Game Chat – Melbourne v Richmond

Written by Father Dougal on April 24 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Tuesday, April 24, 7.25pm

SUMMARY: After a demoralising 67-point loss to Hawthorn, Melbourne must hit back, and hit back hard. The Demons were thoroughly outplayed against the Hawks, allowing Alastair Clarkson’s team to pile on 18 goals while only scoring six themselves. Melbourne must figure out how to make the most of its inside 50 entries, with the Demons leading the competition in that category. Its efficiency, though, has been a major problem for Simon Goodwin’s side. The Demons must also settle down its back 50, with the club prone to leaking plenty of points to the opposition. The Tigers, on the other hand, have been excellent and sit third on the ladder after four rounds. Richmond’s tackling pressure has remained a constant and its ability to win the territory battle has been crucial to its wins. Led by Alex Rance and David Astbury, the Tigers’ defence has also been stingy. This is a massive game, on a big stage for both clubs on Anzac Day Eve. If Melbourne can cause an upset, it could go a long way to steering its season back on course.


LAST FIVE TIMES:R5, 2017, Richmond 12.16 (88) d Melbourne 11.9 (75) at the MCG
R5, 2016, Melbourne 20.9 (129) d Richmond 14.12 (96) at the MCG
R4, 2015, Melbourne 12.11 (83) d Richmond 6.15 (510 at the MCG
R9, 2014, Melbourne 14.7 (91) d Richmond 9.20 (74) at the MCG
R8, 2013, Richmond 15.16 (106) d Melbourne 11.6 (72) at the MCG


Father Dougal’s Tip: Even away, the tigers look like the better team


While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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67 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Richmond”

  1. thoughts on oliver for most touches tonight?
    will dusty play in the fwd lines again and let oliver win it easy.
    tu – bet on oliver
    td – bad bet


  2. With a five day break, Melb will probably rest a few next week, so think a fresh Fritsch comes back in. Might still trade him tonight.



    Melbourne: Christian Salem, Bernie Vince, Jeff Garlett, Josh Wagner
    Richmond: Dion Prestia, Shaun Grigg, Bachar Houli, Jack Higgins


  4. For my H2H (and maybe even overall), I have Dev and Hurls vs his Treloar tmw, but tonight I have Oliver(c) and Dusty to his Dusty(c). Do I:

    T/U: Double Oliver(c) on his Dusty, or
    T/D: Cancel out Dusty(c)?



    1. Jees thats more decisive than I thought it would be… surely Oliver has a good chance of outscoring (even if not by much) a hard-tagged Dusty?

      T/U: Oliver can, yup
      T/D: Dusty’s too good (even for Vince?)


  5. Hi there just wondering whether u could give me some suggestions on this.

    – This round ive got one trade left and planning to Guelfi for Fritsch (99.1k left) as I only have a gralett’s score of 21 and will allow for me to get a premo in next week.
    – Next round planning to go Bonner and Garlett to Yeo and Giles-Langdon as the cash from Fritsch’s trade will allow this to happen?

    Yes or No?
    Thanks in advance legends


    1. Giles-Langdon is no certainty, but there’ll be other rookies to make the trade happen.

      The only issue is Bonner, Fritsch and Garlett have only collectively made 210k, so you’re cashing them all in early for not much return.


  6. Dees had the better of Richmond that quarter i would say but there kicking inside 50 and lack of conversion has let them down. Gonna be a tight one by the look of it!


  7. QT

    MELB: 1.4.10
    RICH: 2.2.14

    M.Gawn 33
    C.Salem 28
    N.Jones 27
    J.Melksham 26
    J.Wagner 25
    D.Tyson 24
    M.Hibberd 24
    S.Weideman 23
    B.Vince 22
    J.Lever 22
    O.McDonald 21
    C.Petracca 18
    N.Jetta 17
    C.Oliver 15
    D.Kent 14
    J.Hogan 14
    J.Hunt 13
    A.Brayshaw 11
    B.Stretch 9
    J.Garlett 7
    A.Neal-Bullen 0
    J.Harmes 0

    B.Houli 35
    K.Lambert 33
    J.Castagna 30
    S.Lloyd 27
    D.Astbury 27
    T.Nankervis 21
    D.Grimes 21
    A.Rance 20
    J.Short 19
    D.Martin 18
    J.Riewoldt 17
    J.Higgins 16
    T.Cotchin 15
    D.Prestia 13
    N.Broad 12
    D.Butler 12
    R.Conca 11
    B.Ellis 11
    S.Grigg 10
    K.McIntosh 10
    S.Edwards 3
    J.Townsend 3


  8. I just remembered why we started with Lambert! Running machine.
    Early days, but Hibberd looks a lot better without Lewis


  9. HALF TIME |
    Melbourne 2.6.18 vs Richmond 5.8.38

    M.Gawn 85
    C.Salem 58
    N.Jetta 52
    B.Vince 52
    C.Oliver 47
    O.McDonald 44
    S.Weideman 43
    J.Lever 42
    J.Melksham 41
    J.Wagner 39
    N.Jones 39
    M.Hibberd 36
    D.Tyson 35
    J.Hogan 34
    C.Petracca 33
    D.Kent 28
    J.Hunt 26
    J.Harmes 16
    A.Neal-Bullen 16
    A.Brayshaw 16
    B.Stretch 14
    J.Garlett 9

    J.Castagna 58
    J.Higgins 53
    T.Nankervis 51
    K.Lambert 51
    D.Astbury 47
    D.Martin 47
    J.Short 47
    S.Grigg 46
    B.Houli 46
    S.Lloyd 45
    D.Prestia 40
    R.Conca 39
    S.Edwards 39
    T.Cotchin 36
    A.Rance 35
    D.Butler 32
    D.Grimes 26
    J.Riewoldt 26
    K.McIntosh 26
    N.Broad 25
    B.Ellis 18
    J.Townsend 13


    1. I was actually tempted to request a ‘Which coach(es) will be sacked at the end of the season’ poll in this week’s polling station. Maybe next week.


