Game Chat – Port v North

Written by Motts on April 26 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Friday, April 26, 7.20pm (ACST)

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round six, 2018. Port Adelaide 15.12 (102) defeated North Melbourne 10.9 (69).

Small forward Sam Gray booted four goals and key defender Tom Jonas did a great defensive job on Ben Brown as the Power beat the Kangaroos by 33 points. Wingman Jared Polec (now with North) was influential for the Power, with a game-high 34 disposals and 12 tackles.

What it means for Port Adelaide: The Power can build on their sensational win against reigning premiers West Coast in Perth on Good Friday. With a 4-2 start, the Power would be set up nicely for the season.

What it means for North Melbourne: The Kangaroos will be desperate to get off the bottom of the ladder. It’s been a shocking start to the season, hitting a new low with last weekend’s 58-point loss to Essendon.

How Port Adelaide wins: The Power’s gameplan is built around frenetic ball movement, taking the game on and playing high-risk, high-reward football. It doesn’t come off all the time, but when it does, it’s hard to stop.

How North Melbourne wins: For North to win this game, Brad Scott will need to storm the scorer’s box with assault weapons and threaten everyone inside with violence if they add to the scoreboard any of the 25 or so goals that Port will kick.

The stat: The Power have won their past four games against the Kangaroos by an average margin of 34 points. North Melbourne’s last win over Port Adelaide was in round three, 2014.

The match-up: Tom Jonas v Ben Brown

Jonas did an outstanding job on Brown in the corresponding fixture last year. Brown kicked four goals, but two of those came when the sting was out of the game. Brown is the eighth-ranked key forward in the Official AFL Player Ratings, and 98th overall, up against Jonas, who is the 14th-ranked small/medium defender, and 133th overall.

It’s a big week for: Jared Polec

The Kangaroos wingman faced the Power in the JLT Community Series, but there will still be plenty of feeling in his first home and away game against his former club. Polec,  who joined the Kangaroos on a lucrative five-year deal, has been one of their shining lights in a tough start to the season.

Big call: Robbie Gray kicks five goals and has 20 disposals in a best-on-ground performance.

Mottsy’s Tip: Port by 60 points


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107 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v North”

  1. One of those games where NTH decide to turn up. I hope not. Have a nice multi-sport accumulator going and need a Port win. Surely?!?


    1. I happen to think that you multi is very safe All Saints.

      Whilst we are not yet in crisis mode (under the pump for sure) I am drawing potential solace from when Carey decided to disgrace himself less than a month before the season all those years ago.

      North had to go to SA to play Port and nobody gave us a shot but thanks to great leadership from Stephens & Archer we prevailed by I think 10 points.

      Having said that we do not have that quality of leadership at the moment and it is the classic case of a few carrying the load of the many.

      For us to be a chance tonight I want to see Goldy of 2 years ago running opposing ruckman off their feet.
      I want to see Jack Ziebell both lead by example and not get reported in doing so.
      I want to see 100 tackles not a paltry 40 odd like last week where one player nearly had a quarter of them.

      I will be sitting down viewing the game so please pray for my sanity should things get ugly tonight


      1. Thanks mate and good luck. Despite Higgins being a late OUT, I have ‘the feeling’ this will be our first upset of the Rd.
        Good luck!


        1. When I heard that North had a late change I had a flashback moment and hoped that the inclusion was A.Stephens although having two #10’s running around would be confusing.
          What I wouldn’t give for that in and maybe Archer in defence and I’ll settle for Craig Sholl forward. Being greedy I would n’t mind Blakey running around either.
          All tough accountable players.

          On a side note, I have the VC on Rockliff tonight!!


  2. Simple enough question, should I get Boak in for Heeney? I know Trav’s expensive, but I can’t see much upside to Isaac at this point.


    1. What? No.

      Heeney will finish as a Top 6 FWD, even with the down games he’s had. Get Boak in, but not at the expense of a premo like Heeney.


      1. Lol wow u are a special one. Upgrade your rookies, too many ppl are sideways trading prems upgrading decent scorers (aka williams, smith etc)


      2. Trading Heeney out to Worpel (…although Worpel seems like a great prospect for TOP10 forward at this point!) is my greatest regret until this point in the SC season.



    Port Adelaide: Tom Jonas (soreness) replaced in selected side by Jarrod Lienert
    North Melbourne: Shaun Higgins (illness) replaced in selected side by Nathan Hrovat


      Port Adelaide: Todd Marshall, Zak Butters, Riley Bonner, Willem Drew
      North Melbourne: Nathan Hrovat, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Trent Dumont, Sam Wright


    2. Was hoping Scott would get named so he could make a little bit more cash, but those who used him as a loophole for Grundy/Gawn would be breathing a sigh of relief!


