Game Chat – Gold Coast v Carlton

Written by Father Dougal on April 14 2019

Where and when: Metricon Stadium, Sunday April 14, 2.40pm (AEST).

Last time they met: Metricon Stadium, round 19, 2018: Carlton 12.7 (79) defeated Gold Coast 5.14 (44).

Just seven days after pulling off one of the biggest upsets in recent memory by defeating Sydney at the SCG, Gold Coast laid an egg against the one-win Blues. In a terribly scrappy game, Patrick Cripps (37 disposals) and Marc Murphy (36) ran riot in a seven-goal third quarter that ultimately proved the difference.

What it means for Gold Coast: A golden opportunity to go 3-1. After a friendly first month the draw starts getting significantly more difficult and wins could start to dry up. Winning at home for a second straight time would be a huge boost for the club.

What it means for Carlton: The Blues have been ultra-competitive in the opening three rounds without nabbing a win – this match provides that opportunity. A win would give the Blues so much belief.

How Gold Coast wins: Start taking advantage of Jarrod Witts’ work in the ruck – the Suns are inviting pressure by losing clearances every week. That’s easier said than done against an improving Blues midfield.

How Carlton wins: The Blues’ difficulty in generating goals over the past few years has been well documented, so they simply must provide their forwards with an avalanche of opportunities through winning clearances and inside-50s.

The stat: Two of the most prolific intercept markers through the first three rounds are in this game. Carlton’s Jacob Weitering and Gold Coast’s Sam Collins (both with 11) trail only Fremantle’s Luke Ryan (12) in that department.


The match-up: Jack Bowes v Patrick Cripps

After following Nat Fyfe and Marcus Bontempelli for large stretches of the past fortnight, it stands to reason Bowes will spend time on another monster star midfielder. Cripps tore the Suns apart in Carlton’s win at the same venue late last season and his impact will again be telling.

It’s a big week for: Matthew Lobbe

Nine years after he made his debut for Port Adelaide, Carlton ruckman Matthew Lobbe is in line for his 100th career game. Not only is it a huge personal milestone for Lobbe, he’ll play a crucial role in trying to curtail the influence of Suns co-skipper Witts.

Father Dougals’s Tip: The Suns by 14. At home, with both teams better, not sure the Blues are enough better yet.   I have Low confidence in this pick.

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50 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Carlton”


    Gold Coast: Anthony Miles, Brayden Fiorini, Jordan Murdoch, Jack Lukosius
    Carlton: Lochie O’Brien, Mitch McGovern, Nic Newman, Michael Gibbons


  2. hey guys
    curious as to what ppl think
    is de boer the best tagger in the game right now
    kept dusty to 60 pts
    kept kelly to 39 pts


    1. Yeah, I think so. Ben Jacobs seems to have gone awol, so the mantle goes to de Boer. He’s done well considering that Danger and Dusty have previously been able to shake tags off. Clearly got into both of their heads, as they both lashed out after being nullified.

      Won’t be chucking the C on anyone vs’ing GWS.


    2. I think he has the number one mantle at the moment. Has done his job well every week thus far and seems to get under the skin of his opponents. Part of the reason why I traded Fyfe to Boak this week was because I didn’t like the fact that Fyfe’s comeback match after concussion would be against DeBoer. Playing his role perfectly at the moment.


    3. I still think Jacobs is still number 1 due to body of work.
      Granted De Boer is doing exceptionally well this year but it is only 3 games.
      It is a great shame that Jacobs can’t seem to shake whatever it is he has because North certainly need him.


      1. Hewett fron the Swans does a good job too. He tags Very effortlessly and doesnt shut them completely out of play. But De Boer is just the class above, the old school hard tag. I dont know if I like that.


  3. Looking at some close results for this week.
    Cash league 1: losing by 35 with Collins and Parker v Scrimshaw.
    Cash League 2: 66 points down with Cripps, Setterfield and Collins V Sicily
    LOEC2: 259 points up with Cripps, Setterfield and Collins V Cripps(c) and Scrimshaw
    Currently on 1747/17/Grundy
    Going to be an interesting Sunday!


  4. With Setterfield named on ball this week who is best option as last R?

    TU – setters
    TD – Parker (named at HF wing) – my opp is playing both!!!


  5. gotta say welll done guys to the SCT league i am in ,
    36th of 26,741 ,
    are there any prizes for leagues this year ?



    B. Fiorini 37
    J. Weitering 56
    T. Miller 37
    S. Walsh 38
    J. Witts 32
    D. Thomas 33
    A. Miles 32
    Z. Fisher 32
    D. MacPherson 30
    L. Jones 27
    D. Swallow 28
    E. Curnow 20
    J. Harbrow 25
    L. Plowman 19
    P. Wright 23
    C. Marchbank 19
    J. Martin 20
    P. Dow 19
    J. Bowes 19
    C. Curnow 17
    B. Ainsworth 19
    M. Murphy 16
    C. Ballard 18
    P. Cripps 15
    N. Holman 18
    N. Newman 15
    J. Murdoch 17
    S. Petrevski-Seton 12
    A. Sexton 15
    K. Simpson 11
    S. Collins 13
    L. Casboult 11
    P. Hanley 13
    M. Gibbons 11
    J. Joyce 12
    M. Lobbe 9
    J. Lukosius 8
    W. Setterfield 8
    J. Hombsch 3
    L. O’Brien 4
    W. Powell
    H. McKay 3
    C. Burgess -3
    M. McGovern 0


  7. watching Walsh closely this game – he is being very favourably scored with his stats thus far for the 1st quarter … will be interesting to see if it continues …


      1. nah, that’s my point, he gets credited for them, but watching in real life, not necessarily earned them in reality … subjective scoring. Same was with Macrae last year … same every year, there are always players that receive favouritism with the scoring … the trick for ourselves is to get on those players!!