  10. Max Gawn is going LARGE!!!!

    Tossed up Danger, Fyfe and Gawn as C. Picked the worst one !
    Well done to those who locked Gawny in


    Melbourne 5.8.38 vs Richmond 8.9.57

    M.Gawn 123
    C.Oliver 87
    J.Lever 82
    N.Jones 76
    B.Vince 73
    N.Jetta 67
    C.Salem 64
    O.McDonald 60
    D.Tyson 59
    J.Hogan 57
    A.Brayshaw 56
    M.Hibberd 54
    C.Petracca 54
    S.Weideman 53
    J.Melksham 53
    J.Wagner 51
    J.Harmes 44
    J.Hunt 33
    B.Stretch 31
    D.Kent 26
    J.Garlett 25
    A.Neal-Bullen 17

    D.Astbury 78
    D.Martin 76
    S.Edwards 76
    K.Lambert 75
    J.Higgins 73
    B.Houli 72
    J.Castagna 67
    S.Grigg 66
    A.Rance 64
    S.Lloyd 63
    T.Nankervis 62
    R.Conca 60
    D.Prestia 59
    J.Short 57
    K.McIntosh 50
    T.Cotchin 50
    J.Riewoldt 47
    D.Grimes 33
    D.Butler 30
    N.Broad 26
    J.Townsend 24
    B.Ellis 23


    1. He’s one of a few who regularly is caught with the ball but never penalized. Danger is another.

      Still, where would supercoach b without its stars?


  12. Just wondering, how does the down the ground free kick work?

    Are the points awarded for the free kick given to the player who disposed of the ball prior to the free, or does it go the player down the ground who takes the kick?

    Also,say a player who gets impeded/taken down after disposal, and the ball is brought back to him for a free kick, does he get points for the initial kick and the free?

    These are the things that keep me up at night…


  13. Feeling bad about your SC team? Here’s something to make you feel better:

    I traded Lambert two weeks ago, and kept Billings and Hibberd
    I have Sicily
    I have Buddy
    I took the C off Gawn 20 mins before the bounce
    I decided to pass on Higgins this week and take Garletts 21

    Thank god ive got tomorrow off, I don’t think I could handle it!


    1. Well I traded Fritsch out for Kent before the bounce it TECHteam. Winner winner chicken dinner.
      Have Buddy and Sicily and traded Lambert out three weeks ago in team proper. Happy Anzac Day 😉


  14. FULL TIME |
    Melbourne 8.8.56 vs Richmond 15.12.102

    M.Gawn 152
    J.Lever 111
    C.Oliver 104
    B.Vince 101
    N.Jones 97
    O.McDonald 82
    N.Jetta 80
    J.Hogan 79
    D.Tyson 75
    C.Salem 74
    C.Petracca 73
    A.Brayshaw 68
    S.Weideman 64
    J.Melksham 64
    M.Hibberd 63
    J.Harmes 63
    J.Wagner 59
    B.Stretch 57
    A.Neal-Bullen 38
    J.Hunt 37
    J.Garlett 30
    D.Kent 28

    K.Lambert 119
    A.Rance 97
    S.Edwards 97
    J.Castagna 94
    D.Astbury 92
    S.Grigg 92
    D.Martin 91
    J.Higgins 91
    B.Houli 91
    D.Prestia 90
    R.Conca 89
    J.Short 89
    S.Lloyd 78
    T.Cotchin 74
    K.McIntosh 72
    T.Nankervis 71
    J.Riewoldt 65
    B.Ellis 49
    D.Grimes 48
    N.Broad 41
    D.Butler 38
    J.Townsend 32


    1. Has Brandon Ellis ever been a good player?
      I think his tattoos are forcing him to keep the bedroom light on at night. Runs away from the contest Cale Morton style.


    1. I thought Hibberd had a real crack tonight , looking at scores did Bernie Vince play tonight ? hardly noticed his 101 points for example , sometimes SC doesn’t pay for effort. Gawn was awesome but he wasn’t more than twice as good as Nank.


  15. Hibberd was below par, but Oscar McDonald was shite! how on earth did Oscar outscore Hibberd, Petracca, Hogan?
    Someone at Champion Data needs to stop guessing 🙂


    1. It started late last year, he seems too be playing more of a defensive role than a running role. I suspect the emergence of Lambert has had an impact


  16. Odds on Devon smith making a 144 tomorrow and winning me my main league? Jack Higgins ruined everything and now I’m going to have to get him in as well!


    1. From a Bombers supporter i hope you win!!! I hope Devon goes huge….and Hurley and zaharakis and Tippa and Daniher and…



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