Game Chat – West Coast v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on April 13 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Saturday April 13, 6.10pm AWST

Last time they met: Optus Stadium, round 20, 2018: West Coast 21.16 (142) defeated Fremantle 13.6 (84)

West Coast cruised to a seventh straight Western Derby victory but the contest will forever be remembered for Andrew Gaff’s stunning hit which broke Andrew Brayshaw’s jaw and ultimately cost the Eagles star a premiership medallion. Without needing to mind Nat Fyfe (hamstring), Elliot Yeo starred with 26 touches and two goals to claim the renamed Glendinning-Allan Medal.

What it means for West Coast: After an ordinary round one effort, the Eagles are rolling again and an eighth consecutive victory over Fremantle would lift them to 3-1 and provide a buffer ahead of a tough two weeks against Port Adelaide and Geelong.

What it means for Fremantle: There is pride on the line after a long Western Derby losing streak and after the events of the last clash but, looking at the bigger picture, an upset would give the Dockers’ finals ambitions a major shot in the arm.

How West Coast wins: If the Eagles control the tempo and possession with their kick-mark style they will give their forwards plenty of opportunities and the Dockers could struggle to hit the scoreboard.

How Fremantle wins: By playing like they did obliterating North Melbourne in round one. The Dockers have to take the game on, move the football with quick changes of direction and try to isolate the West Coast defenders one-on-one.

The stat: The Eagles are unbeaten in 15 straight games with Josh Kennedy and Jack Darling in the line-up, stretching back to the 2017 semi-final loss to the Giants.

The match-up: Michael Walters v Mark Hutchings/Brad Sheppard

Walters is the No.4-ranked mid-forward in the game, according to AFL Player Ratings, and leapfrogged Isaac Heeney after a blistering 27-disposal, two-goal effort against St Kilda. How the Eagles handle Freo’s most dynamic player will be intriguing. Sheppard has traditionally done battle with Walters in attack, while Hutchings could lock onto the star Docker in midfield.

It’s a big week for: Andrew Gaff

This one is self-explanatory. Gaff was sensational in his comeback from his eight-game suspension with 35 touches against Collingwood and will no doubt be keen to get his first Western Derby out of the way so he can get back to some normality.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Eagles by 17. Can’t see the Dockers beating the reigning premiers.   I have medium confidence in this pick.

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30 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Fremantle”

  1. Good luck tonight Gun Boat. 🙂

    My tips are ..

    Hogan to put a huge bump on Gaff early and…

    Freo to win by 22 points

    Mundy BOG ( I traded him for T kelly R2)

    I’m drunk ,and Rocky just scored more than Neale 🙂


    1. Evening, FT.

      Second your call on Hogan getting cheeky, I can see Gaff becoming a punching bag tonight- a punching bag that will also get 40 touches.

      Think we surely get up here.



        1. And, yeah, huge respect for Richmond. To beat Port away without so many of their stars, and having traded away their depth, is impressive.


          1. i am hearing alot about how the tigers traded away all this magical deapth , can some one tell me who all these guns were


    West Coast: Lewis Jetta replaced in the selected side by Josh Rotham
    Fremantle: Nil

    West Coast: Liam Ryan, Jack Redden, Tom Hickey, Tom Cole
    Fremantle: Andrew Brayshaw, Cam McCarthy, Travis Colyer, Taylin Duman


  3. B. Sheppard 38
    B. Matera 29
    A. Gaff 38
    L. Ryan 28
    J. Redden 33
    N. Wilson 28
    L. Shuey 32
    E. Langdon 27
    J. Petruccelle 31
    R. Lobb 26
    J. Kennedy 30
    A. Pearce 22
    S. Hurn 25
    C. McCarthy 22
    E. Yeo 25
    E. Hughes 21
    J. Rotham 24
    J. Hamling 20
    T. Barrass 22
    S. Switkowski 19
    J. Darling 21
    M. Walters 18
    L. Ryan 21
    D. Mundy 18
    T. Hickey 20
    A. Brayshaw 17
    J. McGovern 17
    J. Hogan 15
    T. Cole 16
    M. Taberner 14
    J. Cripps 16
    L. Schultz 10
    D. Sheed 13
    D. Tucker 9
    L. Duggan 12
    A. Cerra 7
    C. Masten 6
    B. Hill 7
    M. Hutchings 6
    R. Conca 5
    N. Vardy 5
    T. Duman 5
    O. Allen 5
    T. Colyer 3