  4. Hey guys, I know I have left this late, but would love your thoughts.
    TU: Butters to Rocky
    TD: Williams to Lloyd/Hurn

    Cheers! ✌️


    1. Bugger. Just got all pumped up to do the Rocky trade and realised I was wrong with my calculations. By trading Butters, I have $450,200 to spend. Rocky is $450,300, so I’m $100 off!! The SuperCoach Gods are either looking after me or very keen to punish me! Please take mercy on TheRustySpoons!


    2. ummm. Neither!

      TU if you really think Rocky is a keeper, but i think there are both 8 better MID keeper options AND all come with less risk.

      I’d go TD if anything, but you have time to mull that one over.


      1. Cheers AS. I’ve been thinking along the same lines all year, so thanks for giving me the slap I needed lol. Just think that he represents significant value at his current price point for the ceiling he has. When he goes big, he goes big. But his shoulder could also go POP! Think I’ll just hold off on the trades this week. Good luck for the round champ


          1. No mate, couldn’t bring myself to start my boy, but great to see him playing good footy from a non SuperCoach perspective. A decent POD though if he can keep around the 90-100 mark. Only backs I’ll be targeting at this stage are Lloyd, Hurn and Sicily. Maybe Laird if he can string a few good games together.


            1. Feeling exactly the same about targets. No room for the boy this year, tho’ would be delighted if I’d started him. Gun


  5. Hi coaches! Struggling with my decision and calling in help. Who to field – Duursma or Collins?

    Duursma – TU
    Collins – TD


  6. Why am I getting an access denied msg, when I go to log in to my SC account?
    Has it something to do with poor internet connection?


  7. gotta love a forced trade
    elloitt out yesterday wooda given me a doughnut
    traded out scott, moved setters to the mids & brought in baker
    now i got a DPP fwd mid link
    & a
    POD fwd rookie averaging 85 worth 240k next week



    Q time 5.2.32 – 2.3.15

    T. Rockliff 47
    S. Thompson 37
    J. Westhoff 35
    N. Larkey 26
    S. Gray 32
    T. Goldstein 25
    B. Ebert 31
    C. Zurhaar 24
    P. Ryder 30
    L. McDonald 23
    T. Boak 29
    J. Pittard 22
    X. Duursma 28
    M. Wood 19
    R. Bonner 25
    J. Polec 18
    D. Howard 22
    J. Ziebell 18
    O. Wines 20
    B. Cunnington 18
    C. Rozee 18
    T. Thomas 18
    J. Lienert 18
    S. Atley 16
    S. Powell-Pepper 17
    A. Hall 16
    T. Clurey 16
    T. Dumont 15
    S. Lycett 16
    B. Brown 15
    T. Marshall 16
    J. Anderson 15
    R. Burton 14
    R. Tarrant 10
    D. Houston 13
    J. Macmillan 9
    D. Byrne-Jones 12
    N. Hrovat 9
    W. Drew 9
    L. Davies-Uniacke 8
    R. Gray 8
    K. Turner 1
    Z. Butters 3
    S. Wright 0



    1/2 time 7.7.49 – 3.3.21

    T. Rockliff 64
    J. Ziebell 51
    J. Westhoff 61
    S. Thompson 47
    T. Boak 60
    B. Cunnington 47
    D. Howard 54
    J. Anderson 46
    B. Ebert 52
    S. Atley 45
    O. Wines 51
    T. Goldstein 45
    S. Lycett 45
    K. Turner 41
    S. Powell-Pepper 44
    L. McDonald 41
    S. Gray 44
    J. Pittard 40
    C. Rozee 43
    J. Macmillan 35
    P. Ryder 42
    T. Dumont 35
    T. Marshall 39
    C. Zurhaar 34
    R. Bonner 37
    N. Larkey 34
    W. Drew 35
    J. Polec 32
    X. Duursma 34
    T. Thomas 31
    D. Byrne-Jones 33
    L. Davies-Uniacke 26
    T. Clurey 29
    A. Hall 25
    R. Burton 29
    R. Tarrant 24
    J. Lienert 29
    M. Wood 24
    R. Gray 27
    B. Brown 23
    D. Houston 25
    N. Hrovat 20
    Z. Butters 10
    S. Wright 11


  10. Rocky puts the cue in the rack for that quarter.

    The North forward line have no idea what they are doing however at least they are having a crack.

