Motts Movers R10 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on June 1 2011


Todd Goldstein ($468,600, 112, 105.62, 112) – Injured his arm in an awkward landing and spent significant time on the sidelines during the Swans match – can you imagine what he would’ve scored if he’d been on the whole game? Has gone up almost $150k this year.

There really wasn’t anyone else of note. If Dean Cox had scored 100 I’d give him a mention but 93 doesn’t cut it when you’re priced over $500k.


Keplar Bradley ($347,100, 59, 74.44, 101) – In a game where Sandi didn’t play he should’ve breached the gap. He didn’t. Instead he had his second worst score for the year.

Kurt Tippett ($303,100, 60, 69.50, 85) – To all those that listened to me in R6 when I named him a Driller I apologise. Kurt has made me look like a clown. Again.


Matthew Leuenberger ($381,200, 122, 88.0, 53) – Went #4 in 2006 and is now starting to repay the faith. 97.3 average over the last 3.

Zak Smith ($337,700, 114, 86.25, 22) I used to wonder if I had wasted a trade at the beginning of the season when I brought in Z for Broc McCauley. After Z’s 5th 80+ score for the year I don’t wonder that any more. What a great bloke to have on the field while Sandi sorts out the little piggy that went to the turf market.

Special mentions: Mitch Clark (I’ll give him a mention coz he scored 151 but we’d love to see some consistency), Drew Petrie (broke the cycle with his second ton in a row), and Jonathon Griffin (one game for one ton, $212k, pity he won’t get a run once you-know-who returns).


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16 thoughts on “Motts Movers R10 – The Rucks”

  1. Was going to bring in Tippett to make FWD/RUC link to bring Petrie into the forward line and have Cox and Z. Smith (and Tippett) cover the injured Sandilands.

    I just felt there was too much cash on my bench with Petrie and or Smith so wanted to utilize Petrie in the forward line while Smith covers Sandi.

    But now not sure what to do… Any suggestions? Any other options for a FWD / RUC link?

    I theory all they need to do is sit on the bench right?


  2. Thanks guys, think I’ll go with J Tippett. With Petrie, Smith and Cox active I shouldn’t hbe any trouble covering the ruck, barring injuries. Plus it frees up some cash with Petrie as F7 😉


  3. Well if it was lone hand Kepler (fix your typo… if you’re going to mock someone at least spell it correctly) he would have breached the ton handily… they drafted in Griffin from Adelaide to avoid smashing Kepler into the dirt like they had to when Sandi went down briefly last season.

    That and no Barlow hurts his scores, the moon wasn’t full and he’s notoriously bad against St Kilda when there isn’t Michael Gardiner around to give away careless 50’s in the forward line.

    No… I’m not biased at all.



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