NAB Cup Rookie Review – Defenders

Written by Big Sexy on March 21 2012

The next set of rookies to take a look at are the dour defenders:

  1. Brandon Ellis Richmond $126k – At pick 15 for the Tigers, and coming from the Calder Cannons Ellis may turn out to be a bargain pick up for the Tiges.  He’s looked good and scored well during his NAB Cup games.
  2. Adam Tomlinson GWS $154k Fwd/Def – At Pick 9 in the 2011 draft from the Oakleigh Chargers, there is no doubting Tomlinson has some talent.  His DPP status could make him a useful interchange with Smedts if you wanted to head down that path.  He played the three NAB Cup games and saw plenty of the ball for the time he was out on the paddock.
  3. Tom Bugg GWS $113k – A talented youngster who played two out three NAB Cup games.  He also has the ability to run through the midfield, so he has a high potential.  Watch out for him when round 1 teams are named.
  4. Billie Smedts Geelong $113k Fwd/Def – Billie was taken at Pick 15 in the 2010 national draft by the Cats as a priority pick for losing GAJ.  He played two of the three NAB Cup games for the Cats and was solid.  However, a hip injury that eventually required surgery kept him out of the side for all of 2011.  He’s 189cm and can hold down a key post, and after the retirement of utility Milburn and an injury to Wojcinski the door is open for Smedts to show what he has to offer.
  5. Paul Bower Carlton $157k  – I’m not sure why I like Bower…. In fact, I don’t really rate Bower as a player at all, but he’s been around a few years and has a mature body.  He is priced like a first year rookie which makes him hard to resist, and with injury concerns for the Blue baggers defense I expect Bower will get opportunities.

Others for consideration are Tim Mohr (GWS $124k), B Wilkes (StKilda $106k), Sam Darley (GWS $113k), Steven Morris (Richmond $113k), Peter Yagmoor (Collingwood $106k), Marty Clarke (Collingwood $170k), Matthew Buntine (GWS $176k), Lee Spur (Fremantle $116k)


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32 thoughts on “NAB Cup Rookie Review – Defenders”

  1. Theres plenty of decent rookie defenders at el cheapo prices. Pity you cant say the same about the mids or forwards 🙁
    Hope Morris can break into the side despite having Conca, Newman & Ellis taking the attacking defender spots. Had 20 or so possessions last week. Could be one that comes off the bench to impact the game. Liking Bugg & Tomlinson too since they’ll be seeing more of the ball than the GWS forwards. Is Guthrie considered a rookie? Thats one player under 200k that has the best JS than any other rookie not from GWS (Milburn retired, Wojinski injured). Also Marty Clarke seems on track finally collecting a few disposals off half back on the weekend.


  2. Anyone have thoughts on Boaman from Hawks…i know its probably been more of a will he get a game in such a stock pilled team but he has featured in most pre season games and played pretty well and he has some genuine pase out of defense, but hey im just going fishing here to see if anyone has him?!?



    Defenders- b.goddard g.birchall p.duffield m.clarke J.drummond b.lake r.hargrave BENCH b.ellis l.brown

    Midfield- d.swan h.scottland s. burgoyne l.hayes s.coniglio j.mcdonald BENCH d.shiel j.magner

    Ruck- h.mcintosh j.giles BENCH j redden o.stephenson

    Forward- l.franklin t.cloke b.harvey d.martin p.dangerfield a.christensen. d.smith BENCH a.kennedy t.couch


  4. So if you had to take a punt who will play more games especially early on do youse wreckon??

    Thumbs Up: Ellis
    Thumbs Down: Morris

    Because i have both atm and forgot all about conca aha


  5. Thumbs Up – Clay Smith
    Thumbs Down – Tom Ledger
    or anyone else in front of them except for shiel, magner and clifton thanks 🙂



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