Game Chat – West Coast v Collingwood

Written by Motts on July 12 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Friday July 12, 6.10pm AWST

What it means for West Coast: It’s the proverbial ‘eight-point game’ for the Eagles, who could tighten their grip on second spot and move two wins clear of one of their rivals.

What it means for Collingwood: A chance to put the brakes on the runaway train the season is fast becoming after three losses in five games. Upsetting West Coast in Perth would relieve the building pressure.

The stat: West Coast has won the past four clashes – three of them at the MCG – by an average of 19.5 points. The Pies haven’t kicked more than 11 goals in any of those games.

The match-up: Nic Naitanui v Brodie Grundy.

Looms as the decisive battle. The impact Naitanui (No.281 in Official AFL Player Ratings) has on West Coast is hard to quantify, but the Eagles booted more than half their score from stoppages in the Western Derby and have dominated clearances since his return. Grundy (No.3) is arguably the game’s best ruckman, and averages 20.7 disposals – more than double Naitanui (10) – while he has a slight edge in hit out to advantage percentage (30.7 to 28.1).

It’s a big week for: Mason Cox

The giant American is under the pump and has only kicked 15 goals and taken 45 marks from 10 games in a side that is struggling to hit the scoreboard. Cox will have his work cut out against Tom Barrass with Jeremy McGovern coming across to help when he can, but the Pies need him to lift with the side averaging just 72.5 points – 15th in the AFL – in the past six games.

Big call: Eagles spearhead Josh Kennedy to return fresh from a weekend off and drill a season-best five goals.

Mottsy’s Tip: Eagles by 20 points


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96 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Collingwood”


    West Coast: Jack Redden, Tom Hickey, Tom Cole, Jarrod Cameron
    Collingwood: Jamie Elliott, Isaac Quaynor, Brayden Sier, Ben Crocker


    1. I didn’t realise you were a Pies fan PBuzz?!?
      No more advice for you!
      Then again, that’s probably a good thing 🙂


      1. Got a soft spot for the Saints especially Billings 🙂
        Moves this week J Kelly out and ended up going Kennedy (swans ) against popular opinion of Bont or Sloane.
        Figure the 100 k saving will help me get Whitfield or Gawn next week and Kennedy should come home strong.
        Hopefully Milera repays my faith in him this week.
        Good luck Supercoachers


          1. Enjoy Banter GB
            Think west coast will be too strong
            Work college still celebrating west coast grand final win and his footy tipping name is McGovern to Vardy to Ryan to Sheed .


            1. Bahaha, that’s fantastic.

              We’ll see who gets up tonight, you guys are due to bounce back.



  2. 7 trades left. Will be trading out J Kelly and one of either Logue or Hately

    TU: Out: J Kelly & Logue, In : Bont & Hurn (leaves me one premium MID for next week = Treloar)
    TD: Out – J Kelly & Hately, In : Bont & Treloar (leaves me with one premium DEF for next week = Hurn/Whitfield)


  3. Need to downgrade Logue to a rookie to play at D6. Who is gonna make cash faster the next two weeks?

    TU: Quaynor
    TD: D.Eggmolesse-Smith


  4. Ranked 200. These trades could make or break my season.

    Kelly and ROB out

    Bines and Whitfield at D6

    5 trades left. Thoughts?


    1. 100-110 Expect Naitanui to score similar, first time in nearly two years Grundy has faced Nic Nat. I hope Grundy plays well but doesn’t go huge as I’m not VCing him


      1. Grundy 74 to half time, reakon Nic Nat has slightly had the better but expect Grundy to run out the game. Expect 130+ for the game ,that should be enough to lock in for the round.


  5. Had the money to get Hawkins this week but with Logue out will trade to avoid a zero. Going to just pull the trigger on Whitfield. Need an option for Kelly also. Have $598k to play with. These two trades will leave me with 6 overall.

    TU – Cunnington
    TD – Zerret/Treloar/Duncan/Yeo

    Already have Bont and Sloane


    1. Me being an Eagles supporter aside, I really like Yeo’s run home; no major tags, think he’ll finish strong. Wanted to bring him in myself this week, but had to go Zerrett to save the coin.


      1. Agree on Yeo have wanted him for the last few months so I think he may be the one to get. But more of a POD also. Thanks for the response


    1. Glad I went Crisp! Kicking myself when he had one possession and 9 points at quarter time but wowee did he turn it around!!!


  6. TU: ROB (BE 120) to grundy (BE 135)
    Setters too quaynor (play D6 for 1 week grab Lloyd next week)

    TD: Logue too Lloyd (BE 145) could wait 1 week
    Setters too quaynor would play bench


  7. Who is better to trade in this week
    TU = Hurn for last defender position – Setterfield only on field rookie
    TD = Treloar for last mid position – Answerth only on field rookie


  8. Damn. I was always planning on trading him to Lloyd this week, but thought I could milk another 15k out of him this week because of his 100 last week 🙁


    1. Was looking to upgrade to Heeney after going up this week as well sigh. Gonna really screw me for trades


    2. Possibly hurn as an upgrade for you pete he shouldn’t lose more than 10k and hurn is only at 32pts with a be of 111


      1. Should only lose 7-8k, but it’s cooked my round. I have Hurn already but might see what Whitfield delivers


    1. Trying to find the first rucks that are listed as fwds like Marshall and Lycett, that’ll be the key.


    1. Smart. Very smart. That’s why we’ve been disorganized down back, because Hurn has been dealing with Ronald McDonald all night.


  9. Nic Nat 72 SC from 56% TOG, imagine him at normal TOG!

    He’s had Grundy 1 on 1 so far. Hickey balancing it out by feeding Grundy.


