Game Chat – Adeaide Vs Gold Coast

Written by Father Dougal on April 21 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Sunday, April 21, 4.10pm (ACST)

Last time they met: Adelaide Oval, round six, 2018: Adelaide 16.14 (110) beat Gold Coast 9.8 (62).

The Crows were never seriously challenged by the Suns, leading by 45 points at half-time before going into cruise control after the main break. Wayne Milera had a breakout game with 33 disposals while Matt Crouch had 30 touches – 14 of those in the opening quarter – in his first game back from a hamstring injury.

What it means for Adelaide: The Crows desperately need a win to regain some much-needed confidence. They have been the biggest disappointment of the season with a 1-3 record after four rounds.

What it means for Gold Coast: The Suns will be underdogs yet again, but that won’t bother them. They have defied the odds to win three of their first four to sit inside the top eight.

How Adelaide wins: Getting back to the exciting play from 2017 when they reached the Grand Final. Move the ball quickly, be bold, kick to one-on-one contests and give their forwards a chance.

How Gold Coast wins: Deny the Crows time and space. Lots of pressure at the contest, force turnovers and give Alex Sexton the chance to get hit up on the lead inside 50.

The stat: Adelaide is the only team in the competition with an unbeaten record against Gold Coast. Since the Suns entered the League in 2011, the Crows are a perfect 11 from 11 against the Suns. Most of those have been blowouts, with the average winning margin a hefty 55 points.

The match-up: Matt Crouch v Touk Miller

The prolific ball-winners will find themselves head to head at the majority of stoppages and contests during the game. Crouch is the second-highest ranked Crows player in the AFL Player Ratings at 41st overall, while Miller is the third-highest ranked player at the Suns, and 121st overall, up from 148th at the start of the season.

It’s a big week for: Eddie Betts

The 32-year-old small forward will want a big performance to celebrate his 300th game. After a slow start to the season, Betts produced some of his vintage best with three goals in last week’s loss to North Melbourne.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Crows by 10. Because Eddie Betts. Can’t make myself pick against him in match 300. I have high confidence in this pick

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44 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adeaide Vs Gold Coast”

  1. Menegola, you and zerritt are my pods, he’s done his part now it’s up to you.
    Just want a 120+please.


      1. Sorry was at work and in a rush.
        I was penning a note to menegola.
        I know he’s a rollercoaster and I’m happy having him, he can win a head to head of his own boot. Now is when I need him to stand up, which is his whole purpose of being in my team.


  2. Adelaide v Gold Coast at Adelaide Oval, 4.10pm ACST


    Adelaide: Hugh Greenwood, Jake Kelly, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Lachlan Murphy
    Gold Coast: Will Brodie, Brayden Fiorini, Charlie Ballard, Jack Lukosius


    1. Looking to MCrouch and BSmith to make or break my week. Cmon Crows, surely you’ll stand up today. Your season’s all but over if not!


      1. Used my first trade of the year to bring in O’Brien on the advice of Hutta and allsaints. Let’s hope this pays off.

        Also, terrific start from Mmmmm. Crouch. 38 SC at Qtr Time!


        1. Ruck cover for the next few weeks ,makes that trade a” no brainer ” for me.

          I missed Hore and Stack ( kept Butters ) but with, Ross and maybe Hayes looking like decent down grades we will struggle on.


          1. I missed Stack too against my better judgment. Thought Hayes was excellent today. Liam Baker (FWD) could be worth his weight in gold, but JS and RIC don’t make the best soup 🙁


  3. O-0-0-O’Brien!

    Looking great, 44 SC heading into HF.

    How much are we expecting him to make if he goes at 80~ for a while?


    1. And quickly. He has a tank so will make contests around the ground, but be warned, his mother-in-law tells me his kicking is woeful (his words).
      But I reckon that’s good news for owners as it limits his role to RUC duties and creating a contest around the ground. Great for an SC rookie 🙂


  4. Im taking it where using this as the Adelaide game chat now!

    This really isn’t the game for Collins. Adelaide ball movement far to good with barely any long balls for Collins to intercept 🙁


    1. Lol yeah, Zac.

      Crows going short, hard and fast. Collins bamboozled. Glad I stayed away and went with Walsh as my expensive rookie.


  5. O’Brien already up to 64 halfway through the 3rd quarter. This score has been basically achieved from the 2nd quarter onwards


    1. Very disappointing for owners (my wife), but great news for non-owners. As a footy fan, I hope he’s back soon. One of the more exciting players to watch.



    D. Mackay 93
    C. Ballard 80
    M. Crouch 93
    T. Miller 76
    R. Atkins 87
    P. Hanley 73
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 86
    B. Fiorini 63
    L. Murphy 78
    J. Bowes 63
    B. Smith 75
    J. Murdoch 60
    R. Sloane 74
    J. Joyce 55
    A. Keath 72
    P. Wright 55
    R. O’Brien 70
    W. Brodie 55
    H. Greenwood 70
    J. Witts 54
    B. Crouch 69
    D. Swallow 54
    R. Laird 68
    G. Horlin-Smith 51
    E. Betts 68
    J. Martin 51
    T. Walker 63
    N. Holman 47
    D. Talia 56
    J. Lukosius 46
    B. Gibbs 54
    J. Hombsch 37
    R. Knight 53
    A. Sexton 32
    T. Lynch 46
    J. Harbrow 30
    W. Milera 37
    B. Ainsworth 30
    J. Kelly 29
    S. Collins 28
    K. Hartigan 25
    D. MacPherson 28
    E. Himmelberg 22
    C. Burgess 16


  7. m crouch
    93 pts , only 2 contested possessions
    gett’n a free ride on a lot of coat tails out there tonight
    dont recon those that own him can complain too much about lloyds scoring next week


  8. Tough decision for next week on who to field. ROB playing saints, Grundy playing Bombers and Gawn playing Richmond. Think ROB might a chance on the field 😉


    1. Might ton up today and, even though the Crows have pounded the Suns, ROB held his own against a formidable ruck in Witts.



    D. Mackay 126
    C. Ballard 102
    M. Crouch 110
    P. Hanley 100
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 108
    T. Miller 98
    B. Smith 106
    J. Witts 93
    R. Atkins 105
    B. Fiorini 86
    R. Sloane 103
    J. Murdoch 80
    L. Murphy 100
    D. Swallow 77
    E. Betts 99
    W. Brodie 75
    B. Crouch 91
    P. Wright 74
    R. O’Brien 90
    J. Bowes 74
    R. Laird 89
    J. Martin 71
    H. Greenwood 88
    N. Holman 65
    A. Keath 85
    G. Horlin-Smith 62
    T. Walker 76
    J. Joyce 60
    B. Gibbs 70
    J. Lukosius 56
    D. Talia 69
    S. Collins 45
    R. Knight 69
    A. Sexton 45
    T. Lynch 66
    J. Harbrow 43
    J. Kelly 63
    J. Hombsch 41
    W. Milera 41
    D. MacPherson 40
    E. Himmelberg 34
    B. Ainsworth 37
    K. Hartigan 30
    C. Burgess 24


  10. I’ll fix up the Game Chat for tomorrow……FD just got his dates wrong when scheduling……sorry, Coaches!


  11. ROB 12 contested disposals at 100 DE, 6 intercepts, 3 contested grabs, 1 goal assist and 34 hitouts (not sure how many to advanatage). What a game!



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