Game Chat – West Coast v GWS Giants

Written by Thommo on March 30 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Saturday March 30, 5.10pm AWST

Last time they met: Optus Stadium, round 16, 2018. West Coast 13.8 (86) beat Greater Western Sydney 10.15 (75)

Both sides were dealing with decimated forward lines and were scrapping for the top four, but it was the Eagles who arrested a three-game losing streak in a see-sawing encounter with midfielder Andrew Gaff racking up 41 touches and booting two goals.

What it means for West Coast: After a hiccup in Brisbane, expect talk of a hangover if the Eagles can’t produce a better effort at home on a marquee occasion when the club will raise the premiership flag and celebrate Shannon Hurn, Chris Masten and, pending fitness, Josh Kennedy’s milestone games.

What it means for GWS: The Giants thumped Essendon and if Leon Cameron can engineer an upset in Perth there will be growing belief this group, despite a ‘fire sale’ during the NAB AFL Trade Period, is a genuine premiership threat.

How West Coast wins: The Eagles were smashed in the contest (-29) by Brisbane and need to at least square the midfield battle to give their inexperienced forward line more chances to kick a winning score.

How GWS wins: Jeremy Cameron, who has lost sidekick Toby Greene to a calf injury, holds the key for the Giants. The star left-footer will need to have a significant scoreboard impact for Greater Western Sydney to cause an upset.

The stat: The Giants might have a reputation among some as a free-wheeling outfit, but they outhunted Essendon in round one. Despite having 63 more possessions they laid more tackles (63-58) and belted the Bombers in contested ball (+40).

The match-up: Stephen Coniglio v Mark Hutchings

Coniglio tore Essendon apart in round one, racking up 31 disposals and booting three goals. The West Australian looms as the No.1 danger man in the Giants’ midfield and Hutchings is likely to make a beeline to Coniglio from the opening bounce.

It’s a big week for: Shannon Hurn

A week after leading West Coast for the 100th time, the premiership skipper will become just the eighth Eagle to reach the 250-game milestone on Saturday night. It will be a huge event given Kennedy reaches 200 club games, Masten plays his 200th and the flag will be raised, and more importantly than anything the Eagles need a win.

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast by 18 points.

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14 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v GWS Giants”

  1. Q time
    T. Barrass 41
    L. Whitfield 37
    S. Hurn 38
    Z. Williams 31
    T. Hickey 37
    J. Hopper 31
    J. Darling 35
    M. de Boer 29
    B. Sheppard 31
    H. Himmelberg 24
    D. Sheed 31
    T. Taranto 23
    L. Duggan 28
    A. Kennedy 22
    M. Hutchings 28
    S. Coniglio 20
    J. McGovern 26
    S. Taylor 18
    T. Cole 25
    M. Buntine 18
    E. Yeo 21
    S. Reid 17
    L. Jetta 19
    P. Davis 16
    L. Shuey 13
    H. Shaw 15
    D. Venables 13
    J. Finlayson 14
    C. Masten 12
    N. Haynes 14
    J. Redden 11
    D. Simpson 13
    L. Ryan 10
    A. Tomlinson 9
    J. Petruccelle 9
    D. Lloyd 9
    O. Allen 6
    L. Keeffe 9
    J. Smith 5
    B. Deledio 8
    N. Vardy 4
    B. Daniels 3
    J. Kennedy o
    J. Cameron 0


  2. 1/2 time

    T. Hickey 85
    L. Whitfield 77
    J. McGovern 82
    Z. Williams 51
    L. Shuey 63
    J. Hopper 51
    J. Darling 51
    S. Reid 50
    M. Hutchings 48
    A. Kennedy 45
    T. Barrass 47
    M. de Boer 42
    D. Sheed 46
    J. Finlayson 40
    J. Redden 44
    A. Tomlinson 37
    B. Sheppard 40
    M. Buntine 34
    L. Jetta 38
    S. Coniglio 34
    S. Hurn 37
    B. Deledio 34
    O. Allen 37
    H. Himmelberg 33
    C. Masten 36
    N. Haynes 32
    L. Duggan 36
    T. Taranto 31
    N. Vardy 35
    S. Taylor 29
    T. Cole 33
    J. Cameron 29
    D. Venables 29
    D. Simpson 29
    E. Yeo 27
    H. Shaw 27
    J. Petruccelle 22
    D. Lloyd 25
    L. Ryan 16
    P. Davis 23
    J. Smith 15
    B. Daniels 9
    J. Kennedy 12
    L. Keeffe 8


  3. I wonder how many coaches were chasing the points of Coniglio. He is copping a tag and with Shiel out of the club he seems he will be the one always copping a tag


      1. I can see Kelly copping a tag, but if he continues these injury runs there won’t be many games he will take a tag as he won’t be playing. Whitfield I don’t think will take it from Coniglio. Last night shows as Coniglio had 20 disposals at 60% efficiency with 5 clangers. He couldn’t be effective on the ball when he did get it.
        Whitfield only had 7 contested possession from 34 disposals. Coniglio had 7 from 20. Whitfield would have been sitting off the back of the pack, playing half-back a lot of the time as he took 13 marks too. Not the most damaging player all game round and he comes off similar to Lloyd. Coniglio is a full time midfielder, Whitfield not as much, but is picking up the slack of others


  4. 3 Q time

    T. Hickey 107
    L. Whitfield 101
    J. McGovern 105
    J. Finlayson 73
    D. Sheed 79
    Z. Williams 72
    L. Shuey 79
    D. Simpson 71
    T. Barrass 69
    A. Kennedy 68
    J. Darling 69
    J. Hopper 67
    B. Sheppard 67
    N. Haynes 64
    J. Redden 64
    M. de Boer 62
    T. Cole 64
    A. Tomlinson 59
    S. Hurn 62
    T. Taranto 59
    L. Jetta 62
    S. Reid 59
    M. Hutchings 62
    J. Cameron 55
    L. Duggan 60
    M. Buntine 49
    O. Allen 58
    B. Deledio 46
    C. Masten 49
    H. Himmelberg 45
    N. Vardy 49
    S. Coniglio 41
    E. Yeo 40
    H. Shaw 39
    J. Kennedy 37
    B. Daniels 39
    D. Venables 34
    S. Taylor 30
    J. Petruccelle 31
    P. Davis 29
    L. Ryan 30
    D. Lloyd 28
    J. Smith 25
    L. Keeffe 16


    1. Don’t forget Westhoff with a 47 this week. Many traded Grundy to him. I assume the coaches on this site weren’t those peoole


  5. F T

    J. McGovern 134
    L. Whitfield 123
    T. Hickey 131
    Z. Williams 88
    L. Shuey 105
    J. Finlayson 87
    D. Sheed 103
    A. Kennedy 86
    T. Barrass 95
    D. Simpson 85
    J. Darling 90
    J. Hopper 84
    S. Hurn 89
    N. Haynes 77
    T. Cole 88
    T. Taranto 74
    B. Sheppard 86
    M. de Boer 74
    L. Duggan 83
    A. Tomlinson 71
    C. Masten 80
    S. Reid 69
    J. Redden 78
    J. Cameron 67
    M. Hutchings 77
    H. Shaw 61
    L. Jetta 74
    M. Buntine 61
    E. Yeo 73
    B. Daniels 58
    O. Allen 70
    H. Himmelberg 57
    N. Vardy 62
    B. Deledio 55
    J. Petruccelle 51
    S. Coniglio 52
    J. Kennedy 48
    L. Keeffe 36
    D. Venables 47
    D. Lloyd 34
    J. Smith 44
    S. Taylor 33
    L. Ryan 34
    P. Davis 32



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