    Unfortunately it seems as though we are our own worst enemy


  11. Urgent help needed guys.

    I pad keeps denying access that I’m not allowed to log into my SC. (SC standard login)

    Could it be that I haven’t logged out at work?


    1. turn your ipad off , wait 30 seconds
      then hold down the on button & the bottom middle menu button together
      keep holding those 2 buttons while it turns on , then turn off , then on again
      then let go of the 2 buttons
      that will reset your ipad , but you wont loose anything & it wont change your settings
      should work fine then


      1. I’m having the same with my mobile phone. I logged out to check on my Tech team and now just pushing the login button I get an access denied page. That’s even before I go to put in details? I need help.Phones an Android


  12. Any idea why Butters is in so much of a rush to get traded next week?
    I kept him on ground thinking he was playing against a VFL team and should be killing it?


    1. dont think anyone expected great skills from nth tonight , a physical commitment to the ball would satisfy most supporters



    3/4 time 10.9.69 – 6.6.42

    T. Boak 96
    B. Cunnington 91
    T. Rockliff 79
    T. Goldstein 82
    B. Ebert 78
    J. Anderson 82
    C. Rozee 78
    J. Ziebell 73
    D. Howard 75
    S. Atley 66
    J. Westhoff 73
    T. Thomas 63
    O. Wines 72
    S. Thompson 62
    T. Clurey 64
    J. Pittard 56
    S. Powell-Pepper 63
    N. Larkey 55
    S. Gray 63
    K. Turner 54
    X. Duursma 60
    M. Wood 53
    S. Lycett 58
    L. McDonald 50
    P. Ryder 54
    J. Polec 47
    D. Houston 53
    R. Tarrant 45
    R. Burton 50
    A. Hall 45
    J. Lienert 49
    T. Dumont 41
    R. Bonner 48
    C. Zurhaar 41
    W. Drew 48
    J. Macmillan 40
    T. Marshall 40
    L. Davies-Uniacke 39
    D. Byrne-Jones 38
    B. Brown 34
    Z. Butters 34
    N. Hrovat 33
    R. Gray 34
    S. Wright 17


  14. Rocky has hit the showers already. Job was done at quarter time.

    Fortunately Larkey & Thomas are showing a bit.

    But Hrovat and Hall have shown nothing. Pittard has been a liability and Polec is having a down game (but has been pretty good otherwise). Not to mention Tyson in the VFL.

    Maybe North would have been better served hitting the draft rather than recycling so so players.



      1. To be fair I think Williams has been reasonably solid but getting Campbell I don’t really see serving any useful purpose.

        Its a shame that Daw & Jacobs are out as they are EXACTLY who are needing atm


    1. Onya PJ, my stepson-in-law says thanks.
      We now reckon we know who the real donor to Mary’s IVF was.


  15. Bloody hell the hot and cold treatment from Drew is killing me… all I need now is for Petrucelle to ton up again on the bench…



    full time 12.16.88 – 11.6.72

    before scaling

    T. Boak 128
    B. Cunnington 118
    C. Rozee 101
    S. Atley 98
    S. Gray 101
    J. Ziebell 98
    T. Rockliff 99
    T. Goldstein 95
    B. Ebert 97
    J. Anderson 95
    J. Westhoff 92
    S. Thompson 82
    D. Howard 90
    J. Pittard 79
    O. Wines 88
    M. Wood 76
    S. Lycett 81
    T. Thomas 75
    S. Powell-Pepper 80
    N. Larkey 73
    T. Clurey 79
    K. Turner 71
    P. Ryder 78
    L. McDonald 70
    X. Duursma 77
    A. Hall 65
    R. Bonner 68
    R. Tarrant 64
    D. Houston 67
    J. Polec 62
    W. Drew 66
    T. Dumont 60
    R. Burton 62
    C. Zurhaar 58
    J. Lienert 61
    J. Macmillan 55
    R. Gray 53
    L. Davies-Uniacke 54
    D. Byrne-Jones 52
    N. Hrovat 43
    T. Marshall 46
    B. Brown 41
    Z. Butters 43
    S. Wright 27


  17. Glad that’s all over.

    Rocky a big tease tonight. Only just double his quarter time score in the final 3 quarters.

    Now the question is who do I put the C on.

    T/up Fyfe
    T/dwn Cripps


  18. Butters to lose 4k. Felt he was shortchanged by CD on a few occasions tonight thought, but he’s out next week.


  19. I think I’ll also look to move on Butters next week. Was actually planning on doing it this week, but had a change of plans. Hoping Hayes has a good game, as I missed the Ross boat. Can’t believe Hatley got dropped. Extremely unlucky IMO.



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