  4. B. Sheppard 71
    D. Mundy 55
    J. Rotham 70
    R. Lobb 53
    A. Gaff 66
    E. Langdon 51
    J. Redden 65
    B. Matera 49
    T. Barrass 61
    N. Wilson 44
    S. Hurn 58
    L. Ryan 41
    L. Shuey 52
    S. Switkowski 41
    J. Darling 52
    E. Hughes 39
    E. Yeo 51
    A. Cerra 39
    T. Hickey 48
    M. Walters 38
    J. Kennedy 44
    A. Pearce 32
    J. McGovern 37
    M. Taberner 30
    L. Duggan 34
    T. Duman 29
    J. Cripps 33
    C. McCarthy 28
    J. Petruccelle 33
    R. Conca 25
    M. Hutchings 26
    A. Brayshaw 25
    D. Sheed 23
    J. Hamling 24
    T. Cole 22
    L. Schultz 23
    L. Ryan 21
    B. Hill 20
    O. Allen 14
    J. Hogan 20
    C. Masten 12
    T. Colyer 20
    N. Vardy 11
    D. Tucker 19



    S. Hurn 101
    D. Mundy 105
    J. Redden 97
    R. Lobb 78
    E. Yeo 94
    E. Langdon 71
    B. Sheppard 84
    B. Matera 68
    J. Rotham 84
    M. Walters 64
    L. Shuey 81
    S. Switkowski 63
    A. Gaff 78
    A. Pearce 61
    T. Barrass 75
    L. Ryan 60
    J. Kennedy 63
    N. Wilson 60
    J. Cripps 63
    C. McCarthy 59
    T. Hickey 63
    E. Hughes 56
    J. Darling 62
    B. Hill 52
    L. Duggan 60
    A. Cerra 47
    J. McGovern 50
    M. Taberner 47
    D. Sheed 41
    T. Colyer 42
    O. Allen 34
    A. Brayshaw 39
    M. Hutchings 32
    T. Duman 38
    N. Vardy 32
    J. Hogan 36
    T. Cole 31
    R. Conca 34
    L. Ryan 31
    L. Schultz 29
    C. Masten 30
    D. Tucker 27
    J. Petruccelle 25
    J. Hamling 24


  6. Hurn is a must have … kicking myself for not starting him. He takes all their kick ins … plays like lloyd. … just guaranteed points … got to get him in ASAP


  7. Think Sheed has to go. He hasn’t even looked interested tonight. Playing outside, little contest / contact, not looking for it if in vicinity … gaff, shuey, yeo the prime designated mids I think and Sheed the odd man out …

    Gaff started out on fire and was everywhere … still is to some degree, but you can see he has run out of steam … DE is poor … as I’m typing this sheed has just gotten three possessions … but his role is now a major concern I think …



    J. Redden 142
    D. Mundy147
    S. Hurn 139
    M. Walters 101
    E. Yeo 114
    R. Lobb 101
    B. Sheppard 110
    L. Ryan 90
    A. Gaff 104
    M. Taberner 84
    J. Rotham 98
    E. Langdon 83
    L. Shuey 94
    A. Pearce 77
    J. Darling 93
    B. Matera 76
    T. Barrass 89
    S. Switkowski 72
    J. Kennedy 77
    B. Hill 71
    L. Duggan 76
    C. McCarthy 68
    J. Cripps 75
    A. Brayshaw 68
    J. McGovern 65
    E. Hughes 65
    D. Sheed 65
    N. Wilson 63
    T. Hickey 65
    T. Colyer 62
    N. Vardy 62
    A. Cerra 55
    T. Cole 58
    R. Conca 51
    O. Allen 58
    J. Hogan 49
    C. Masten 55
    L. Schultz 43
    L. Ryan 46
    D. Tucker 42
    M. Hutchings 43
    T. Duman 41
    J. Petruccelle 36
    J. Hamling 25



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