pedersen 42
    J. Viney 41
    N. Jetta 37
    J. Hunt 35
    M. Hibberd 34
    J. Harmes 33
    S. Frost 33
    N. Jones 33
    J. Lewis 32
    T. Bugg 30
    B. Vince 25
    A. Neal-Bullen 16
    J. Melksham 8


  6. Thought I was gone in league game after T.lynch shocker
    left opponent 175 points to win with Bont and Hibberd to come.
    Still have a pulse , but not counting on it.


  7. The Dogs seem to have lost the ability to dispose of the ball to other dogs. It’s baffling. Be nice if Hibberd could score well in his team’s big win. I sure hope the dogs snap out of this soon, since I have four of them!


  8. 3/4 TIME

    W. Bulldogs 6.5 (41) trail
    Melbourne 14.7 (91)

    M. Wallis 90
    J. Roughead 83
    M. Suckling 79
    M. Bontempelli 70
    Z. Cordy 69
    T. Liberatore 68
    C. Daniel 64
    L. Picken 63
    L. Hunter 61
    L. Dahlhaus 60
    S. Biggs 54
    J. Macrae 52
    T. McLean 50
    T. Boyd 48
    J. Johannisen 43
    B. Dale 41
    E. Wood 35
    M. Honeychurch 29
    D. Morris 26
    J. Stringer 23
    T. Dickson 18
    L. Jong 17

    J. Watts 87
    T. McDonald 82
    O. McDonald 80
    C. Salem 75
    C. Oliver 73
    J. Garlett 72
    D. Tyson 67
    C. Pedersen 67
    M. Hannan 66
    C. Petracca 63
    J. Lewis 60
    N. Jetta 59
    M. Hibberd 59
    J. Viney 55
    N. Jones 53
    J. Hunt 53
    T. Bugg 51
    S. Frost 51
    J. Harmes 47
    B. Vince 42
    A. Neal-Bullen 40
    J. Melksham 31


  9. The only game on today and it was on Foxtel. Why is there no free to air coverage of this game?
    As a Demon supporter I’m sick of having to miss out on watching games that seven won’t cover.


      1. Yeah I know but it appears if you have a low supporter base you get shafted regardless of your form.
        ……… and don’t get me started on the demons Sunday 3.20 games (not one Friday night).


    1. JJ is gonna need to handle a tag if he wants to get anything near to what he’s asking for. Price will plummet if teams keep putting work into him and he can’t do anything about it.


    2. Losing Jong did and will hurt. Watching him play I would swear he would be SC relevant. Just seems to be all over the place. The last two weeks have been painful watching Dahl, Macrae, and Bont underperform.


  10. Hibberd was best on ground according to Brad Johnson yet only 79. Didnt see the game but just doesn’t seem right. Dahl, macrae and bont all letting me down!


  11. FULL TIME @ Etihad Stadium
    W. Bulldogs 8.8 (56) defeated by.
    Melbourne 17.11 (113)

    M. Wallis 115
    J. Roughead 105
    M. Suckling 96
    T. Liberatore 95
    C. Daniel 93
    Z. Cordy 90
    M. Bontempelli 90
    L. Picken 84
    L. Dahlhaus 84
    L. Hunter 76
    J. Macrae 70
    S. Biggs 67
    T. Boyd 65
    J. Johannisen 59
    T. McLean 58
    B. Dale 55
    M. Honeychurch 49
    E. Wood 48
    T. Dickson 35
    J. Stringer 31
    D. Morris 28
    L. Jong 19

    O. McDonald 112
    C. Pedersen 109
    T. McDonald 104
    J. Watts 103
    C. Oliver 103
    C. Salem 98
    J. Garlett 93
    M. Hannan 90
    J. Viney 81
    C. Petracca 80
    J. Lewis 80
    D. Tyson 80
    M. Hibberd 79
    N. Jetta 77
    T. Bugg 75
    J. Hunt 70
    J. Harmes 69
    B. Vince 61
    N. Jones 60
    S. Frost 57
    A. Neal-Bullen 56
    J. Melksham 51



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