Mid-Pricers Review – Round 9

Written by Hot Sauce on May 21 2019

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Is now the time to pick up superstar Patrick Dangerfield? His injury concerns may prove to worry potential buyers, but otherwise, to be able snap him up at exactly $189.5k below his starting price is a flat out steal. Who else should be heavily considered?

Heath Shaw continues to wind back the clock with his third 100+ game in the last 4 weeks and with a 3-game average of 113.7. Shaw is joined by Bachar Houli and Shane Savage as defenders to snatch up at below premium prices who are currently performing above their price point averaging 98.6 and 102.6 over the last 5 games respectively.

There are plenty of viable options in the midfield with big scores from James HarmesBrayden FioriniBrad Crouch and Dom Sheed, but it is another that is stealing most of the attention. Dustin Martin seems to be returning to fine form with 128 on the weekend and a 3-game average of 108.3. Could Dusty be returning to somewhere near his prestigious 2017 form?

Danger is the big-ticket item up forward at an absurdly low price he will be hard to pass up on. He is clearly the standout while both Jeremy Cameron and Caleb Daniel are set to drop further in price. Left-field choice would be Adelaide’s Tom Lynch who is in great form, but unlikely to continue this throughout the remainder of the season.

  1. Patrick Dangerfield (Fwd/Mid; $471,000; and 68% ownership)
  2. Heath Shaw (Def; $489,300; and 2%)
  3. Bachar Houli (Def; $473,800; and 7%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

There are plenty of Mid-pricer’s who are standing up and performing strongly for the coaches who made the brave decision, and I am bound to miss a few names here, so apologies. Daniel RichBrodie SmithJeremy McGovernRicky HendersonTom RockliffBrad CrouchJacob HopperRowan Marshall and Tom Lynch. They continue to perform strongly and are all needing to be held at least through the bye rounds.

Chopping Block

Joining ‘Bite the Bullet’ and ‘Chopping Block’ together – a lot of tough calls.

It’s time to cut your losses and small profits and move these failing, or trending towards failing players for genuine premo’s or legitimate rookie cash cows. Down back it is time to let Zak JonesJasper Pittard and Alex Witherden go as they either will continue to decrease in value  or won’t make anymore cash and are clearly not going to end up near the top 10 defenders.

Libba was named last week and now Angus Brayshaw joins him and needs to be moved on. Hasn’t looked anywhere near the player that lit up games last season averaging under 70 points in the last 3 weeks.

Scott Lycett must be driving his owners crazy, especially those who picked him up after his monster round 2 performance. Those hoping for him to be the answer to our back-up Ruck/Fwd problem has failed to live up to his potential with only one more century and three scores below 60. Meanwhile, Jade Gresham has completely dropped off after starting the year averaging 96.8 after 4 rounds, but only 61.4 since. Enough is enough, he must be moved on.


Good luck coaches!


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5 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 9”

  1. Dont understand how Brayshaw can finished 3rd in the Brownlow count last year and this year looks like a chicken with no head running around the ground :/

    any know why he has slumped to such a low? could it be motivation..


    1. imo , oliver wasn’t so highly rated by opposition last year & brayshaw was allowed to feed off oliver
      tap from gawn to oliver , handball to brayshaw & out of the stoppage was the go too move for the D’s
      teams are onto it this year
      oliver has been the opposition’s focus @ the stoppages so far
      like zerrett , brayshaw needs space & the inside mid feed


  2. Great stuff HS.
    Danger coming in to TECHTeam this week, if named.
    Shame Savage has been in beast mode the last few weeks, but I ain’t got the balls after last year 🙁
    Call me stupid but Toby Greene might just be worth the punt. So cheap for what he’s capable of (the good things I mean)!


    1. Savage has tempted me multiple times but each time, I find it easier to say no because he always seems to drop in the dreaded “almost premium” zone.



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