  10. Good game … wish I’d picked up Cameron!

    West Coast Eagles: 10.4.64
    Nic Naitanui 72
    Elliot Yeo 68
    Jarrod Cameron 65
    Andrew Gaff 54
    Brad Sheppard 53
    Jack Redden 47
    Dom Sheed 44
    Luke Shuey 44
    Chris Masten 42
    Shannon Hurn 41
    Lewis Jetta 41
    Liam Ryan 41
    Willie Rioli 40
    Oscar Allen 37
    Jack Darling* 36
    Jeremy McGovern 34
    Jackson Nelson 27
    Tom Hickey 27
    Tom Barrass 15
    Tom Cole 14
    Jamie Cripps 11
    Josh J. Kennedy 7

    Collingwood Magpies: 8.3.51
    Brody Mihocek 75
    Brodie Grundy 74
    Adam Treloar 64
    Scott Pendlebury 62
    Jack Crisp 50
    James Aish 49
    Levi Greenwood 48
    Brayden Maynard 46
    Isaac Quaynor 45
    Steele Sidebottom 44
    Mason Cox 43
    Tom Phillips 43
    Jordan De Goey 36
    Callum Brown 30
    Brayden Sier 23
    John Noble 21
    Jamie Elliott 20
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 18
    Darcy Moore 16
    Chris Mayne 12
    Jordan Roughead 8
    Ben Crocker 3


    1. Not much point comparing DT to SC in trying to convey your sentiment regarding rucks due to the varying points awarded for Hitouts to Advantage as DT do not acknowledge them.


        1. Hmm… that should be -8 (2 clangers). But the SC scores don’t usually update in real-time – see if he’s lost any points in another few minutes.


  11. Well, those with Grundy as VC – look for a C option as he did SFA that quarter …

    West Coast Eagles: 12.4.76
    Elliot Yeo 100
    Nic Naitanui 88
    Andrew Gaff 78
    Brad Sheppard 74
    Jeremy McGovern 74
    Shannon Hurn 66
    Jack Redden 65
    Jarrod Cameron 65
    Luke Shuey 63
    Chris Masten 62
    Jack Darling* 61
    Dom Sheed 58
    Tom Barrass 58
    Oscar Allen 57
    Willie Rioli 54
    Lewis Jetta 53
    Tom Hickey 49
    Liam Ryan 48
    Jackson Nelson 44
    Tom Cole 34
    Jamie Cripps 11
    Josh J. Kennedy 2

    Collingwood Magpies: 9.6.60
    Adam Treloar 85
    Brody Mihocek 84
    Steele Sidebottom 84
    Brodie Grundy 84
    Scott Pendlebury 73
    Tom Phillips 70
    Brayden Maynard 67
    Jordan De Goey 66
    Levi Greenwood 65
    James Aish 64
    Jack Crisp 57
    Mason Cox 53
    Isaac Quaynor 50
    John Noble 42
    Brayden Sier 42
    Jamie Elliott 40
    Callum Brown 38
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 36
    Jordan Roughead 21
    Ben Crocker 17
    Darcy Moore 15
    Chris Mayne 10


  12. A bad night as pies supporter. Have Moore , Hurn and Grundy as Vic.
    Have Moore on bench with E , Logue on bench and Hore on field.
    Tempted to trade Moore to Byrne Jones rather then wait for Whitfield to next week. Will give me a pod and hopefully min of additional 80 points this week
    T/u Byrne Jones this week
    T/ d Whitfield next week


  13. De Goey: might be a top FWD pick next year?!

    Don’t see any of the Top6 having FWD status next year



      1. That would be fantastic but I doubt it.

        I also thought Heeney but that’s not based off any hard data.


  14. Wow! What a comeback by the Pies! (sorry GD) … payback for the final … big mistake by the Eagles at the end there with HUrn off the field for 3-4 minutes towards the end …
    Big final quarter by Grundy too (or dodgy SC scoring as always)

    Collingwood Magpies: 11.12.78
    Brodie Grundy 137
    Adam Treloar 128
    Steele Sidebottom 122
    Brody Mihocek 121
    Jack Crisp 120
    Scott Pendlebury 119
    Tom Phillips 105
    Jordan De Goey 101
    James Aish 98
    Brayden Maynard 93
    Levi Greenwood 89
    Jamie Elliott 78
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 67
    Brayden Sier 61
    Isaac Quaynor 54
    John Noble 52
    Mason Cox 49
    Callum Brown 48
    Ben Crocker 35
    Jordan Roughead 27
    Chris Mayne 23
    Darcy Moore 13

    West Coast Eagles: 12.5.77
    Elliot Yeo 116
    Jack Redden 95
    Nic Naitanui 94
    Jeremy McGovern 94
    Jarrod Cameron 87
    Luke Shuey 87
    Andrew Gaff 82
    Shannon Hurn 82
    Tom Barrass 81
    Dom Sheed 80
    Tom Cole 75
    Brad Sheppard 73
    Chris Masten 72
    Lewis Jetta 72
    Jack Darling* 71
    Tom Hickey 64
    Oscar Allen 60
    Willie Rioli 54
    Liam Ryan 53
    Jackson Nelson 52
    Jamie Cripps 9
    Josh J. Kennedy 7

    may be some scaling to come …


  15. I’ve realised that to score big in close games late, it’s all about involvement. Tackle, Clanger click, ineffective handball, behind, anything and they cause the players score to pause and jump quickly. Ruckdogs always score well late because of this, especially Grundy with his repeat efforts.


  16. Crisp: 9 points at quarter time, 50 at halftime, 57 at 3/4, 120 at full-time!

    Kicked myself for 3/4 then had to excuse myself to go have a celebratory “number 3” at the end, having bought him 5 min before kickoff



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