Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast

Written by Father Dougal on April 7 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday April 7, 2:20pm AEST

Last time they met: Mars Stadium, round seven, 2018: Western Bulldogs 11.15 (81) defeated Gold Coast 10.12 (72)

The Bulldogs managed to overcome a stubborn Suns outfit in a Ballarat arm wrestle without captain Easton Wood and star Marcus Bontempelli. The home side trailed at each change but Jack Macrae’s 40 touches helped them over the line. Former Gold Coast co-captains Tom Lynch and Steven May were also notable absentees.

What it means for Western Bulldogs: Two nail-biting wins, the latest a barnstorming fightback over the Hawks, has the Dogs brimming with belief. Another win would take them to 3-0 to start the season for the first time since 2009, a year they made the preliminary final.

What it means for Gold Coast: A combined margin of four points in the first two rounds for the 1-1 Suns says how competitive they’ve been. They took down the Dockers last Sunday and a repeat of that against the Bulldogs would be quite a statement, particularly on the road.

How the Western Bulldogs win: More of the same. They’re No.1 in the competition for clearances differential and inside 50s, which is giving them the opportunities to kick a winning score.

How Gold Coast wins: Make the most of Jarrod Witts. The Suns are second for hitouts and the Dogs are 18th, so the co-captain should give his side first use. Improved goalkicking accuracy is vital too, as Gold Coast almost cost itself against Fremantle with 0.8 in the third quarter.

The stat: Western Bulldogs have beaten Gold Coast five times in row by an average of 32.2 points.

The match-up: Alex Sexton v Easton Wood

Sexton has kicked four goals in each game to emerge as an early leader in the Coleman Medal race and looks the biggest threat at either end. Ranked the fifth-best Sun in the Schick AFL Player Ratings and set to reach the 100-game milestone, the 25-year-old is likely to be shadowed by the athletic and disciplined Wood.

It’s a big week for: Liam Picken

The 32-year-old called time on his career on Monday, with ongoing concussion symptoms preventing him from adding to his 198 games since last playing in the 2018 JLT Series. Saying farewell to a much-loved figure at Whitten Oval should only further fuel the Dogs.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Bulldogs by 14. If they won the last two weeks they can win this week. High confidence in this pick

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66 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast”

  1. I have gone against logic and not taken Dangerfields vc score.
    After holding Martin need big score from Captain Macrae




    Western Bulldogs: Bailey Smith, Taylor Duryea, Ed Richards, Billy Gowers

    Gold Coast: Anthony Miles, Brayden Fiorini, Jesse Joyce, Jack Lukosius


  3. Burgess v Collins scenario. Recall same dilemma with Tigers Ellis and Morris. So who to play. Thumb me
    Up – Collins
    Down- Burgess



  4. just got home from box hill city oval , casey looked pretty average on a windy day , worrying signs for d’s supporters


  5. Didn’t pull the trigger on Simpson & Dunkley to Lloyd & Dahlhaus to save trades and stick with my premos.

    However, kicking myself if Dunkley stinks it up as well.


  6. Macrae Owners: “I need him to go HUGE today!”
    Macrae: “Nah, I’m good”

    On 9 SC points with the first quarter about to wrap up…


  7. L. Hunter 43
    J. Bowes 40
    M. Suckling 36
    T. Miller 37
    M. Bontempelli 36
    B. Fiorini 35
    T. Liberatore 29
    D. MacPherson 33
    B. Gowers 28
    A. Sexton 32
    J. Dunkley 24
    J. Harbrow 28
    C. Daniel 19
    L. Weller 26
    A. Naughton 18
    J. Martin 25
    T. English 17
    J. Witts 25
    T. Dickson 16
    C. Burgess 22
    L. Young 15
    S. Collins 20
    J. Schache 13
    A. Miles 19
    Z. Cordy 12
    P. Wright 18
    B. Smith 10
    P. Hanley 17
    H. Crozier 9
    J. Murdoch 17
    T. Duryea 9
    J. Lukosius 17
    J. Macrae 8
    W. Powell 16
    M. Wallis 8
    D. Swallow 12
    E. Richards 7
    J. Joyce 10
    T. McLean 1
    N. Holman 8
    S. Lloyd 1
    C. Ballard 4
    E. Wood -2
    J. Hombsch 3


  8. Choo Choo!!! All aboard the hype train!
    The Sun’s are back… Or they’re here finally.


  9. With Macrae – may be some concern with Libba back and also Schache in the side that they will all lead towards less possessions for Jack.

    Libba is doing all the hard in and under work and Macrae is hanging outside the contests – same for Bont. Bont playing more mid time now with Schache there so he doesn’t need to be up front as much …

    This is something to watch and may be of concern – thus far, Macrae is not getting in and going after the Sherrin – he’s hanging outside of the contests …


    1. So who’s doing the thumbs down? Care to explain why? Are you watching on the TV?

      Bont with 21 possessions, 16 kicks and 10 contested … Libba with 14 and 11 contested – Macrae only 11 possies and only 5 contested …

      I own him too … but his stats were down last week too and he was only lucky to get a large boost to his score late last week … it is a concern I think


      1. Good call Macca
        I own Macrae too and captain today.

        Concern justified however first 2 weeks have been great . He is an Uber premium and will still finish in top 8 midfielders for year so if you own keep the faith.

