Game Chat – Sydney v GWS Giants

Written by Thommo on April 27 2019

Where and when: SCG, Saturday April 27, 7.25pm AEST

Last time they met: SCG, elimination final, 2018: Giants 10.19 (79) defeated Swans 4.6 (30)

Led by Toby Greene’s 27 possessions and three goals, a dominant midfield and co-captain Phil Davis, who held Lance Franklin to just eight possessions, the Giants ended the home side’s season with a smashing at the SCG.

What it means for Sydney: At 1-4 the Swans’ season is on the line. They have issues to fix in all areas of the ground and don’t appear to have any solutions to deal with their problems.

What it means for GWS: The Giants let themselves down again Fremantle last week when the game was on the line at the last change and must rebound strongly with positions on the ladder so tight.

How Sydney wins: With Phil Davis expected to miss the clash, Franklin simply has to have a massive influence. He looks the only Swan capable of heavily impacting the scoreboard, but he also brings the rest of his forwards into the game.

How GWS wins: The midfield had an off day against the Dockers, but they’ll give the home side all sorts of trouble if stars like Josh Kelly, Stephen Coniglio and Lachie Whitfield can run and spread at the SCG.

The stat: In last year’s disastrous final at the SCG the Swans had just 38 inside-50s, and even Franklin can’t boot his team to victory with that amount of ball. The Swans’ inside mids must win their battle.

The match-up: Dane Rampe v Jeremy Cameron

The star Giant leads the Coleman Medal race with 21 goals from five games, and even though he was quiet last week, the man ranked 101st in the Official AFL Player Ratings still managed to boot four against the Dockers. Rampe (227th) has been a shining light for Sydney this year and must maintain his form by shutting down Cameron as he has done regularly over the years.

It’s a big week for: Sam Reid

The tall forward has barely had an impact with just four goals from five games this season and must lift his influence inside 50 to give the Swans a target. If Reid can find some touch, he’ll be a big asset to Franklin and the team.

Big call: Young Giant Brent Daniels has done a power of work inside 50 this season but is yet to have a solid impact on the scoreboard. If he maintains his attack on the ball and the opposition this week, he’ll get some reward and double his career-best haul of two majors.

Thommo’s Tip: Giants by 35 points


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    Sydney: Lance Franklin (minor hamstring) replaced in selected side by Ben Ronke
    Greater Western Sydney: Phil Davis (ankle) replaced in selected by Matt Buntine

    Sydney: Ryan Clarke, Jackson Thurlow, Ben Ronke, George Hewett
    Greater Western Sydney: Brent Daniels, Adam Tomlinson, Matt Buntine, Adam Kennedy


  2. Watching Josh Kelly tonight, thinking he’ll be my first upgrade. POD, will drop in price after tonight, consistent scorer and then everyone now and again he pumps out a monster.

    Sound good?


  3. De Boer has gone to the Seagull. Who is a good player FYI.

    Hopefully he can still get some contested possies and kick outs and sneak a low ton.



    1/4 time 3.1.19 – 5.5.35

    J. Dawson 34
    S. Coniglio 54
    D. Rampe 26
    Z. Williams 45
    T. McCartin 26
    J. Cameron 36
    J. Lloyd 25
    J. Kelly 30
    H. Cunningham 25
    N. Haynes 27
    Z. Jones 22
    S. Reid 26
    G. Hewett 21
    A. Tomlinson 25
    C. Mills 20
    J. Finlayson 24
    L. Parker 19
    M. de Boer 23
    J. Thurlow 17
    L. Whitfield 22
    J. Kennedy 16
    T. Taranto 19
    I. Heeney 13
    D. Lloyd 18
    J. Rowbottom 13
    J. Hopper 18
    R. Clarke 13
    H. Himmelberg 16
    S. Reid 12
    A. Corr 15
    A. Aliir 10
    H. Shaw 14
    T. Papley 10
    A. Kennedy 14
    C. Sinclair 9
    S. Mumford 12
    L. Melican 8
    T. Greene 11
    O. Florent 6
    S. Taylor 10
    N. Blakey 4
    M. Buntine 9
    B. Ronke 4
    B. Daniels 2


      1. Right. There goes my potential really good scoring round. It’s usually Sunday that it turns but Saturday night this time.


  5. I thought the swans were done after last week’s effort. Tip my hat to them this week, having a red hot crack.



    1/2 time 7.3.45 – 7.8 .50

    S. Reid 64
    Z. Williams 69
    J. Kennedy 53
    T. Taranto 68
    G. Hewett 53
    S. Coniglio 58
    L. Parker 51
    N. Haynes 54
    J. Dawson 50
    J. Kelly 53
    I. Heeney 49
    J. Cameron 48
    D. Rampe 46
    J. Hopper 48
    J. Lloyd 46
    S. Mumford 47
    J. Thurlow 40
    H. Shaw 42
    T. McCartin 38
    H. Himmelberg 41
    H. Cunningham 38
    S. Reid 39
    Z. Jones 36
    A. Tomlinson 37
    L. Melican 29
    A. Kennedy 37
    C. Mills 26
    T. Greene 37
    A. Aliir 22
    M. de Boer 37
    T. Papley 19
    D. Lloyd 35
    R. Clarke 19
    J. Finlayson 31
    B. Ronke 19
    A. Corr 28
    O. Florent 17
    L. Whitfield 25
    N. Blakey 17
    M. Buntine 25
    J. Rowbottom 17
    S. Taylor 12
    C. Sinclair 14
    B. Daniels 11


  7. Cogs 54 first quarter, 59 after 1/2 quarter . Only 5 points scored hope it is not the sign for the rest of the game !!!


