General SuperCoach Discussion Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2019

Anything you want to discuss over the weekend that doesn’t really belong in the Game Chats………this is your thread……..


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31 thoughts on “General SuperCoach Discussion Rd17”

  1. Currently sitting 8th in my cash league despite having top scored overall in the league.
    Need to win this week & have already traded Hore – Crisp
    I have Logue sitting at d6 as my only zero.
    Logue – Silvagni…
    Silvagni will be my d6 for the rest of the year.
    J Kelly – Whitfield
    Leaves D Clarke as my M8 for the rest of the year .

    ALOT of injuries have forced me into making trades I did not want to make… only 3 remaining. Thanks for any help


    1. With Crisp’s score, might you now win this week without making another trade?! Might be worth holding if you can.
      Good luck


  2. Who to trade in for Stack; my midfield is Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Cogs, Treloar, B Crouch, Stack, Clarke.

    T/up – Sloane

    T/down – Oliver


  3. Sometimes the sc gods smile, sometimes they frown. Was going one trade this week….rob to grundy, but logue out meant a donut. So welcome Mr Crisp, and so sad to see my oppt with Moore. Now a 150 from v Cripps just to finish things off!!!


  4. Already traded Jelly to Bont. Should I:

    TU: Logue to Sicily (will complete my defence but I miss out on Whitfield)

    TD: Bewley to Hanrahan (will give me fwd cover but I cop the Logue donut)

    I should still win my league game with a donut. And either trade will leave me with 5 trades remaining and I will have either 1 upgrade left to do (TU option) or 2 (TD option).


  5. Does anyone get a “403 Forbidden: error” when trying to post on here?
    Does anyone know what it means?!
    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.


  6. Faced with Hore and Logue down back, and no cover. 5 trades left

    Hore to Sicily is locked in

    2nd trade:
    TU – Kelly to Whitfield via DPP. Heeney to M8 for now. Chol to F6
    TD – R.Young to Eggmolese-Smith. Play at D6, hold Logue at D7


  7. Simple one:

    Tu: JKelly> Neale( May be tagged)

    Td: JKelly> Sloane

    Current mid field:

    Fyfe, JKelly, Macrae, Bont, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio, DClarke.
    Hind, Hately, Setters.


  8. Out of interest, which teams are most likely to deploy a tagger?

    Cunnington suffered against Clarke and the Bombers today.

    Would be interesting to take stock of the likely suspects re. tagging as we all head in to finals.

    Any thoughts?


    1. All of them to some degree. RIC and COL are the least likely. SYD, ESS and STK probably deploy the hardest tag right now, but it’s a movable feast, depending on selections, oppo and key match-ups.
      Some even deploy forward defensive taggers, Lloyd and Laird were both tagged at times yesterday!


    1. After Nyhuis doing an excellent impression yesterday of a witches hat, I’d say every chance. But beware the pig-headed FURL.
      Logue only had 8 disposals (4kicks), 2 marks and 7 tackles in the WAFL for Peel yesterday.


    1. Gawn. Harmed may pay Macrae some attention. Even if Gawn’s only 50% he should still have a field day against WBD.


        1. I was thinking similiar but the masses don’t agree so it appears. I had Fyfe as VC all week and changed it yesterday morning. Shame


          1. I bought in Sicily this week cos those bl00dy thumbs! 😉

            Follow your gut, it’s less painful believe me!

            Good luck!


            1. I followed my gut this week went Danger VC but can’t take the score as all my emergencies have played. Moral of the story trust yourself

              I’m taking Max as he was close to playing last week so should be fit & dominate today


  9. 1450/13/Grundy
    With Moore’s 13 I’ll take it.

    TU: should I also take Setters’ 70 for Jelly this week and
    Next week:
    Josh KELLY and Darcy MOORE
    Jack STEELE and Jack CRISP

    Full premo, 3 trades remaining

    Kelly > Bontempelli today
    and then
    probably Moore > Hunter CLARK next week. Still 3 trades remaining and $150k in bank. More risky, but I like it. With our season over, we’d be mad to not give Clark the chance to prove himself thru the middle for the rest of the year. Huge POD if it pays and Saints have a pretty decent run coming up (both fixture and SCpts-wise). Will give me sufficient funds to go to Whitfield

    I’ve reposted this as I made a huge gaff with trade targets last time.

    Thanks all

    Worst-case he becomes Whitfield the following week!



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