Mid-Pricers Review – Round 6

Written by Hot Sauce on April 30 2019

The landscape of the Mid-pricers is starting to shift with a larger section of fallen premiums entering the conversation while the players who started at Mid-pricers at the start of the season can be pencilled in as keepers. Let’s take a look.


Get Them In!

Players your team needs

Daniel Rich continues his stellar start to the season and is currently the 6th ranked defender. He notched up his third 100+ game on the weekend with only one game below 97 being a 76 in round 4. He is looking more and more like a keeper especially for those who started with him, while tempting non-owners to bring him in now before he becomes $500k+. Bachar Houli had an excellent Anzac Day eve with 142 and now has the third highest average for a defender and low breakeven of 43. With Short injured, if you are brave enough to select the Tiger veteran you should this week before he rises in price.

There is a quartet of fallen premo’s that are also worth a mention as despite not being must-haves at this point, will be seriously considered by plenty of coaches. They are Jack CrispJeremy HoweJeremy McGovern and Alex Witherden. All come with a discounted price and varying degrees of performance.

Tom Rockliff continues to perform like a keeper and is joined by youngsters Jacob Hopper and Jarrod Berry as possible must-have players. The youngsters had fantastic games on the weekend and could be handy POD’s throughout the season before becoming potential perennial premo’s for years to come. Big Shane Mumford continues his post-retirement form with 111 on the weekend. Despite already increasing $88k he still presents excellent value at only $409k.

Caleb Daniel is set to be the surprise top 6 forward for the year while finding plenty of the ball down the back half of the ground. James Worpel scored his lowest score of the year, but at only 82 is still proving to be a handy inclusion for any side. The fallen premium who is likely to be snapped up by many coaches out there is Tim Kelly, who provides outstanding value at only $476k, which will see his ownership climb from the current 27.6%. Another player that could be a great inclusion is Bombers spearhead Joe Daniher. As far as mid-pricers go, he does present some value given his discounted price of $277,800, as long as he is seen as a stepping stone to replace a player that is set to drop in value, if not, I would stay away.

  1. Caleb Daniel (Fwd; $486,100; and 4.0% ownership)
  2. Tim Kelly (Fwd/Mid; $476,700; and 27.6%)
  3. Jarrod Berry (Mid; $475,300; and 0.7%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

Plenty of Mid-pricers continue to perform for their coaches who had faith in selecting them from round 1. Zac Jones has been a picture of consistency, whom along with Zac Williams and Brodie Smith have been the pick of the defenders to date. Christian SalemBrad Shepperd and Cale Hooker all had below average games but have been solid choices to date and will remain in the teams who have them.

Popular midfield Mid-pricers Tom Liberatore and Brad Crouch had sub-par games but continue to repay their coaches who went with them at the seasons start, along with the under-the-radar trio of Hugh McCluggageTouk Miller and Brayden Fiorini who are all averaging well over their expected output.

Up forward, Jack Newnes continues to impress as does Zac Fisher and Jordan DeGoey. Other than the previous three, coaches will be hoping that Doggies Josh Dunkley’s return to form in the last fortnight continues after consecutive mid-90’s games and could be an attractive fallen premium.

Chopping Block

If you have them, you face a tough decision.

Nic Newman was having a poor game before his injury concern in the last quarter. Despite only making coaches approximately $20k, his high breakeven means that profit could be eaten up in the upcoming weeks. I would hold him for now but worth keeping an eye on.

Despite poor games, Jack Bowes and Luke Shuey avoid the blowtorch this week as their poor games look more like just that, a poor game rather than the start of an alarming trend. Dom Sheed however had another poor game and has averaged a lowly 67 in the past 3 weeks. The bubble may have finally burst on what has been one of the hottest streaks of games dating back to late last season. The return of Gaff to an already deep midfield seems to be the nail in the coffin for Sheed, but he could be worth keeping another week.

Bite the Bullet

These players need to be traded. Now.


No players this week that require an immediate trade, so for now those underperforming players are safe.

Let me know your thoughts on the players named above and on any players I may have missed.


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7 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 6”

  1. I picked Tom Lynch from richmond as a mid price POD in the forward line to solve the “F3” problem. He pretty much has to kick a bag against the dogs on the weekend or I’m trading him to Toby Greene.


  2. Started with Willaims & Smith down back and i’ve brang in Daneil last week along with Rich coming in this week.


    1. Hey Nateo
      Do you already have Lloyd, Whitfield and Hurn?
      Obviously you don’t want Whitfield right now if you haven’t got him, but would have thought the other two would take priority targeting over Rich. Or if you already have them two, then I’d have thought Crisp and Laird both offer much better value and total points from this point forward.
      Don’t want to put you off doing what you think is right, but when FD talks about players returning to their mean outputs, this is a perfect example.
      Good luck whatever you decide mate.



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