    1. Yeah, he’ll be cheaper. I have him, but to be fair it’s the first hint of injury I’ve had all season.

      They didn’t mention him at half time on the radio. I’ll let folks know if it’s mentioned in the call. The boundary rider is generally sticking their nose into stuff on the benches.


  8. The commentators on the radio just noticed whitfield is injured. o_O
    Supercoachtalk is more on the ball than the pros


  9. damn this is a physical game , so many hard collisions , no cheap shots , just 2 tough teams playing for pride , great to watch , old school footy



    3/4 time 10.6.66 – 13.10.88

    J. Lloyd 87
    T. Taranto 114
    L. Parker 84
    Z. Williams 97
    G. Hewett 81
    J. Kelly 83
    J. Kennedy 78
    H. Shaw 82
    S. Reid 78
    S. Coniglio 80
    J. Dawson 75
    J. Hopper 80
    Z. Jones 70
    J. Cameron 79
    I. Heeney 55
    N. Haynes 77
    C. Mills 54
    S. Mumford 76
    D. Rampe 52
    M. de Boer 74
    T. Papley 48
    A. Tomlinson 71
    H. Cunningham 47
    D. Lloyd 68
    J. Thurlow 45
    H. Himmelberg 63
    T. McCartin 44
    J. Finlayson 57
    O. Florent 32
    S. Reid 53
    L. Melican 27
    A. Kennedy 47
    A. Aliir 26
    T. Greene 42
    R. Clarke 23
    L. Whitfield 38
    C. Sinclair 21
    A. Corr 38
    J. Rowbottom 21
    M. Buntine 28
    N. Blakey 20
    B. Daniels 23
    B. Ronke 14
    S. Taylor 22


  11. Jake Lloyd hasn’t touched the ball in the last 10 minutes and his score has steadily increased from 89 to 101 as I type this … what a joke this scoring system is!!!


  12. And that’s all folks.
    Whitfield kept trying to limp his way on. Hope he pulls up ok.

    I’m glad Finlayson has found a home in their forward line. They were putting feelers out to trade him over the off season.


    1. He’s been fantastic this year. Shows what a career on the line can do.
      Will always have a soft spot for Finlayson after last year, but he can play …



    12.7.79 – 18.12.120

    before scaling

    J. Kennedy 115
    T. Taranto 136
    J. Lloyd 105
    Z. Williams 118
    L. Parker 103
    J. Kelly 116
    J. Dawson 98
    J. Cameron 114
    G. Hewett 97
    J. Hopper 113
    Z. Jones 95
    S. Mumford 111
    S. Reid 92
    M. de Boer 106
    I. Heeney 72
    H. Shaw 105
    H. Cunningham 71
    S. Coniglio 103
    C. Mills 70
    N. Haynes 97
    D. Rampe 63
    A. Tomlinson 91
    T. Papley 57
    H. Himmelberg 83
    J. Thurlow 57
    D. Lloyd 83
    T. McCartin 51
    T. Greene 78
    A. Aliir 44
    J. Finlayson 73
    O. Florent 37
    S. Reid 67
    L. Melican 32
    A. Kennedy 58
    J. Rowbottom 32
    A. Corr 50
    C. Sinclair 31
    M. Buntine 48
    R. Clarke 30
    L. Whitfield 44
    N. Blakey 29
    B. Daniels 34
    B. Ronke 24
    S. Taylor 32


    1. problem is mate – he keeps getting the scores gifted to him to keep him close to maximum value … those scores in that last quarter for him are a disgrace to CD – he didn’t even get close to the ball for almost 15 minutes and yet went up by about 15 points … steadily in 1’s. Aside from that he was on 39 at HT and went to 89 at 3qtr time – didn’t see much of that quarter, so can’t comment on that one … but the last, seriously, CD need to be held to account.
      I’m tempted to tape the replay of the match and document each ‘supposed stat’ and ask them to explain … have already done so for Merrett – but if its anything like previously they just ignore the email or give some BS response …


      1. Fair enough mate.
        On a more positive note, Zac Williams will rise c. $10k this week and have a BE around 61. SO many people have moved him on already, he’s become a bit of a POD. If Lachie misses next week, I expect him to play more up the ground (as he did tonight). Silver lining.

        Can I have a quick whinge?

        I’m gutted at Milera’s shoulder injury. I was looking at him rather than Laird post-byes. Laird-starters have got away with murder. He a ill likely go ok now, but would have been top10 DEF at best before last week and therefore a poor starting pick. Ah well. Whinge over!

        I have to say though, being at the game this arvo, he reads it better than most!

        Milera however, is a freak!


        1. I share your sympathy AS…this SC game can turn on one tackle. I started Laird and until this round wasn’t happy. I also have Whitfield. This coming week might be the payoff for starting Moore fwd if Whitfield misses.
          So far this year injuries to guns have been minimal…what was that FD says about reverting to lt averages !!??


  14. yeah bit of bad luck there – was a good call!

    The one who also keeps racking up scores close to 100 every week is L Ryan … think he may actually be in the top 6 – the others have to be :
    Lloyd (can barely type that!)
    Sicily and
    Stewart seems to be sneakily in there too … haven’t watched him much or seen many comments on him … hmmm

    Playing Mottsy in the Contribs league this week and he has him … as our last POD match up – I have Duursma’s score coming in for Clark … gonna be close!!


      1. Price change is based on BE for this round vs actually score > The difference x this week’s blessed number. It will be fractions out as the blessed number will change slightly at the end of the round.

        Once you have the new price, the BE for the next round is
        [Est’d new price / blessed number (I’ve assumed it will drop slightly this week) x 3] – last two scores = new BE

        Simples 😉



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