        Will be watching 2 Nd half with great interest


  10. Half time scores

    Western Bulldogs : 4.8.32
    M. Bontempelli 77
    Tom Liberatore 75
    Lachie Hunter 72
    Matt Suckling 64
    Bailey Smith 48
    Josh Dunkley 40
    Jack Macrae 40
    Caleb Daniel 39
    Billy Gowers 38
    Tim English 36
    Hayden Crozier 32
    Aaron Naughton 32
    Tory Dickson 32
    Taylor Duryea 31
    Lewis Young 30
    Mitch Wallis 26
    Sam Lloyd 26
    Zaine Cordy 24
    Josh Schache 22
    Ed Richards 21
    Toby McLean 19
    Easton Wood 13

    Gold Coast Suns: 7.6.48
    Brayden Fiorini 73
    Jack Bowes 62
    Jack Martin 60
    Darcy MacPherson 56
    Touk Miller 49
    Samuel Collins 46
    Lachlan Weller 41
    Pearce Hanley 41
    Jarrod Harbrow 41
    Peter Wright 40
    Wil Powell 40
    Anthony Miles 39
    Chris Burgess 38
    Jordan Murdoch 37
    Jack Hombsch 31
    Jarrod Witts 30
    Alex Sexton 30
    David Swallow 28
    Charlie Ballard 27
    Jesse Joyce 26
    Jack Lukosius 14
    Nick Holman 7


    1. 12 possessions in 3rd quarter – took him to 23 – only two extra CPs to take him to 5 + got 1 free for in that quarter …


  11. 3QTR Time scores …

    Western Bulldogs : 5.10.40
    Tom Liberatore 107
    Jack Macrae 92
    Lachie Hunter 89
    M. Bontempelli 82
    Bailey Smith 75
    Matt Suckling 75
    Mitch Wallis 71
    Caleb Daniel 68
    Josh Dunkley 53
    Aaron Naughton 51
    Hayden Crozier 48
    Zaine Cordy 47
    Tim English 45
    Easton Wood 44
    Lewis Young 44
    Billy Gowers 42
    Taylor Duryea 39
    Toby McLean 39
    Sam Lloyd 39
    Tory Dickson 38
    Josh Schache 26
    Ed Richards 18

    Gold Coast Suns: 8.11.59
    Brayden Fiorini 92
    Jack Martin 85
    Jack Bowes 75
    Jarrod Harbrow 71
    Samuel Collins 71
    Pearce Hanley 70
    Touk Miller 69
    Darcy MacPherson 67
    Lachlan Weller 64
    Peter Wright 59
    Jack Hombsch 58
    Wil Powell 57
    David Swallow 55
    Jordan Murdoch 53
    Jarrod Witts 46
    Alex Sexton 46
    Chris Burgess 42
    Anthony Miles 40
    Charlie Ballard -4 40
    Jesse Joyce 38
    Jack Lukosius 28
    Nick Holman 10


  12. Bont having his knee ligaments looked at in the 4th quarter … but back up on bench – so all good for him hopefully.


  13. Man Libba just knows how to hunt that ball doesn’t he? Midway through last quarter, 25 possies, 7 tackles, 19CP’s and 10 clearances …

    Bont can barely run – Suns may win this one!!


  14. Libba is looking like a potential keeper at this point. Certainly a viable captaincy option each week.


        1. Yeah, price didn’t put me off him rather the looming specter of a potential injury. Same deal with Fyfe. Didn’t start either of them, paying for it.


          1. My usual policy for injury-prone players like that is to avoid them, unless
            a) They’re heavily discounted, relative to their potential output, or
            b) The points lost from not having them outweigh the cost of eventually having to trade them out.


  15. Final scores – pre scaling …

    Suns 73 defeat Doggies 68
    Gold Coast Suns: 10.13.73
    Brayden Fiorini 118
    Jack Bowes 116
    Lachlan Weller 102
    Jack Martin 101
    Pearce Hanley 96
    Alex Sexton 84
    Darcy MacPherson 84
    Touk Miller 81
    Jarrod Harbrow 81
    Samuel Collins 80
    Jack Hombsch 77
    Anthony Miles 69
    Jordan Murdoch 67
    Peter Wright 65
    Jarrod Witts 64
    David Swallow 61
    Wil Powell 61
    Jesse Joyce 52
    Charlie Ballard 47
    Chris Burgess 45
    Jack Lukosius 33
    Nick Holman 31

    Western Bulldogs : 9.14.68
    Tom Liberatore 148
    Jack Macrae 134
    M. Bontempelli 123
    Lachie Hunter 105
    Matt Suckling 101
    Caleb Daniel 95
    Mitch Wallis 94
    Bailey Smith 88
    Josh Dunkley 80
    Lewis Young 69
    Billy Gowers 68
    Taylor Duryea 65
    Aaron Naughton 65
    Easton Wood 60
    Hayden Crozier 60
    Zaine Cordy 60
    Tim English +1 55
    Sam Lloyd 53
    Toby McLean 49
    Tory Dickson 44
    Josh Schache 32
    Ed Richards 28


    1. Libba scaled up to 155 – 22CP’s! 12 clearances, 9 tackles – 80DE

      Macrae 139 – 14 CP’s, 6 clearances, 8 tackles – 81DE
      Bont 123 (same) – 16 CP’s, 6 clearances 4 tackles – 61DE (killed his score)


  16. Phew. Thought I went a bit early with my earlier comment. Very impressed by the win today. 2-1 start to the season. In the 8 baby!!!


  17. Macrae 100 point last half what a gun, Libba is back to his contented/clearance beast mode.

    Sadly Dunkley not what I wanted the other made up for him but now a dilemma with him.

    Overall great game for my SuperCoach team


    1. yeh , the prob with trading dunkley is if bont libba or macrae go down , he goes back into a full midfield role & starts scoring tons again, thats what all of us non owners are waiting for


  18. Wow , didn’t see the game but Macrae must’ve really juncked it up . Did he cop a tag in the first half? Obviously a great second half to score almost a 100 points



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