        Walsh I am interested in to see how much ‘benefit’ calls he does get … that said, missed half of that second qtr with the missus on me to do a few things around the house!!


  8. You know what Setterfield. I simply don’t like you anymore. Ive fielded you every week (god knows why) and i gave you one more chance against the suns. But you are just no good.

    Yours truly,
    A disgruntled Supercoach player

    Sam Walsh on the other hand. Thankyou!


    1. Zac , it looks like they are taking turn, Drew, Parker, Setters, Petrucelli, You just have to guess lock in fwd rookies.


      1. parker has been good , was locked down on last week , Drew has moved from mid to fwd so his scoring will drop , setters & petrucelli will go well when their teams are kill’n it imo



    T. Miller 68
    J. Weitering 73
    J. Witts 63
    C. Marchbank 58
    J. Harbrow 58
    M. Murphy 58
    B. Fiorini 58
    D. Thomas 53
    D. MacPherson 56
    P. Cripps 53
    D. Swallow 54
    S. Walsh 52
    A. Miles 45
    M. McGovern 49
    P. Wright 41
    E. Curnow 43
    A. Sexton 40
    C. Curnow 43
    S. Collins 36
    S. Petrevski-Seton 42
    J. Joyce 36
    K. Simpson 41
    C. Ballard 32
    N. Newman 39
    J. Martin 30
    Z. Fisher 38
    B. Ainsworth 27
    L. Plowman 33
    J. Bowes 26
    L. Jones 31
    P. Hanley 21
    P. Dow 31
    J. Murdoch 21
    M. Gibbons 27
    N. Holman 19
    L. Casboult 23
    J. Lukosius 19
    M. Lobbe 23
    W. Powell 13
    W. Setterfield 22
    J. Hombsch 9
    L. O’Brien 19
    C. Burgess 9
    H. McKay 11



    T. Miller 105
    P. Cripps 107
    D. Swallow 82
    J. Weitering 95
    J. Harbrow 78
    S. Walsh 95
    D. MacPherson 75
    M. Murphy 87
    J. Witts 72
    K. Simpson 78
    B. Fiorini 67
    C. Marchbank 77
    A. Miles 63
    D. Thomas 74
    S. Collins 61
    Z. Fisher 74
    P. Wright 56
    C. Curnow 59
    J. Joyce 54
    L. Plowman 54
    J. Martin 53
    L. Jones 54
    B. Ainsworth 52
    M. McGovern 54
    A. Sexton 51
    N. Newman 53
    N. Holman 43
    S. Petrevski-Seton 50
    C. Ballard 40
    E. Curnow 47
    J. Murdoch 39
    P. Dow 45
    J. Bowes 32
    M. Lobbe 42
    P. Hanley 30
    H. McKay 32
    J. Lukosius 26
    M. Gibbons 32
    C. Burgess 24
    L. Casboult 30
    J. Hombsch 19
    W. Setterfield 28
    W. Powell 12
    L. O’Brien 28


  11. Bloody hell, get the ball Bowes. I’d cheer for you but I don’t know which one you are! Maybe Champion Data don’t know you either.


      1. Roo Bloke, you are not alone, I nearly fell for it too. What a start of the season he had! Hope you have Cripps. At least he is doing what Cripps does.


      2. Wow. As the only Bowes owner on the site, that last 5 minutes was a real rollercoaster. Robbed of a contested mark and surely the match winner deserved more bonus points than it currently had received.


          1. Bowes got 98. I’ll take that!!! Can i claim that i knew he’d jag the match winner? SC masterstroke!!!!!!!!!


  12. Jack Bowes is a legit SUPERSTAR.
    High performance all through that lat corner, and won em the game.
    Tied at the top of the ladder.

    Boo Yeah!!!


    1. Trying to stay positive, surely Patty Cripps has to be a chance to win a Brownlow from a wooden spooner this year?


  13. SUPERCOACH …. before scaling ….

    T. Miller 112
    P. Cripps 173
    D. Swallow 112
    S. Walsh 126
    J. Witts 104
    K. Simpson 107
    D. MacPherson 90
    L. Jones 102
    J. Harbrow 86
    J. Weitering 100
    B. Fiorini 86
    M. Murphy 100
    S. Collins 82
    N. Newman 97
    N. Holman 80
    D. Thomas 87
    J. Bowes 71
    Z. Fisher 83
    A. Miles 71
    S. Petrevski-Seton 74
    P. Hanley 68
    C. Marchbank 72
    J. Joyce 63
    L. Plowman 71
    A. Sexton 63
    P. Dow 70
    B. Ainsworth 63
    C. Curnow 67
    J. Martin 62
    E. Curnow 59
    J. Murdoch 60
    M. McGovern 51
    P. Wright 54
    W. Setterfield 45
    C. Ballard 49
    M. Gibbons 44
    J. Hombsch 33
    L. Casboult 39
    C. Burgess 28
    L. O’Brien 38
    J. Lukosius 27
    M. Lobbe 34
    W. Powell 11
    H. McKay 33


  14. Jesus Christ we’re hopeless… wake me up when the rebuild ends. In the meantime I’m sticking to the women’s team.


  15. Carlton were stiff. That non paid mark to Jones, and frees count after half time.
    I’m a bombers fan, and I actually felt sorry for them..for a moment !! Then reality set in.
    Mind you….c on Cripps…..he’d look good in black and red.



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