Ideal Team 2019 – FWDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 21 2019

Judging by the results on ‘THE TEAM’, Grundy and Gawn is the popular way to go in the Ruck.  So that leaves us with the FWD line.  If you were forced to take six Premium FWDs right now, for the entirety of the season, who would you want in your side?


If given the chance, which six Premium FWDs would you choose for the entire season? (six choices)

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4 thoughts on “Ideal Team 2019 – FWDs”

  1. Hi All, Johnny here – long time lurker – does anyone have any love for Rowan Marshall ? He could end up being 1st ruck for the saints


    1. Only against weak oppo I think. If Pierce isn’t named tonight he could be a decent stepping-stone, but with FWD status only, I’d leave well alone. There are much better options. Has a huge tank and talent tho’. No doubt.



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