Game Chat – West Coast v Gold Coast

Written by Thommo on May 4 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Saturday May 4, 6.10pm AWST

Last time they met: Optus Stadium, round four, 2018: West Coast 21.13 (139) defeated Gold Coast 9.5 (59)

The Suns spent the week in Perth after selling a home game to Fremantle the previous week and were never in the contest against the red-hot Eagles. Returning spearhead Josh Kennedy bagged five goals, Elliot Yeo had 33 touches and earned three Brownlow votes.

What it means for West Coast: The Eagles are a shadow of last year’s premiership team and desperately need some confidence – as individuals and in their system – after losing 10 of their past 11 quarters to Fremantle, Port Adelaide and Geelong.

What it means for Gold Coast: Everyone expected the Suns to struggle this year and, after a 3-1 start, two beltings from the Crows and Lions appear to be a sign of things to come. Beating the Eagles in Perth would be a huge upset and restore faith they won’t become easybeats as the season drags on.

How West Coast wins: If they are anywhere near their best, the Eagles will have far too much class for the Suns. This is about the way they play. West Coast’s desire and workrate is under the microscope and, even if they win, anything less than a ferocious effort will raise more questions.

How Gold Coast wins: West Coast’s midfield has been smashed in consecutive weeks and if the Suns can bring a hard edge to the contest they could make it tough for the Eagles to score.

The stat: The Eagles have beaten the Suns by an average of 59 points in all seven clashes in Perth. Gold Coast’s only win over West Coast was by three points in 2017, and the clubs drew at Metricon Stadium in 2015.

The match-up: Tom Hickey v Jarrod Witts

Hickey was one of few Eagles who could hold their head high after the belting from Geelong. Despite copping a midfield hammering, the Eagles won the clearances 43-39, with Hickey extracting a dozen alone. West Coast’s onball brigade is underperforming and if Witts can kick-start the Suns it will go a long way to an upset.

It’s a big week for: Jack Darling

You could name about half West Coast’s team who need to step up but Darling is copping the brunt of fan fury. Putting aside the fact he has gone scoreless in consecutive full games for the first time since his debut season in 2011, the key forward has had minimal impact over the past month and needs to lift his intensity.

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast by 30 points.

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    West Coast: Tom Hickey (hamstring) replaced in the selected side by Nathan Vardy
    Gold Coast: Nil

    West Coast: Jack Redden, Jack Petruccelle, Tom Cole, Mark Hutchings
    Gold Coast: Anthony Miles, Brayden Fiorini, Aaron Young, George Horlin-Smith


    1. Parker. Against Gold Coast, anything could happen, but Petruccelle has only had 1 score over 58, and has had 3 below 50. Take the 71 and make a certainty of it.



    Q time 3.6.24 – 1.3.9

    B. Sheppard 44
    J. Harbrow 40
    J. Cripps 43
    W. Powell 28
    A. Gaff 42
    J. Martin 24
    J. Kennedy 36
    B. Fiorini 24
    S. Hurn 35
    J. Witts 23
    L. Jetta 24
    D. Swallow 21
    J. Darling 24
    B. Ainsworth 20
    L. Shuey 24
    D. MacPherson 20
    O. Allen 24
    J. Bowes 17
    T. Cole 22
    J. Murdoch 15
    M. Hutchings 21
    P. Wright 15
    J. McGovern 18
    A. Miles 14
    W. Schofield 17
    S. Collins 13
    E. Yeo 17
    J. Hombsch 13
    L. Duggan 15
    T. Miller 13
    C. Masten 13
    C. Ballard 11
    D. Sheed 13
    J. Corbett 11
    L. Ryan 10
    J. Joyce 9
    J. Petruccelle 10
    N. Holman 7
    N. Vardy 10
    A. Young 5
    D. Venables 9
    G. Horlin-Smith 1
    J. Redden 8
    A. Sexton -4


          1. Would’ve been great if we started T Boak instead of J Darling. Was around the same price range and would currently have a 400 point differential.

            Kept Darling this long due to bringing back Hore and selecting Baker but with his be this week, sharing the same bye as Kelly he was finally offloaded.



    1/2 time 8.8.56 – 2.5.17

    A. Gaff 88
    J. Harbrow 67
    J. Darling 73
    J. Witts 55
    B. Sheppard 64
    J. Martin 52
    J. Cripps 60
    J. Bowes 48
    E. Yeo 56
    P. Wright 39
    L. Shuey 54
    B. Fiorini 37
    J. McGovern 52
    D. MacPherson 36
    S. Hurn 49
    A. Miles 36
    D. Sheed 47
    W. Powell 35
    J. Kennedy 46
    J. Hombsch 30
    L. Duggan 46
    J. Murdoch 29
    T. Cole 41
    D. Swallow 28
    L. Jetta 40
    N. Holman 27
    L. Ryan 39
    S. Collins 24
    O. Allen 37
    J. Corbett 24
    J. Redden 36
    B. Ainsworth 23
    M. Hutchings 34
    J. Joyce 22
    J. Petruccelle 31
    T. Miller 21
    W. Schofield 29
    C. Ballard 17
    N. Vardy 24
    A. Young 12
    C. Masten 21
    G. Horlin-Smith 1
    D. Venables 13
    A. Sexton 0



    11.14.80 – 8.9.57

    before scailing

    A. Gaff 156
    J. Harbrow 115
    E. Yeo 132
    J. Martin 104
    L. Shuey 132
    J. Witts 104
    J. Darling 130
    J. Bowes 90
    B. Sheppard 108
    P. Wright 86
    J. McGovern 100
    A. Miles 84
    D. Sheed 100
    W. Powell 76
    S. Hurn 99
    D. MacPherson 75
    J. Redden 99
    N. Holman 74
    J. Cripps 96
    J. Hombsch 68
    M. Hutchings 83
    B. Fiorini 68
    L. Duggan 76
    J. Murdoch 60
    T. Cole 69
    J. Corbett 59
    L. Jetta 65
    D. Swallow 56
    J. Kennedy 61
    C. Ballard 53
    L. Ryan 59
    T. Miller 52
    O. Allen 56
    B. Ainsworth 49
    J. Petruccelle 54
    J. Joyce 47
    W. Schofield 46
    S. Collins 46
    N. Vardy 46
    G. Horlin-Smith 31
    C. Masten 39
    A. Young 27
    D. Venables 24
    A. Sexton 18


    1. Ben, you didnt get rid of him…oh nooo. He has lost you money, you lose patience and now he is performing, so unfair


  5. Was getting rid of petrucelle this week but there was a suggestion he had money to make and a good score against the suns coming,anyway see you mate you are gone gone choice to keep him , but gone gone gone, did i say you were gone , well you are gone.


    1. Holding Petruccelle this week WAS the correct call Bruce

      With a negative BE & a score of 60 – he would make 28.3k

      Trade out before round 8 is the plan now to maximise cash earnt


      1. I’m not sure if he was playing too deep forward or just having a bad run. It would be good to get some insight. Would make a handy ruck loop for the byes



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